'UNO' Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary With a Five-Deck Throwback Series

Celebrating the game’s 50th anniversary, Mattel has now released a five-deck Iconic Series for UNO, throwing back to some of the golden days. The themed decks span across all five decades, each covering a 10-year period ranging through 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, and 2010. The retro themes extend from the packaging to the individual cards themselves, bringing a touch of nostalgia to one of your favorite childhood card games.

“For 50 years, UNO has brought people together by transcending language, culture, and age through gameplay. As the number one game in the world, we’ve maintained its origins of a beloved family pastime, while evolving into a cultural phenomenon,” said Mattel Games’ global head Ray Adler. “Combining the brand’s roots of inclusivity and simplicity, the passionate global fan base, and unprecedented momentum, UNO’s 50th anniversary is a yearlong celebration of the brand’s past, present and future.”

For those interested, UNO’s new Iconic Series is now available for $6 USD for each individual pack, or alternatively, you can get all five in one bundle.

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