Why Clare Crawley's "Romance" With Juan Pablo Galavis Went Down in Bachelor History

Now that Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette has started, it’s the perfect time to revisit her time on The Bachelor and what happened between her and Juan Pablo Galavis. While she’s best known for her awesome telling-off of Juan Pablo on the finale, their story had quite a few other bumps along the way as well.

Clare was a front runner early on, getting the first one-on-one date of the season. In the first few weeks, she seemed to struggle with her feelings about dating him while he was dating other women, particularly coming into conflict with Nikki Ferrell early on over the drama in the house. She did, however, make a big impression during a group date in Vietnam, snagging Juan Pablo as her partner for a rowboat date and later convincing him to go for a sexy one-on-one swim.

That impromptu swim wound up causing more drama, though. First, Juan Pablo expressed regrets, saying he didn’t want to set a bad example for his young daughter by behaving like that on TV. The next week, Clare got a one-on-one date, and they talked out some of their feelings about what had happened before.

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