What John Harbaugh-Mike Vrabel yelled during heated exchange

Turns out John Harbaugh and Mike Vrabel were not exchanging stuffing recipes.

The coaches had a heated confrontation at midfield Sunday before Vrabel’s Titans beat Harbaugh’s Ravens 30-24 in overtime and part of their conversation was captured by NFL Films.

The snafu reportedly began when the Titans took the field for warmups and went directly to the Ravens crest at midfield. That led to shouting between Titans cornerback Malcolm Butler and Harbaugh before Vrabel got involved with his counterpart.

“It’s disrespectful,” Harbaugh told Vrabel, according to an NFL Films clip posted by NFL Network.

“Tell him to go coach a game,” Vrabel said, apparently to the officials trying to get in between them.

“It’s disrespectful!” Harbaugh shouted back.

“Go coach!” Vrabel replied.

After the game, Harbaugh seemed to wave off Vrabel instead of shaking hands, but both coaches later downplayed the situation when speaking to reporters.

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