UFC star Conor McGregor predicts fourth-round KO of Dustin Poirier with front kick to face as nose 'needs straightening'

CONOR McGREGOR has predicted he will knock out lightweight rival Dustin Poirier in the fourth round of their trilogy bout on July 10.

The 32-year-old is looking for instant revenge on the Diamond after he was stopped by the American in the second round at UFC 257 in January.

McGregor had been favourite to beat Poirier earlier this year having secured a TKO victory against him in September 2014.

But he was second best in Abu Dhabi as Poirier outclassed him, paving the way for the pair to meet for a third time in the summer.

And McGregor has stated that he expects to have his hand raised as the winner when he meets the former world title challenger inside the octagon, and has even let it be known of how he will finish the contest.

In an Instagram post, he said: "The prediction is in! I’m going to win the trilogy fight via A Front Kick to the nose.

"Round number 4. His Nose needs straightenin (sic) and I’m Rhinoplasty."

Fans were divided over McGregor's prediction, as one said: "You don’t have the cardio to go 4 rounds mate."

Another commented: "You ain't durable anymore, you got sparked unconscious, I think Dustin will win again."

A third added: "Don’t sell yourself short it’s round 1 brother."

Meanwhile one simply stated: "I really want u to win but stop f****** around mate."


McGregor – who has lost three out of his last six MMA fights – has also vowed to trade with Poirier in the middle of the cage.

Taking to Twitter, Poirier said: "I never slack, I'll meet you in the middle of the octagon July 10."

To which McGregor responded by saying: "Good to hear Dustin, I hope so.

"As last time you backed up and shot inside the first 30 seconds. I’ll be in the middle from the very go if you want it.

"You know that. I’ll be ready for the tactics this time too tho. See you in there."

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