Which K-pop Group Currently Has the Most Members?

It’s no surprise K-pop boy bands and girl bands are quite different from Western ones. The former tend to be formed through a trainee system and focus a lot on showcasing many talents such as singing, dancing, and rapping all at once.

Another unique aspect of K-pop many onlookers might havenoticed is the fact that the groups are often quite populous. While Western companiesusually cap their boy bands and girl bands at five members, K-pop groups tendto have, on average, around seven members. And it is not unusual for there tobe even more people than that. Let’s take a look at this phenomenon and findout which K-pop group has the most members currently.

Why do K-pop groups have so manymembers?

K-pop companies put a lot of effort into marketing, andhaving a huge amount of members in one group is a part of that.

For one thing, the more people there are, the easier it isto have a variety of talents showcased to public. Some members can be skilledperformers on stage while others can branch out into acting or modeling. Thiscan help to bring more attention to the group.

Additionally, different people find different thingsattractive. Having many members in a group increases the chance of most fansbeing able to find someone they can like.

While taking care of many people in a group can seemexhausting, the payoff can be worth it for K-pop companies. For example, K-popalbums often come with collectible photo cards, and dedicated fans might spendmore money to purchase a lot of copies of the same album just to find theirfavorite person’s card or simply collect them all.

There are several groups withover 10 members

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Having over 10 people in a boy band or girl band might seemlike a crazy idea in the U.S., but this is not uncommon at all in K-pop.

Over the years, there have been numerous groups that debutedwith over 10 people. Some of them eventually broke up or dwindled down havingless members.

Currently, there is one group with 11 members: The Boyz.

There are two groups with 12 members: LOONA and IZ*ONE. A group, Treasure, might soon join this lineup upon their debut in July 2020.

Meanwhile, there are two groups with 13 members: Seventeen and Cosmic Girls.

The biggest K-pop group currentlyhas 21 members

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Of course, the groups that have 12 or 13 members are no match for the biggest group of them all: NCT, which currently has 21 members.

However, it should be noted that NCT is different than otherK-pop groups in that all 21 members rarely ever congregate in one place. Thegroup itself is split into four sub-units: NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV.Most members simply work within their assigned sub-unit.

In 2018, when NCT had 18 members, all of them came togetherto release a song called “Black on Black.” There has yet to be a similarproject for the current 21 members.

NCT is also continuing to grow. Their company, SMEntertainment, has plans to establish more sub-units in different countries, soit seems the amount of members NCT could contain is limitless.

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