Zodiac sign dates: Why you might have got your star sign WRONG

Leap Years: Why they exist and the future without them

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The star sign dates aren’t set in stone, they change every now and then. That’s why in rare circumstances two people born on the same date in different years might have different star signs. Express.co.uk chatted to astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) to find out why the star sign dates change, and why you might actually be a different sign than you’ve always believed.

The star sign seasons don’t stay the same for eternity, even though they are roughly the same every year.

This is inconvenient, but the star sign dates don’t move just to make astrology more difficult.

Unfortunately, this means you might have been reading the wrong horoscope for all these years.

The reason behind the changes is down to physics and a little bit of maths, but it’s easy to understand when explained by an astrologer.

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Every four years we add an extra day to the year to synchronise the calendars we created with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and the seasons.

The Earth’s orbit around the Sun takes around 365.25 days, and the extra 0.25 equates to an extra day every four years – hence the leap year.

The zodiac seasons aren’t determined by our calendar, they’re determined by where the Sun is at your time of birth, and the leap year takes it into account as well.

Francesca said: “The sky is a circle of 360 degrees, but there are 365 days in a year so we have a leap year to allow for that.”

The first sign in the zodiac is Aries. Aries season always starts on the first day of Spring in a year… but this changes if there’s a leap year.

Francesca explained: “When the star signs are calculated we do the first day of Aries on Spring Equinox which is March 20 or March 21.”

The equinox occurs about six hours later every four years to account for the leap year, which is why the date changes every four years.

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Aries season started on March 20 in 2020 because of the leap year, but this year it started on March 21.

Someone born on March 20 might be an Aries, but they could also be a Pisces – it all depends on the astrology for their year of birth.

Your Sun sign is determined by where the Sun was (which constellation it was in) at your time of birth rather than the date you were born.

This is because the Sun sometimes enters a constellation on a different date… so you could be a Capricorn instead of an Aquarius!

You may have heard people say they’re born ‘on the cusp’ of two signs, but this simply cannot be true.

There is no such thing as the cusp because the Sun is either in one zodiac sign or another.

The sun cannot straddle Leo and Virgo at the same time, it is impossible.

If the idea of changing zodiac season dates has panicked you, don’t worry!

You can check your date of birth on the year you were born on the ephemeris to find out if you’re REALLY the sign you think you are.

The ephemeris is a table or data file that lets you know the calculated positions of celestial objects in the sky over time.

Find the chart online for your year of birth and get scrolling to find out the truth!

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