Your Gemini Monthly Horoscope for April

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Happy May, Gemini…April Fool’s! Don’t worry, time isn’t moving that quickly. With the new month just getting started, the Sun’s motion through Aries highlights the area of your chart associated with teamwork and collaboration. The first few weeks of the month are a terrific time to expand your reach, connecting with a network that extends beyond your current community. I know we’re all spending too much time on social media, but right now, you have a unique opportunity to repurpose the way you’re using these platforms—believe it or not, Instagram is more than thirst traps and creeping on your ex via finsta (I see you, Gemini).

Whatever platform you choose to engage, consider ways you can broadcast your big ideas to an even larger audience by building dynamic, solid connections. Keep in mind, however, this isn’t just about amassing followers. Use your innate social finesse to align with others who share your humanitarian values. Similarly, during the New Moon in Aries on April 11—when the Sun and Moon join forces in the sky—consider ways you can fortify your activism. Be the change you want to see in the world, Gemini! Vive la révolution!

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On April 14, Venus—the planet of values—cruises into Taurus, followed by Mercury (the planet of communication, and your planetary ruler) and the Sun (the celestial body that represents identity), both on April 19. This solar motion into a new zodiac sign marks the beginning of Taurus season, and for the next few weeks, the Sun will be activating the area of your chart associated with dreams, intuition, and reflection. Does this sound a little…ethereal? It most certainly is, Gemini darling!

With your birthday season right around the corner, the planets are preparing to begin a brand new cycle—but first, they’re encouraging you to reflect on your journey. What’s working? What isn’t working? What changes do you need to make in order to actualize your fullest potential? Don’t be surprised if you receive tons of important messages while you snooze, so don’t be afraid to carve out plenty of nap time mid-month. After all, being a full-time magical creature is hard work—rest and relaxation is definitely well-deserved!

Finally, the month concludes with a Full Moon in Scorpio on April 26, and after ten days of non-stop sleepytime, this electric lunation will offer a burst of inspiration and, yes, energy. The Moon will be working overtime…and so will you! During this magical Full Moon, you’ll quickly discover that you have everything it takes to transform your dreams into reality. There’s no reason to sit around and wait for someone to recognize your potential—you know your worth, Gemini darling! Don’t be surprised if this lunation sparks your entrepreneurial spirit and you end up burning the midnight oil working on an exciting new side hustle. Will this passion turn into your profession? Beneath his enchanted moonlight, anything’s possible. Go ahead and give it your all!

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