Watch This Wild Ride Through the Guts of a Secret Submarine

One of the most secretive places in any military worldwide is aboard a submarine. Any peek into the world of the “silent service” is notable—and then there’s a guy controlling a drone via VR as it sprints through the tight spaces of a Walrus-class sub.

The video, uploaded by the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNN), shows the inside of a Walrus-class diesel electric submarine. These subs aren’t large—they’re only 222 feet long with a beam of 28 feet and a crew of up to 55. The Walrus class has been among NATO’s most effective non-nuclear powered subs, often used for intelligence collection duties.

There are four Walrus-class submarines in the RNN, all named after marine mammals.

Our Favorite Drones

The drone video shows off a number of important spaces in the sub, starting with the torpedo room. Each submarine has four 533-millimeter torpedo tubes. A typical load of ammunition includes 20 torpedoes and missiles, including American-made Mk. 48 heavyweight general purpose torpedoes and Sub-Harpoon anti-ship missiles.

In this video, the weapon storage racks are empty, and the missiles and torpedoes have been offloaded while the boat is in port, but the drone does give a closeup of the hatches leading to the torpedo tubes themselves.

The drone then does a whirlwind tour of other important spaces, including the combat information center (with periscope), galley, and engineering spaces. The Walrus boats are about 30 years old, so there’s nothing really gee-whiz to see here, but it’s really impressive how well-maintained the vintage submarine is.

The submarine appears cramped, but not too cramped—with the exception of the crazy-tight engineering section that’s certain to unnerve some people. Claustrophobes, beware: If you enlist, you can’t say the Royal Netherlands Navy didn’t warn you.

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