Your Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for May

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You’re an outlaw, baby. Or, at least, you like to act that way. As the last fire sign of the zodiac, you’re fueled by curiosities, wanderlust, and passion, which means you’re always on the run. But what about…your dirty laundry? Or those dishes piling up in your sink? Or that electricity bill that’s starting to collect interest? I’m sorry to say, Sagittarius, but these mundane duties are also your responsibility, so even when you’re cruising at 35,000 feet (proverbially speaking, of course), you still need to make sure you’re tending to your tasks at hand. The New Moon Taurus on May 11 illuminates the area of your chart connected to structures, routines, and schedules, so this is an excellent time to ensure that nothing has slipped through the cracks. Make a to-do list, get yourself organized, and then you can continue to explore.

Interestingly, Jupiter (your planetary ruler) will actually encourage you to spend a bit more time at home over the next few weeks. Jupiter—the planet of expansion—will be shifting into Pisces on May 13, a monumental celestial happening that hasn’t occurred since 2010. When Jupiter is in your own sign (as it was throughout most of 2019), you’re encouraged to expand your physical horizons. In Pisces, however, the energy shifts: Jupiter’s glide through this domain will inspire you to stretch on your physic landscape, inviting you to spend more time looking inward. You’ll want to make sure your foundation is solid: Whether you’re investing (Wall art! Throw pillows! Ergonomic furniture!) or addressing some tension that’s been brewing on the home front, this is an excellent time to ensure that your roots are firmly planted. Note that Jupiter’s journey through Pisces will be punctuated with a movement back into Aquarius on July 28, so anything you start now will set the tone for 2022. Now that’s what I call planning in advance!

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Next, on May 20, the Sun slips into Gemini—your opposite zodiac sign. With the radiant start now activating your partnership domain, you’re suddenly thinking in sets of two…no, I’m not talking about salt and pepper shakers. I’m talking about relationships, Sagittarius! Usually, you’re more of a solo traveler, but don’t be surprised if movement through Gemini’s tempts you to track down a co-pilot. It feels… exciting? Don’t resist this sensation, Sagittarius! You’re constantly evolving, Sag love, so of course your interpersonal dynamics are shifting, as well. This is a terrific time to commit, so don’t be afraid to explore what the concept of “union” means to you!

In fact, this very theme becomes the primary topic in the powerful Full Moon Eclipse that electrifies the sky on May 26. Eclipses are always a big deal…but this one is especially potent because (*ahem*) it occurs in your own sign! This eclipse is linked to the series that started last June, so think back to how your life has evolved since that time, particularly as it relates to the concept of “me versus we.” Have you discovered newfound independence? Or, perhaps you’ve begun to adopt a more dual-minded approach. You may not have all the answers just yet, and that’s to be expected: There are still two more eclipses in this series (on June 10 and December 4, respectively), so there’s still plenty of time to figure out the bigger purpose…because, let’s be honest Sag darling, that’s what it’s all about for you. You’re on a quest for knowledge and we love to see it!

Oh, there is just one more teeny tiny thing you may want to note: On May 29, Mercury—the planet of communication—goes backwards. Yes, my love, Mercury Retrograde is back…and it’s just as annoying as ever. It gives me no pleasure to share that frustrating misunderstandings, technological meltdowns, and all sorts of social faux paus will be ubiquitous through mid-June. But if anyone can handle three-weeks of chaos, it’s definitely you! Honestly, Sag, you are amazing at going with the flow and staying agile, so as long as you keep your knees bent and focus on your center of gravity, you should be able to ride the waves! At the end of the day, Mercury isn’t actually going backwards; it’s just an optical illusion. It’s important to remember that, even if things get a bit dicey, your life isn’t actually going to shit—it’s just keeping perspective!

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