Watch Chance the Rapper's Virtual Ralph Lauren Show

Chance the Rapper streamed a virtual live show on Monday night as part of a collaboration with fashion company Ralph Lauren. The pre-recorded set, which originally aired at 9:00 p.m. ET, is available to view 24 hours after launch on the artist’s and brand’s social channels.

The 27-minute concert, filmed at Ralph Lauren’s flagship store in the emcee’s hometown of Chicago, featured smooth tracks like “Work Out,” “Summer Friends” and “Ballin Flossin.” Early on in the show, Chance addressed his unique surroundings, noting, “I grew up knowing this as ‘the polo store,’ and we’re in the polo store.’”

“Music and fashion to me have always been interlinked,” Chance said in a statement announcing the event. “Ralph Lauren has always been one of my favorite designers, right by my side for some of my favorite moments in my career and personal life. This intimate virtual concert ties together all the greatest events of my life and allows me to sing about them the way I always wanted to.”

After seeing the reaction from fans online, the rapper enthused on Twitter, “I am filled with joy on the verge of tears thank you for the love.”

Chance has a history with the brand: He wore an RRL shirt on the cover of his 2016 mixtape, Coloring Book, and attended Ralph Lauren’s 50th Anniversary Fashion Show in September 2018. 

The rapper, who guested on Brandy’s May single “Baby Mama,” released his official debut LP, The Big Day, in 2019.

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