UK mum spends $4000 on designer school clothes for son

A UK mum has admitted spending almost $4000 on her son’s school clothes because he will “only wear designer labels” – and many parents think it’s “ridiculous”.

Doris Russell’s son Charlie loves high-end designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Cotton Candy, as well as sport brands Nike and adidas.

The 10-year-old, who is also a part-time children’s model, has become “more image conscious” recently and refuses to wear affordable school clothing like other kids his age.

Doris, 39, explained she’s had to buy her son designer shirts, pants and even socks – but insists he’s not spoiled.

“He won’t wear approved shorts for PE and only likes adidas ones that are $67 each. And he wears $39 Nike T-shirts instead of cheaper ones the other kids wear,” she told The Sun.

“He wanted specialist Nike trainers for PE costing $137, as well as Nike football boots. We go through a few pairs a year.

“Even his socks cost a lot. He wears adidas for PE and black Calvin Klein ones for uniform days. I’m currently searching for a new backpack, Nike or adidas.”

But while Doris – who earns $49,000 a year as a foster carer – is happy to splurge on her son, social media users have branded the lavish spending “ridiculous”.

“He only wears them because you buy them for him,” one parent argued.

“Sounds like another entitled child,” another claimed.

While one said: “More fool you. Totally unnecessary to oblige your child.”

Some defended the mother, arguing it is up toher how she spends her money, pointing out Charlie was likely earning cash from his modelling gigs.

“So what. It’s her business what she buys her son,” one said.

“What’s wrong with it?? She is doing it because she can afford to buy,” another said.

As one simply said: “Her money her child.”

Overwhelmingly though, many were just astounded at the amount of money spent on clothing, pointing out Charlie is growing and will only be able to wear the items a short time.

“Wow, no words,” one said.

“Sorry too spoiled. He has to learn,” another wrote.

“She is silly isn’t she?” someone else suggested.

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Doris however said she doesn’t mind spending money on Charlie, describing it as “a reward for his hard work”.

“He’s not spoiled — he’s well-mannered, hardworking and happens to love designer dressing,” she told The Sun.

“Ever since he was a toddler, he has always wanted to look good. It’s a fight for me to get time in front of the mirror sometimes.

“I’ve spent thousands, not just on uniform but also on a mobile phone, computers and clothes to wear to after-school parties.”

Charlie, who has also competed in beauty pageants and has appeared in TV commercials, loves his designer gear, creating TikTok videos showing off his outfits.

Doris’ husband Daniel, 41, also chips in on Charlie’s lavish lifestyle with his $59,000 a-year border force officer salary.

“I’m impressed by his style. As long as he is happy with what he does and wears, that’s important,” Daniel said, admitting it means he and Doris often go without to ensure Charlie gets what he wants.

“I can’t remember the last time I bought a new outfit for myself,” Doris said.

“If I do buy something, it’s cheap. I’m quite low-maintenance and haven’t been to a hairdresser in 12 months.

“I’m happy to make the sacrifice. I work hard and it’s up to me how I spend my money.”

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