Woman ‘has sex’ in front of hotel window only to find out it’s not tinted glass

A woman enjoying a romantic hotel romp with her boyfriend was left speechless when a guest complained to reception after spotting them through the window.

Rebekka, who is on TikTok as @rebekkamccabe, told viewers a "short story of a night at a hotel" in Glasgow that went badly wrong when she and her partner mistakenly thought the windows were tinted.

In the innuendo-laden video, Rebekka’s partner is on the phone to reception and giving the person at the end of the line a groveling apology.

The couple were caught out having sex and warned to cover up immediately, reports The Sun.

Rebekka asks: "What did they say? Did someone complain?"

He replies: "People have said from the hotel across the room [sic], you two need to cover your modesty.

"They said, 'I don’t care what you do but the glass is not privacy protected.'"

In the caption, Rebekka wrote: "Word to the wise, a very popular hotel in Glasgow DOES NOT have tinted windows."

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The video has been "liked" more than 50,000 times since it was uploaded on Tuesday, May 18, and many people have said they were not surprised it happened.

One person commented: "I work across from that hotel and it happens ALL the time. I mean literally every weekend."

A second viewer confessed: "Omg I learned this the hard way in this hotel too."

"The same happened to another couple at the hotel a couple of years back, they were seen from the street and it made the papers," said someone else.

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Meanwhile, other people said the situation was so embarrassing they were squirming just thinking about it.

One admitted: "Would definitely never check out again so I never have to face reception."

"I'd be so embarrassed," admitted a second.

Another person blasted the guest who alerted reception and commented: "Who sits there and looks long enough to know your room and floor and then to complain?"

Rebekka joked: "Tbf (to be fair) I think we put on a good show."

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