Woman lets friends play noughts and crosses on her leg – using a tattoo gun

A young woman has gone viral after letting her friends play noughts and crosses on her leg – with a tattoo gun.

Shakira, also known under username @dekful, posted the video yesterday sparking a huge debate over the decision.

The 18-year-old has received 262,000 likes on the TikTok post with over 1,200 comments in the last 24 hours.

She has even received some hilarious stitched video responses where children have pointed out that she will be permanently marked with the game that's also known as tic-tac-toe.

The teen dueted one little boy's response where he said: "You do realise that's permanent?" but she simply nodded.

In the original video, Shakira draws the grid in a blue sharpie before allowing her pals to draw each round freehand.

Her friends can be heard giggling and the girl who is believed to be called Meg, winning the game.

The comment section's reactions were full of very mixed opinions – with many pointing out her stupidity.

Kassandrarobert wrote: "This has to be one of the most unsanitary things I have seen in a while."

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"Y'all really don't value your skin," another commenter added.

Ayo simply said: "The state of you lot."

However, some people loved the idea as they tagged their friends to tell them they'd let them do it.

Others pointed out that they should have tattooed the grid but left it blank so that they would always be able to play the game on her leg.

Gwendolyn wrote: "I would have left it blank so you could always start a new game."

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"This but leaving it blank so you can always play," a commenter named Beth added.

Although, other viewers had other things on their minds while watching it.

Several commenters pointed out that the young lad in the video had the perfect opportunity to win but didn't.

Surprisingly many others had no idea the game was called noughts and crosses.

"They play what now?!" user briitt_babyy said, "I'm sorry, I grew up calling it tic tac toe, am I the only one?"

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