Where to get Stanley Tucci’s ‘Searching for Italy’ glasses

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Agnew created a beautiful, custom design that’s very similar to Tucci’s glasses, under his Italian private label Dolomiti Eyewear and called “The Stanley.” While you won’t be able to get your hands on a pair for a few months, Eyewear.com is accepting pre-orders now, with a launch in August 2021.

Note: The website flagged that August is a timing estimate — not a guarantee — due to unexpected production delays and said they are taking pre-orders now due to the expected high demand.

Eyeglasses.com Dolomiti Eyewear The Stanley Eyeglasses, $188; original price: $272.60

According to the brand, the main difference is that their glasses are a more “wearable” and adjustable design for the temples. Eyeglasses.com noted that Tucci’s frames are a bit thicker and straight, which makes them less adjustable and heavier. 

“The Stanley” glasses will be available in an array of colors, including Shiny Black, Havana, Midnight Crystal Blue and Tortoise.

The Eyewear.com CEO added that opticals will be “crafted in Italy with the same quality and design as premium designer brands, but will retail at $188.00 — a fraction of the price.”

In order to gauge customer interest, Agnew is contemplating making the Tucci replicas a limited-edition pair. Regardless, he’s planning on sending Tucci a pair to wear “in case he needs a backup.”

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