Watch Florida Man Casually Hand Police His Grandfather's Severed Ears From His Pockets

Inexplicably, he is not handcuffed.

Revolting body camera footage captured the moment a suspect casually presented police with his grandfather’s severed ears.

Kolby Parker was arrested and charged with the murder of Ronal Wells Sr., 77, at his home in DeLand, Florida on Saturday night.

A ten minute recording of the victim’s grandson being questioned immediately after the 911 call depicts an insane confrontation: the 30-year-old is sitting on the back of a pick-up truck, his hands bloodied, as three Lake County Sheriff’s Office deputies try to piece together what happened.

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The officers ask if he is carrying anything and pat him down, but they do not initially find the gristly keepsakes in his pockets.

Clearly agitated but trying to appear calm, Parker even asks one of the officers: “Can I see your gun, bro?”

“No,” the deputy replies.

“I wasn’t hearing shit, was I?” his incredulous colleague asks.

He makes several attempts to leave the back of the truck, and is repeatedly told to sit back down. Inexplicably, he is never placed in handcuffs.

The officers ask each other where Junior is; “Junior” Wells is Parker’s uncle, whom the 911 caller identified themselves as.

“Oh!” Parker announces, as if suddenly remembering, reaching into both pockets. “Junior? Ronnie and Ronnie Jr, right here.” Opening his hands, he displays a pair of severed human ears.

“Okay, what is that?” the officer asks after a pause. “….. those are ears.”

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“Those are ears,” his colleague repeats, before asking Parker: “Could you hold those out for me?” before taking some pictures.

“Alright, I’ll take these from you,” the deputy tells him as the surreal scene continues, gingerly pinching the amputated organs and looking for an evidence bag to place them in.

The awkward silence continues — until suddenly Parker bursts from the back of the truck and sprints right at the officer, and chaos ensues.

The deputies rush him and tackle him to the ground, firing tasers at him and after a brief but intense struggle — finally — place him in handcuffs.

The video ends with them ensuring he is okay and still breathing.

Police later found the body of Ronal Wells Sr. inside the home, without ears. It is not clear why Parker identified the body parts as belonging to Junior. A blood covered baseball bat and knife were also discovered inside.

According to the Daily Commercial, Parker subsequently told deputies he and his grandfather were sitting on the porch smoking marijuana, when he suddenly attacked him with a knife.

They said he later confessed to killing Wells because he wanted him to be with his deceased grandmother.

He is charged with second-degree domestic murder, battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence.

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