What happens after death: Woman claims she felt ‘like energy’ as she entered bright light

The woman, who only introduced herself as Beth, shared the incredible details of her near-death experience (NDE). Beth was undergoing a c-section for her third child when she started bleeding out on the operating table. When the doctors could not stop the haemorrhage, Beth recalls seeing her blood pressure drop until her heart stopped.

Then, she vividly recalls finding herself in a place of bright light.

She said: “I wasn’t in human form, rather, I felt like myself but as energy.

“I spoke but not with words. I spoke with mental energy or something along those lines.

“Other people or energies were there. There were people I knew who were there.

“I could feel love and a peaceful, contented feeling.”

And although Beth could not recognise any of the other people, she felt as though she knew them.

She claims they reached out to her telepathically in the same way she communicated with them.

Beth said: “I remember sensing them and hearing sounds that were reminders of things I’ve been through in my waking life.

“I was told so many things, although some are hard to remember now.”

As this went on, Beth was told this was not her time to die because she had not “completed life”.

She then described an odd sensation, like a telephone ringing.

Beth then woke up to see her eldest daughter standing over her.

She said: “I told her that I was sorry that I’d been gone for hours. She told mom that it had only been around a minute that I had been gone.

“I felt as though I was away for six or more hours. I retained so many positive feelings and knowledge in less than a minute.

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“I don’t know what the right words to describe the things that were spoken to me through the energy.”

However, although experts often agree NDEs such as this often seem profound and spiritual, there are possible medical explanations for why they occur.

NDEs are often characterised by visions of bright light and memories of deceased loved ones.

One theory suggests these are hallucinations caused by a lack of sufficient oxygen flow to the brain during cardiac arrest.

A similar theory suggests dying brain cells can trigger such hallucinations.

Whatever the cause may be, the NHS in the UK does not consider NDEs to be genuine instances of people dying.

The NHS said in 2014: “A more accepted definition of death is when brain stem death occurs, which is when all neural activity in the deepest brain ceases.

“While it is possible to keep the heart functioning using life support systems, a person with brain stem death has permanently lost the potential for consciousness.

“The existence of an ‘afterlife’ remains a matter of belief, not scientific proof.”

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