We will be controlled by AI warns techie in worst case scenario for humanity

AI could become far more capable than us and ultimately control humanity, a British AI expert has warned.

Speaking to the BBC yesterday, tech founder Emad Mostaque shared his dire predictions for the impacts of AI on human society.

Mr Mostaque said that 'it's up to us to decide which direction' AI goes in and that we could lose control of advanced artificial intelligence systems if we're not careful.

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He added that governments will need to take action and introduce policies to limit the power of AI, which he says could have a bigger impact on the economy than the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Mostaque said: "It deserves to be discussed in a public sphere, if we have agents more capable than us that we cannot control, that are going across the internet and hooked up and they achieve a level of automation, what does that mean?

"The worst case scenario is that it proliferates and basically it controls humanity because you could have a million things replicating effectively, but we don't know."

Mr Mostaque himself is an important player in the AI space, having founded the $1bn firm Stability AI—which popularised the AI image-making tool Stable Diffusion.

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It's not the only warning issued about AI by leading tech experts.

Over the weekend, Professor Stuart Russell called out the lack of safeguards against the risks around artificial intelligence, which he believes is becoming a 'competitor' to humans.

Prof. Russell said: "How do you maintain power over entities more powerful than you forever? If you don't have an answer, then stop doing the research. It's as simple as that.

"The stakes couldn't be higher: if we don't control our own civilisation, we have no say in whether we continue to exist."


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