What do I like about daddy? Toddler’s brutal birthday card to dad leaves people in stitches

Many children love to draw for their parents.

Often, they love to draw stick figures, beloved family pets and “I love you” messages for their mum and dad.

But one girl decided to put aside the flowers and rainbows and instead got straight to the point about what likes about her dad.

In a card to birthday dad Luke Pearson, the young girl decided to draw what her dad looks like, accompanied with the best things about her dad.

The picture features a felt-tip outline of her father, with the caption: “What do I like about daddy?”

Inside there is a squiggly drawing, with the concise answer: “His bones.”

The rather unique drawing was shared on social media, where viewers were left in stitches by his daughter’s artistic genius.

The photo has been shared more than 11,000 times and racked up close to 80,000 likes.

One fan responded: “If no one ever says this about me then what is the point.”

Another added: “Honestly I’d be absolutely honoured if any child gave me this.”

A third joked: “A chiropractor is in order and maybe put an exorcist on standby…

“Lol but no really, kids loving you so much they express it by pointing out the most random things is the sweetest.

“Pretty sure one of my early mothers day cards thanked her for breathing.”

Others responded, showing off their own childhood drawings.

“Love this. My then-4-year-old drew a portrait of my mom that included her intestines.”

Another shared their drawings of their father and car, which is rather unique.

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