Watch Kaley Cuoco And Husband Karl Cook Hilariously Try The 'Koala Challenge'

  • Kaley Cuoco and husband Karl Cook hilariously attempted the “koala challenge.”
  • In one Instagram video, Kaley can’t stop laughing while trying to climb over Karl.
  • In the second video, however, the couple totally nail the challenge after many tries.

Being stuck at home RN means there are plenty of opportunities to do all of those challenges taking over the internet—and apparently, Kaley Cuoco is all about it, too. She just attempted the “koala challenge” with her husband, and their journey to pull this one off is even better than the final result.

Backing up a sec: The koala challenge started earlier this year and was designed as a way to raise money to help fight wildfires in Australia. The challenge first started as a thing you do at the gym—you lie flat on top of a workout bench and then shift your entire body to the underside of the bench without touching the floor. If you can pull it off, you look like a koala.

Well, the challenge has morphed a little since then, resulting in the Big Bang Theory alum and her husband, Karl Cook, trying an epic, at-home couples version of this.

“First (of many) MEGA FAIL’s at #thekoalachallenge with my very patient husband @mrtankcook 🤣🤣 I’ve never laughed so hard. It’s a 2 parter so buckle up lol 🐨 please try this at home! Maybe wear a helmet . I now have 3 new injuries but it was worth it,” Kaley wrote in the caption of one Instagram post.

In the accompanying videos, Kaley can be seen hanging out on Karl’s back. Kaley and Karl then attempt to flip her around so she’s in front of him, while Kaley laughs her head off and Karl repeatedly says stuff like, “You have to participate, here” and “you’re supposed to participate.” A very calm and collected Karl seems to be on his A-game about the challenge, while Kaley just keeps giggling. (Tbh, same.)

The two finally pulled it off, but Kaley made it super clear that it wasn’t easy. “After 245 failed attempts we finally did it! LOL the koala challenge is not as easy as it looks,” she wrote. “Actually we made it look damn near impossible LOL good luck!! 🐨.”

In the video, which looks like it was shot on a different day than the other one, Kaley effortlessly switches from Karl’s back to his front, flips over his shoulders, and then ends up hugging him from the front without touching the ground. She’s all business up until the end, when she lays a huge smooch on her hubs and cracks up while saying, “yesss!”

She finally gets down and says, “Ow! Oh my god,” as she walks away. Karl, cool as a cucumber, casually strolls out of the frame.

Nailed it!

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