Varier and Snøhetta Coat Ergonomic Variable Chair in New Colors and Textures

Scandinavian furniture brand Varier along with architecture firm Snøhetta link up to reintroduce the ergonomic Variable chair in new colors and textures.

Released back in 1979, the curved runner chair allows you to shift, sway, lean and stretch, preventing tension in the neck and shoulders as its name suggests. With its functional and innovative design, a new set of bold colors and fabrics curated by the fellow Norwegian firm Snøhetta embody their commitment to everyday movements. A range of hues including yellow, orange, red, rose, green, blue, neutral, grey and black are represented in a textile collection of 47 materials developed by Kvadrat.

The vibrant assortment of the model crosses the boundary between art, design and ergonomics. Retailing at €349 (approximately check out Varier’s Variable chair on the brand’s website.

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