What Netflix addicts will look like in 20 years, apparently

We’ve already seen gruesome models predicting humans that spend too much time at the office and too much time playing video games.

Now it’s the turn of Netflix.

Yes, we’re all enjoying the streaming service a little too much now that we’re basically confined to our own houses. But it’s still a bit of a stretch to think we’ll end up like Eric and Hannah.

This pasty pair are supposed to represent what two decades of bingeing our favourite shows will do to our bodies.

They were created by Online Gambling who reckon that we’ll all develop pot bellies and baldness.

‘We conducted a study on the impact that binging Netflix has on your health. We used our research to show you what you could look like if you don’t change your habits,’ the team at Online Gambling said.

‘From obesity and posture damage to premature ageing and bloodshot eyes, these are just some of the nasty effects this unhealthy lifestyle could cause.

‘We’ve created 3D models to show you up close and personal all the bodily damage of a Netflix binger. Let us warn you, it’s not a pretty sight.

‘This could be you if you keep letting that next episode play on automatically…’

A few too many episodes of Stranger Things and we can expect varicose veins, obesity and even ‘dead butt syndrome’. The latter is known as gluteal amnesia and occurs because ‘sitting for too long puts persistent pressure on the pelvic region, which damages your glutes – causing backache, and pain in the hip region and ankles.’

To be fair, the reasoning is sound. The company says that since staying at home more because of the coronavirus pandemic, on average 44% of residents surveyed in Germany, the US and the UK all admitted to using streaming services more than video calls with friends, playing video games, boardgames and working.

Netflix (and other services) have seen their usage skyrocket thanks to global lockdown measures.

According to Mark Halstead, partner at financial risk and business intelligence firm Red Flag Alert, Netflix UK’s usual monthly earnings are in the range of £106 million per month, using Statistica’s estimate of 11.8 million users and an average payment plan of £8.99 per month.

He went on to say of the coronavirus pandemic: ‘In the UK, it’s reasonable to assume a 15% increase in new Netflix subscribers, which is over 1.7 million more people using the service each month. This could be worth more than £15 million in additional monthly revenue to Netflix.’

However, it’s unlikely this will continue to be the case once the lockdown eases.

Even so, it’s highly unlikely we’re all going to be looking like Eric and Hannah come 2040.

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