You can now buy a Percy Pig celebration cake – and it is very pink

M&S has been getting seriously creative with its much-loved Percy Pigs sweets of late, from the Percy-flavoured ice cream launched earlier this year to the Percymas Pies (a take on classic mince pies) and Percy Pig advent calendar in its Christmas range.

And now, Percy fans can get their hands on yet another exciting treat – a celebration cake, featuring layers of sponge sandwiched together with fruity jam and pink Percy Pig flavour buttercream, finished with sprinkles and topped with Percy Pig sweets. 

‘Percy Pig flavour’ is M&S’s signature combination of grape and berry, FYI, so this would make the perfect birthday cake for the Percy super-fan in your life, and is sure to banish any lockdown blues with its bright colours and fun design.

Last week, M&S announced two other Percy Pig products: a tub of Percy-flavoured mini bites consisting of rice pops, marshmallows and fruity jelly pieces; and a swiss roll, featuring a light sponge rolled up with Percy-flavoured buttercream, packed with Percy Pig pieces and sprinkled with edible glitter.

Percy’s recent revival has ignited plenty of speculation on social media, with one tweet saying:

‘So Percy Pig now has friends, jungle friends, a family, a stuffed toy, a syrup, an ice cream, bakewell tarts, and succulent planters in the shape of his face. I’m starting to think wee man’s being managed by Kris Jenner.’

Another Twitter user predicted ‘M&S gonna be doing Percy pig flavoured hummus next’.

The celebration cake serves eight people, and can be snapped up in M&S stores now for £12.

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