Wild One is Having a Super Secret Sale on V Cute Pet Gear

There’s a reason why dogs are a (wo)man’s BFF. They listen to our dating drama, are *always* excited to see us, and will never pass up a snuggle sesh. So, why not treat your furry friend to a lil’ something special? Thanks to Wild One’s suuuuper-secret Memorial Day sale, you can.

ICYMI, Wild One is your one-stop shop for all your puppy needs. Yummy treats? Check. Puppy-approved shampoo? Yup. A carrier that will get tons of compliments during your next park hang? You betcha. The team at Wild One loves dogs just as much as you do, so all its inventory is made with your pooch in mind. (You know, without killing your budget. Tbh, dogs are $.)

Oh, and did we mention Wild One teams up with local rescues to help all pups find a home? (I’m not crying, you’re crying.)

As if you didn’t have every incentive to shop at Wild One, they’re also offering 20 percent off almost everything. (Psst… kits aren’t included.) Go ahead, add our exclusive code MDW20 and get shopping. You and your bestie will be very, very happy.

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