Who is Trevor Lawrence's wife Marissa Mowry?

TREVOR Lawrence is set to be NFL's next big thing at just 21.

The Clemson Tiger's quarterback is the number 1 overall pick for the 2021 NFL draft- but who is the star's wife, Marissa Mowry?

Who is Trevor Lawrence's wife Marissa Mowry?

Marissa Mowry is a 21-year-old from Cartersville, Georgia.

Born on November 10th 1999, Mowry attended Anderson University and Cartersville High School with her high school sweetheart, Trevor Lawrence.

She first met the potential NFL player in middle school and the two were engaged in July 2020, after four years together – they began dating in May 2016.

Marissa is also an athlete herself, with an extensive football (or soccer) career.

Her love for the sport began at the age of five and later in life, she played for the Anderson Trojans, as a midfielder from 2018-2020.

According to her official player profile, Mowry majored in public relations.

With nearly 225k followers on Instagram (@marissa_lawrence), the 21-year-old has already reached influencer status, partnering up with brands for sponsored posts.

How long have Trevor Lawrence and Marissa Mowry been married?

The young couple tied the knot on 10 April 2021, in a South Carolina ceremony.

Lawrence proposed to Mowry in the summer of 2020, posting an emotional Instagram post dedicated to his future wife.

“FOREVER,” Lawrence wrote, “You’re everything I’ve dreamed of. I love you and can’t wait to marry you.”

Lawrence celebrated his final days as a single man with a bachelor party in Sin city itself.

Lawrence was photographed at casino tables in Las Vegas with his friends before his nuptials in April 2021.

Mowry took to Instagram to express her love for now-husband Trevor Lawrence.

“When I sat down and thought about our engagement day I just got overwhelmed with thankfulness that 1) I get to marry my best friend 2) He had the most detailed, sweet proposal planned 3) I have so many amazing friends who celebrated us all weekend and received so much love from everyone,” .

Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars celebrated by gifting the couple a $300 toaster.

Former Clemson quarterback and No. 1 overall pick NFL Draft 2021 Trevor, has been warmly welcomed by Jaguar fans into married life with a $300 toaster.

A fan of Lawrence, who is being eyed by the Floridian team, spotted that the couple wanted the digital toaster on April 9.

Supporters of the team ended up raised over $6,000 for the nuptials and the couple agreed to donate the excess money to charity.

Do Marissa Mowry and Trevor Lawrence have any children?

The newlyweds do not have any children.

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