Where is Mare Of Easttown filmed?

The bleak crime drama led by Kate Winslet is set to shock viewers with it's dark themes.

The HBO limited series, Mare of Easttown, is set in a Pennsylvanian town gripped by an unsolved murder- but where is the show filmed?

Where is the Mare of Easttown filmed?

Mare of Easttown is set in a fictional version of Easttown Township, Chester County, a real-life town in Pennsylvania where the series creator, Brad Ingelsby was born.

With Ingelsby's ties to the town, there were no doubts that the show would be shot on location.

A majority of the show was filmed in Chester County with Bridge Street, one of the major streets in Phoenixville borough in Chester County, being partially closed off for filming.

There were also reports of the HBO film crew being spotted shooting in an abandoned KMart in Thorndale, Chester County.

Other filming locations included Delaware county in Pennslyvania, where lead actors Kate Winslet and Evan Peters were spotted dining at Don's Deli a local eating establishment.

Filming of the show began in Autumn of 2019 but was halted in March 2020 due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was reported in September 2020 that filming had resumed.

Winslet, who play's the show's titular character, insisted upon the show's cast using the Delco regional accent, famous in Delaware county.

The actress claimed that it was so difficult to learn the accent that it caused her to "throw things".

What is the Mare of Easttown about

The gripping HBO crime drama stars Kate Winslet as Mare Sheehan, the only detective in a small Pennsylvanian police station, working to solve the grisly murder of a young mother and several other missing women.

Dealing with the loss of her son & her ex-husband's new marriage, the ill-tempered main character finds herself battling her own demons, being forced to confront her own grief while tackling the town's mysterious disappearances.

Ingelsby says. “A big part of the show is the mystery—we’re constantly guessing who the killer is—but it’s also a real character piece about a woman who has to confront her grief.”

Mare of Easttown features a star-studded cast including, Jean Smart, Evan Peters, Julianne Nicholson, Guy Pearce, and Sosie Bacon.

where can you watch Mare of Easttown?

The show is set to air exclusively on Sky Atlantic from Monday 19th April, with new episodes released weekly.

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