UFC release eight fighters from roster as Dana White continues clearout amid coronavirus crisis

THE UFC have released a further eight fighters from their stacked roster as they continue to manage the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Aleksandra Albu, Ali Alqaisi, Cyril Asker, Alex Chambers, Chris De La Rocha, Syuri Kondo, Bojan Mihajlovic and
Suman Mokhtarian were all recently given their marching orders by the promotion.

The UFC's decision to release the octet comes as no surprise given their mixed records in the promotion.

Russia's Dmitry Sosnovskiy, however, has been released with a winning record to his name, having gone 1-0 during his stint in the UFC.

His release could be in part down to his alleged participation in the abduction and extortion of a 'representative of a commercial organization' in Russia.

The UFC's continued trimming of their roster comes as no surprise as the promotion's president, Dana White, revealed late last year that 60 fighters would be given the boot.

When asked about the shock release of Yoel Romero, White said: “We’re going to have to make some serious cuts here at the end of the year.

“Probably we’re going to have 60 cuts coming up before the first of the year.


"Yoel has lost four of his last five fights, he’s 44 years old.

“Our roster is very inflated right now so we’re going to have to make some big cuts before the end of the year.

“You’re going to see a lot of names going here in the next several weeks.”

White was quick to dispel suggestions of the cuts stemming from the longstanding issue of fighter pay, adding: "We’ve been making these same moves every weekend for 20 years.

"We haven’t in the past few months.

"It has nothing to do with fighter pay or anything else. It just hasn’t been done in a few months during the pandemic,”

The UFC will return to action this weekend, with a heavyweight showdown between Curtis Blaydes and Derrick Lewis headlining the promotion's sixth card of the year.

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