'WandaVision' Director Says Fan Theories Were Correct Before Last-Minute Changes Were Made

The WandaVision finale last week no doubt answered many questions fans had revolving around the series, but it also disproved many other theories fans came up with along the way. Interestingly, the show’s director Matt Shakman has now revealed that actually some of those theories were correct before a few last-minute changes were made to the show.

Speaking about the Marvel title on Kevin Smith‘s FatMan Beyond podcast, Shakman revealed that the show originally had 10 episodes, but one of them had to be dropped after production. “We got lucky in some ways,” he said about fan theories coinciding with the series. “We didn’t in some ways, too, because some of those Easter eggs are absolutely intentional.” Having said this, he explained that the fan-suggested Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic reference from the line about the “aerospace engineer” was “never an intention” to be an Easter egg but was actually just a line added after the scene was reworked.

Fantastic Four aside, he also hinted at the possibility that Agatha Harkness’ rabbit Señor Scratchy was indeed Mephisto. While he never explicitly confirmed or denied that fan theory, he did reveal that an original version of the finale was going to see Scratchy turn into a demon and attack Wanda Maximoff’s twins, fake Pietro, Monica and Darcy as they entered Agatha Harkness’ basement to steal the Darkhold. Unfortunately, despite shooting the actual scene, the team decided it was too much of a “detour” from the rest of the series, and so decided to cut it.

For the fans who still want more things WandaVision, you can tune in to Shakman and Smith’s conversation in the video above.

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