Woman reveals clever towel hack to stop windscreen freezing overnight

With cold weather sweeping the UK, car owners are probably fed up with the extra time it takes to defrost the windscreen every morning.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a garage, you’ll probably find a thick covering of ice as you rush to work.

While you might be tempted to just throw some boiling water over it, don’t – that method can cause the glass to crack.

Instead, one woman has revealed her easy method to stop the ice from forming in the first place.

Kirsten Louise Parry posted a video on TikTok showing her favourite watermelon towel on her car, which she’d put out the night before.

Of course, you can buy covers for your windscreen but as Kirsten showed, a cheap towel does the same job.

The towel absorbs any water and freezes, meaning you can lift the whole thing off and the glass underneath is clear.

Obviously, you need a towel that is big enough for your windscreen but a beach towel works well – especially as you’re unlikely to need it for a while.

Kirsten said: ‘When you put a towel on your windscreen to stop it freezing overnight.

‘It’s frozen itself.’

While some said they’d been using the same trick themselves, others had no idea.

The video had over 1.7 million views on TikTok.

Some advised tucking it into the doors to stop it blowing away before it freezes.

One person wrote: ‘I didn’t think this worked. Would have saved me 20 minutes defrosting mine this morning.’

‘Life hack, never knew that,’ another added.

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