Woman claims she had ‘past life’ as celebrity and knows where the body is buried

A woman claiming to be a professional "past-life healer" left viewers baffled when she said she knew where her "last" body was buried.

Alexandra Joy, who lives in the US, suggested some viewers might recognise her because her so-called previous life on Earth was as someone "well-known".

In a video she shared on TikTok account @spiritwithjoy, the psychic gave details into who she might be in her "past life".

She says: "I'm a professional past-life healer and I know exactly where my last body is.

"People visit my body and it's a little weird, like, nice but weird.

"There's a solid chance that you might have visited my body.

"I also wonder if people recognise me on this app from that past life or some other s***, because you would probably recognise me."

Despite not revealing her past-life identity, Alexandra said it is because "there is plenty of trauma" that she is working through on her current life.

"I am proud of myself in succeeding in this life where I was not able to in that life," she adds.

Alexandra has since received thousands of comments from viewers suggesting names, but she insisted she won't reveal the identity.

She explained: "Yes people definitely did guess the life I was referring to but out of respect for my own healing and the healing of the relatives I left behind, no I'm not telling you.

"I have resisted contacting relatives, I do not wish to disturb their peace."

Many viewers said Alexandra could have been a reincarnated Elizabeth Short, who was known as the Black Dahlia, an American woman who was found murdered in Leimut Park of Los Angeles, in 1947.

"Your eyes look familiar, I'm gonna jump on saying I think Black Dahlia, you look like her so much," one said.

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