Woman shares game-changing shoe storage hack – and all you’ll need is some towel rails

SHOES can take up an annoying amount of space when they’re piled up on the floor, but keeping them inside a cupboard or wardrobe can seriously impact how quickly you’re able to get out the door.

This woman has found a way to keep her shoes out of the way and easily accessible at the same time – and she’s shared exactly how she’s done it.

Tiktok user @ash_mul shared the hack with her followers with the simple caption, “you’re welcome”, and many agreed that her idea was “genius”.

In the video, she explains the hack step-by-step.

First, you just need to get your hands on some wall-mounted towel racks, which you can get in any homeware shop.

Then, simply attach them wherever you’d like to store your shoes.

This Tiktok user has mounted the storage on the side of her wardrobe, keeping them out of sight.

They’re positioned beside her bedroom door for quick and easy access when she’s heading out.

Once you’ve got the towel racks assembled, just pop your shoes in place, and you’ve got a tidy display of all your shoes – every pair totally visible at a glance,  no rummaging around required. 

She also highlights just how much space she saves by using this hack – showing how her bedroom door can open completely without the shoes getting in the way. 

Commenters adored the simple and effective storage idea.

“Such a great idea”, said one enthused commenter, while another wrote: “That’s actually genius!”

A third excited commenter exclaimed: “No but really this is such a brilliant idea.”

One viewer simply said: “Game changer.”

While one commenter advised the Tiktok user to just buy fewer shoes, the shoe-fanatic said there was no way.

“These are just my gym shoes”, she joked. 

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