Woman unsure of what to do as new smelly flatmate hasn’t bathed since moving in

A woman is struggling to find a way to confront her new flatmate's poor hygiene.

Posting on parenting forum Mumsnet, the Brit female explained how her new housemate hasn't showered since moving in.

She said the smell is now lingering throughout the home and is particularly strong in the person's bedroom.

But since she has no idea of how to approach the situation, the woman has turned to the open forum for advice.

The woman has been inundated with messages urging her to be honest with her new flatmate.

Asking for advice, she said: "I had a new flatmate move in a few days ago. They haven't showered since being here."

She continued: "Whenever they use the bathroom it smells of unwashed person.

"They're also a bit messy but I've overlooked that so far because I'm a clean freak.

"But I'm really struggling with the fact that my home now smells of dirty smelly person!

"When you walk past her room it smells more strong. Is there anything I can do to broach this or make it better without being rude?"

The woman also claimed she doesn't even know if the flatmate has even brushed their teeth as there's nothing in the shared loo.

Many users shared advice for how the woman could tell the housemate without being disrespectful.

One said: "Maybe the smells are from unwashed clothes that they haven't yet dealt with.

"The only way to deal with this, is to say something about her odours bothering you, or be forever spraying air freshener around."

The user added: "They might get the message then, or choke to death on the horrible spray smells."

Another commented: "Maybe just say I've noticed you've not had a shower yet, would you like me to show you how it works?

"And also say it's fine for them to put their shower gel/shampoo and toothpaste in the shared bathroom.

"They may be expecting you to lead the way a bit.

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