Video captures stunning moment rooftop pool collapses down to basement

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This roof sprang a major leak.

Hundreds of Brazilians were forced to flee a luxury high-rise apartment complex after a pool unexpectedly gave way and crashed through the roof, as seen in this shocking viral video from Newsflare.

“We went to the balcony and saw lots of water coming out of the building, and we went down quickly, grabbing a few things,” tenant Ubiracy Fonseca told Metro UK of the calamitous aquatic event.

Closed-circuit television footage of the incident, which occurred April 22 in Espírito Santo, shows the 75-foot-long pool suddenly collapsing — and flushing a torrent of water and debris all the way down to the basement parking garage many stories below.

“We heard a very loud noise,” Fonseca told local news outlet G1. “We immediately went to find out what had happened.”

Thankfully, only one resident was injured during the freak accident. However, 270 residents had to evacuate the 90-apartment complex and couldn’t return home while engineers conducted inspections, during which time the complex’s construction firm paid for them to stay at a hotel.

“Thank God it was not a bigger problem,” said Fonseca.

The cause of the cave-in remains unclear as engineers didn’t discover any structural damage. Some residents did report smelling gas as the pool was heating up.

However, the building’s superintendent, Gilmar Assumpcao, pledged to continue the investigation after several residents refused to return to the complex.

Indeed, it seems that al-fresco swimming holes can collapse more than just your finances.

In 2015, billionaire magician David Copperfield redefined “trickle-down theory” after the pool atop his Manhattan penthouse spontaneously burst and flooded apartments as far as 30 stories below.

Meanwhile, trendy 360-degree infinity pools and luxury penthouse pool parties are all the rage around the globe. A luxury condo building in Brooklyn touted stunning views of Manhattan — from the rooftop pool — as the highest form of NYC housing amenities.

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