'WandaVision' Episode 6 Actually Reveals a Lot About Agnes' Identity

WandaVision has set a new record in the sixth episode of the acclaimed and fan-obsessed Disney+ Marvel Cinematic Universe television series. Episode 6 may have the most easter eggs and hints than any other episode so far this season. Still, this is expected as the show goes on and more detail about the plot and what’s actually going on is revealed.

For Episode 6 in particular, there is an interaction that Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) has with Vision (Paul Bettany) that seems to confirm a lot about the character’s true nature and how she really ties in to everything that is going on with Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen).

Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes is definitely not like the rest of Westview

As the episodes progress, many fans have believed the major theory concerning the character of Agnes ― that she’s actually Agatha Harkness, a character that has a connection to Wanda in the comics. Agatha in the comic book canon is an anti-hero or sorts and a centuries-old witch who is a mentor to Wanda.

So far in WandaVision, Agnes’ actions have lined up to being something like this. She’s always around and always seems to help out when there is an issue. She seems to have autonomy in Westview whereas the other residents are under the spell of Wanda or whoever could potentially be controlling Wanda. Because the MCU likes to play with comic book origins, Agnes could potentially be more villainous instead of an ally or antihero, and she could be doing work for the bigger bad like Mephisto or Nightmare.

Up to this point, it seems like Agnes is good, but in a scene with vision in Episode 6, it is clear she’s may not be under the same spell as the rest of Westview. Vision catches her driving a car but she is out of it. When he zaps her back to reality, she says Wanda is doing everything and even asks Vision is she dead because he’s dead. He then zaps her again and she goes back to her Westview persona.

Unlike Norm, who also came to reality and was zapped by Vision, Agnes seemed to very much know what was going on and referenced Wanda specifically. This scene shows there is more to what Agnes is doing, regardless if she’s there to help or do harm. In the scene, she also reaches around for her broach, which is now missing and clearly a key item for her character that has a greater importance.

Agatha Harkness on ‘WandaVision’ was brought up in an interview with Kathryn Hahn

In an interview with Looper ahead of the serieis when she was asked about the fan main theories of her being Agatha Harkness, Hahn remained coy about it all and joked that it is a good thing she hasn’t seen them.

“I mean, I don’t have any social media at all, so that helps,” she said.” I know that there are, of course, so many Marvel fans, and I know that there is a ton of anticipation for this. I’ve also heard some of the theories and the theorizing about many aspects of the show, and I just can’t wait for the fans to see it.”

The actress even said she believed that folks who were not that familiar with the comic book stories they were pulling from will enjoy everything that is planned for the season.

“And for anyone that’s not maybe even familiar with this particular storyline of WandaVision, I think they’re still going get just such a kick out of it,” she continued. “I mean, you’ve seen them, they’re not only just charming and delightful on the surface, but you just can feel that something is building and churning along underneath it. Anyway, people are just in for a treat.”

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