WWE legend Undertaker admits Goldberg match was ‘couple of inches from being catastrophic’ as he narrowly avoided injury – The Sun

THE UNDERTAKER admits his botched match with Goldberg was just “a couple of inches from being catastrophic”.

The 55-year-old Dead Man battled the WCW legend, 52, in a dream match in June last year at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia but things ended badly.

Taker looked furious after he claimed victory in an error-strewn clash that failed to deliver after a number of mistakes.

And afterwards Goldberg, who busted his head open during the contest, took to Twitter to answer his critics and admitted he had let down his supporters with his performances.

He wrote: “Knocked myself out and thought I could finish…. love my fans…..but let u down.

“Everyone else that found ‘pleasure’ ….. hope ur happy.”

The match was Goldberg’s first in over two years since he lost to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33, but despite it lasting just under nine minutes, it was heavily criticised.

It began in explosive fashion as Goldberg hit Taker with two spears before his physical condition quickly declined after colliding head first with a ring post, which caused him concussion.

He continued to fight and attempted to hit the Reaper with a jackhammer, but the weary Goldberg could hardly lift his foe and he ended up dropping Taker on his neck.

Worse was to come as Goldberg himself narrowly avoided a broken neck.

Undertaker lifted Goldberg up to hit his famous Tombstone piledriver, but the latter failed to tuck his head in between Taker’s legs, and that caused a sickening collision as the top of his skull struck the apron upon impact, bending his neck in the wrong direction.

And in an interview to promote the next episode of his “The Last Ride” documentary on the WWE Network, he has lifted the lid on the disaster for the very first time.

He told Pardon My Take podcast, he said: “The bump that I had in Saudi when I was working with Goldberg, I think that one was a couple of inches from being catastrophic.

“The way I hit on that one, it kind of set out nerve impulses to all of my injuries at once.

“It was like an electrical charge went through my body.”

You can watch Undertaker: The Last Ride exclusively on the WWE Network.

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