Woman who outed Hilaria Baldwin scared Alec Baldwin might ‘punch’ her

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The social media sleuth behind Hilaria Baldwin’s stunning Spanish-accent scandal says she fears going public — because Alec Baldwin might beat her up.

The woman spoke to the New York Times for its story on the saga involving the popular yoga guru — who was forced to admit this week that she’s just a “white girl” from Boston despite long claiming she was born in Mallorca, Spain and speaking with a questionable accent.

But the Twitter denizen talked anonymously, telling the Times “she was scared that Mr. Baldwin … would punch her” if her identity was made public.

The “30 Rock” actor and Hilaria’s hubby has made headlines for his temper before, including last year when he was ordered to take anger management classes for allegedly tussling with a driver over a parking spot in Greenwich Village.

In 2014, the Emmy-winning star told cops to “go f–k themselves” for busting him for cycling the wrong way down a Manhattan street.

And, three years before that, he was booted off a plane for angrily refusing to power down his phone before takeoff.

The woman, tweeting under the handle @Lenibriscoe, kicked off a fiasco with her Dec. 21 takedown of the mom of five.

“You have to admire Hilaria Baldwin’s commitment to her decade long grift where she impersonates a Spanish person,” she wrote alongside a series of posts pointing out Hilaria’s come-and-go Spanish accent and white upbringing in Boston.

Hilaria eventually admitted that she was just a “white girl” born as Hillary in Boston — then continued blaming everyone else for apparently getting her story twisted.

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