You’ve been using OXO cubes wrong – blogger’s flattening hack makes life easier

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What’s the best way to open an Oxo cube?

If you spend ages peeling the packaging and waiting for the stock to dissolve in boiling water, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Blogger Louise Pentland recently shared a cooking hack that makes the process a lot easier.

If you crush the packet with your hand and release the flaps at the side, you can pour the crumbled cube straight into your dish.

As you’ve crushed it into powder, it should dissolve more quickly too.

On her Instagram stories, Louise asked her 2.5 million followers: “Did you know Oxo cubes do this? Squish into little sachets for easier crumbling/pouring? Cooking tips with Lou.”

Louise’s tip went down a storm with her followers – who thought it was game-changing.

One commenter replied: “Shut the front door! No way?!?!

“Omg how did I not know that?! I always wondered why the wrapper is folded in such a weird way.

“Wow, that’s blown my tiny mind. Thank you for sharing!”

So will you be trying the cooking hack next time you make stock? Let us know in the comments section below.

The easiest way to use an Oxo stock cube

1. Pull out the tabs

2. Flatten the Oxo cube – you can do this using the palm of your hand or the side of a knife if you wish

3. If there are any lumps left, crush the packet further

4. Tear one of the edges off to open to packet

5. Pour into your pan and watch as the crushed cube dissolves a lot quicker

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