Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ takes aim at Dominic Cummings in Barnard Castle jibe

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Chris Evans, 53, couldn’t help but get in on the numerous jokes doing their rounds after the revelation Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s senior adviser allegedly broke lockdown rules. Dominic Cummings has been the subject of public scrutiny ever since news broke that he drove over 200 miles from London to Durham, and it’s safe to say his actions have left the nation divided on whether he was right to do so or not during the coronavirus lockdown.

Is there a Specsavers at Barnard Castle?

Chris Evans

Mr Cummings is currently under investigation by Durham police over his actions after he and his wife made the long trip up north when they fell ill with suspected COVID-19, despite the stark rules to stay at home.

He said he did so under the pretence that his son would need caring for if he and his wife became too ill to do so, and that’s why they headed nearer to family.

Days later, once they were feeling better, he was then seen visiting Barnard Castle, about 25 miles from his parents’ home in Durham, with both his wife and child.

He explained his reason behind this was to “test his vision” was fine before making the long drive back to the capital, as he said he’d been having problems with his sight.


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In a recent statement this week, the advisor insisted he did not break the law, saying: “I believe that in all the circumstances I behaved reasonably and legally, balancing the safety of my family and the extreme situation in Number 10.”

He continued to say “I don’t regret what I did” and added that “the rules make clear that if you are dealing with small children that can be exceptional circumstances and the situation I was in was exceptional circumstances”.

As this debacle remains one of the top stories in the mainstream media, many have shared their thoughts on his actions.

And the jokes have begun to roll in, all centred around his “bizarre” excuse for visiting Barnard Castle while everyone else remained at home.

Tuesday saw Top Gear host Paddy McGuinness change up the catchy lyrics to Tony Christie’s smash hit Is This The Way To Amarillo, with a rendition that centred around Cummings’ trip to “test his vision”.

But Chris pointed out that Specsavers has remained open throughout the lockdown period for key-workers, should they need their eyes tested.

The radio DJ read out a message from a listener who worked in an opticians: “Paul – dispensing optician – I work in Specsavers in Camberley, all of our stores nationwide have been open for care all the way through lockdown supporting key-workers, we could have looked after Mr Cummings as he is a key-worker.”

Chris’ co-star Vassos Alexander began to laugh as Chris joked: “Is there a Specsavers at Barnard Castle?”

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Mr Cummings reasoning behind the trip has angered many across the UK as not only did the lockdown rules state we couldn’t drive long distances, but it is also very dangerous to drive with impaired vision.

Chris started to google the iconic Durham landmark and saw that most of the reviews included a slant to the advisor.

During the same time period, Chris had told listeners that he was missing out on helping his grandson on his Just Giving initiative, due to the ban on driving long journey’s to see loved ones.

“What I’m not allowed to do is drive 200 miles to go and see my daughter and run one mile with my grandson Teddy, on his Just Giving challenge,” the ex BBC presenter huffed back in April.


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“That’s not allowed even though that would be lovely for them and for me and for charity. But that’s not allowed,” he repeated.

Chris’ comment was highlighting that even though people have important events going on that they don’t want to miss, it isn’t OK to disobey government advice and go about life in a normal way.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky airs weekdays at 6.30am on Virgin Radio.

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Ozark theories: Agent Maya SAVED the Byrdes in season 3 final scene – here’s how

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Following her introduction in season three of the Netflix series, Agent Maya Miller (played by Jessica Francis Dukes) proved to be a persistent thorn in the side of Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman). Maya was well aware of Marty’s money-laundering operation on behalf of the Navarro Cartel but knew she would need plenty of evidence to build the case – hence why she set up shop in Marty and Wendy’s (Laura Linney) casino. However, as the Byrdes appeared to be heading on a downward spiral with cartel honcho Omar (Felix Solis), a new Ozark fan theory suggests she could’ve been the one to save them.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Ozark season 3.

Over the course of the series, Maya and Marty had grown rather close, despite their clear differences when it came to their intentions.

Maya was determined to expose Marty’s involvement with the Navarro Cartel and even offered him a lifeline with the possibility of a career with the FBI when he’d served time.

Marty, on the other hand, was convinced he could ‘flip’ Maya and have her work for him while also operating as an agent for the FBI.

Neither plans came to fruition in season three as Marty faced his fair share of deadly challenges elsewhere, something Maya heavily suspected.


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So much so, that in the final moments of the season three finale, it looked like Marty was heading to certain death.

Marty and Wendy were summoned to Omar’s home in Mexico alongside wicked lawyer Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer).

Unbeknownst to the Byrdes, Helen had been working behind their back to scam them out of the operation and effectively render them useless to Omar.

Helen had even forged a false confession under Marty’s name to give up the entire operation to the FBI.

Helen’s plan and air of smugness soon faded away when they all arrived in Mexico, however, as hitman Nelson (Nelson Bonilla) shot and killed the lawyer, sparing the Byrdes.

The moment is one that took the Byrdes and Ozark fans by shock but one eagle-eyed viewer has theorised the murder could have been because of a Maya intervention – here’s how.

Moments before the Byrdes board the plane to Mexico, Maya calls Marty to ask where he is.

When he reveals he’s boarding a plane, Maya urges him not to board it if it’s heading to Mexico and, seemingly, to certain death.

Marty ignored her pleas and got onboard the plane and it’s led to one fan predicting Maya then reached out to Omar directly.

On Reddit, user EdoubleYT explains: “I’ve been debating with friends on how Navarro abruptly executes Helen. Did he know the signed confession warrant was fake through his own observation or was he tipped off?

“A) Navarro realizes that the Byrde’s would never sign a confession with the FBI then willingly hop on a jet to Mexico, thus see through Helen’s ruse and has her killed.

“B) Plan was to execute the Byrde’s when they got off the jet. However, Maya tips off Navarro Cartel that the signed confession is fake.”

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They conclude: “Also providing the notion that Marty had willingly provided incriminating evidence to have the Lagunas Cartel dealt with by the army.”

If theory ‘B’ were to be the correct one, it would certainly prove why Omar decided to kill Helen instead of the Byrdes.

After all, Maya is desperate to keep Marty alive, could she have pulled some strings to warn Omar off and point the blame at Helen?

Ozark is available to stream on Netflix now.

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Simon Gregson: Corrie star speaks out after uproar ‘Maybe it’s time to step away’

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Boris Johnson’s senior advisor Dominic Cummings, 48, has sparked outrage for taking two trips; one to his parents house in Durham and another to “test his eyesight” after developing coronavirus symptoms. Coronation Street star Simon Gregson, 45, took to Twitter offering support to Dominic in a foul-mouthed rant.

The soap star has since admitted he has “no idea” what he’d been talking about earlier this week.

Simon insisted his tweets come from a “good place”, however, and stands by what he said.

The Coronation Street actor has since explained that he will be taking a break from social media following the outrage.

In view of his 247,000 Twitter followers, Simon penned: “Well sober me has no idea what drunk me was going on about. Time to maybe step away from the phone.”


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However, the Steve McDonald actor admitted he still stands by his original opinion.

In response to a follower, the soap star posted: “My language was the regret not my thoughts. But a huge social platform isn’t the place for them.

“I just emphasise with a person who puts kids first regardless. I’m probably wrong not having all the facts.

“Apart from the choice of language it was from a good place.”

Simon faced backlash on Monday when he defended the chief adviser over accusations Dominic broke lockdown rules by making a 260-mile trip to Durham with his family.

He wrote: “This discussion gives me the s**ts. Family first ALWAYS. Regardless.

“People have crawled through s**t, gun fire, climbing over dead friends to be with. Put your b******t away d**ked’s, coz you’d do the same.

“Plus back off press – 2 mtrs k**b sucks.”(sic)

The latter part of the actor’s tweet was referring to press and reporters, who have been seen outside Dominic’s home during the uproar.

Many social media users flocked to his page to hit back at his original tweets, which have since been removed from his official Twitter page.

One person fumed: “You are as thick in real life as you are on the telly!!”(sic)

A second commented: “This is so insulting to anyone who lost family to COVID. To people who have missed funerals to all those NHS staff you clap for. Get a grip honestly.”

Simon later toned down his views after receiving comments from his fans.

He wrote: “Ok I take it back to understand that we could always do that. So I hold my hands up and say. BD choice of words. But. Wouldn’t you? Fine line people. Let’s not be told but imagine.”(sic)

Dominic defended his actions from Downing Street this week as he admitted he did drive to the market town of Barnard Castle on Sunday April 12 to “test his eyesight” after developing coronavirus symptoms.

He added that he made the journey to his parents’ home because of fears over childcare for his young son when his wife Mary also developed coronavirus symptoms.

Many outraged citizens have since called for Dominic to either be sacked or to officially resign.

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Chris Evans: ‘Please don’t tell Tash’ Virgin Radio DJ pleads with listeners over new move

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Chris Evans, 53, has had a busy couple of months with all his charity work in aid of the NHS amid the coronavirus pandemic. But he admitted the sleepless nights were all worth it for the joy of raising money for a great cause that’s helping so many people across the nation.

I may have to bid for it back!

Chris Evans

The UK health service is currently under a lot of pressure due to the relentless COVID-19, but Chris, fellow celebrities and members of the public alike are playing their part in trying to make this awful situation a little bit easier.

The former BBC radio DJ has been running numerous auctions for various charities and his latest silent auction saw pals including Holly Willoughby offer one lucky bidder a lunch date with herself and Matt Baker contributed his first piece of art work.

Other items up for action included Sir Rod Stewart’s Cartier watch, Will Smith’s golf clubs, a guitar from Taylor Swift, Ant & Dec NTA Awards, Sharleen Spiteri’s Texas Flight Case, and many, many more.

The initiative ended on May 8 and aimed to raise £1million, but it soared past that goal and racked up a whopping £1.2million in total.


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Before that, he held a garage sale selling the entirety of his own garage, which raised over £500,000.

It seems he has the flare for auctions and raising money for generous causes so it was on to the next one for our Chris!

On Thursday last week, the host discussed another garage sale he was running, that now appears to have ended.

Among items were a “posh car’s tool belt” and a Fozzie Bear cookie jar.

But it seems he had some regrets about putting up the biscuit tin in the first place.

“It’s currently at £125, lovely patina on his hat – patina equals posh word for a little bit damaged, they use this word in the car world all the time.

“I don’t know why we’re getting rid of this by the way. I love it,” he confessed.

“I may have to bid for it back!”

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He soon realised his actions may have consequences, so he added: “Please don’t tell Tash!”

But the cookie jar hasn’t been the only thing Chris has been sad to see go.

During his first garage auction, he and Natasha had put up their large Roche Bobois sofa because it was too big for their living room.

And while it was for a good cause, Chris seemed regretful.


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“We now have bids for the big Roche Bobois corner sofa,” he told his listeners at the time, sounding sorrowful.

“It is the only material regret because we don’t have room for this in our new living room, it’s just the best sofa ever!”

The sofa designer is a French retailer of top-end furniture collections, sofas, and accessories, with used items sometimes going for over a whopping £13,000.

No wonder the former BBC radio host was disappointed to see it go!

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show continues weekdays at 6.30am on Virgin Radio.

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Stacey Solomon: ITV star admits ‘confidence crisis’ fears after teasing exciting new move

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Stacey Solomon, 30, has become something of an internet sensation recently and not just because of her ITV fame. The former X Factor songstress has found therapy in cleaning and tidying her home, taking a leaf out of her pal Mrs Hinch’s book of cleaning.

I’ve even written down so many ideas and stuff that I would want to put into book but I’d have a confidence crisis

Stacey Solomon

And fans love it!

Already popular on social media for her quirky personality, Stacey has dropped a huge hint that she could be adding yet another book to her collection, after revealing on her Instagram story that she would “love to” detail all her top tips in one place.

But she confessed the new project could bring on a wave of confidence issues.

Speaking to fans via the social media platform, she answered one viewer’s question about a potential book deal.


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They asked: “Would you ever do a book on organisation/craft/general tidiness?”

“So many of you are asking me this and I’d absolutely love to!” the star exclaimed.

“I’ve even written down so many ideas and stuff that I would want to put into book but I’d have a confidence crisis thinking, ‘Nobody needs these ideas they’re rubbish, who do you think you are!'” she confessed.

But with 3.3million followers and counting on the photo app and fans all over the world adopting her cleaning style as the “tap to tidy” trend takes off, a book might be in the pipe-line.

The Loose Women star already has four published books that were all a huge hit.

Last year, she released Happily Imperfect: Living Life Your Own Way, an autobiography about her journey and how she has stayed positive along the way despite the pressure to look perfect in the public eye.

But a new book wasn’t the only thing she pondered upon during her daily chat with fans.

She also revealed she want to have another baby with her boyfriend, Joe Swash.

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The pair recently welcomed young Rex to their growing family, and it seems they could be in talks about adding another little one to the clan.

Talking to her followers, she was asked if she will have any more children after welcoming her youngest in 2019.

As she brought the tot into the video, she chuckled: “Someone woke up for the most asked question!”

“If they were all like him then yes I would have 1000%.”


  • Stacey Solomon breaks social media silence to share heartbreaking news

Stacey continued: “I don’t know, you never know what will happen in the future. But yes, maybe.”

In the footage, she penned: “100% the most asked question and this will have to be the last for now because he’s awake.

“Yes we would love to but what will be will be.. love you all so much.”

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Ruth Langsford: This Morning host blasts ‘hairy-armed’ man after lockdown confrontation

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This Morning favourite Ruth Langsford, 60, has spoken out after confronting a fellow shopper after he flouted the enforced two-metre distance rule during the coronavirus pandemic. The presenter addressed the situation on the ITV show alongside her husband Eamonn Holmes, 60, and revealed a “hairy-armed” man leant over her to grab potatoes at the supermarket.

While telling viewers about the difficulties of keeping others at a distance as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, Ruth recalled: “I was in the supermarket the other day with my gloves and my mask on picking potatoes and then suddenly this big hairy arm came across.

“Literally a man leaned over me and I just said ‘excuse me’.

“But he looked at me like he didn’t know what I was talking about.”

“Then I stopped because I didn’t want to cause a scene,” the television personality admitted.

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Ruth went on to say she found it “very hard” to deal with the issue at the time.

She continued: “How do you say, ‘excuse me but can you please move away and observe social distancing’? It’s very hard.”

The UK Government has instructed the public to follow social distancing guidelines by keeping more than two metres apart from anyone they don’t live with to stay safe during the pandemic.

Ruth’s comments come after her other half Eamonn addressed their different interviewing techniques.

During their on-screen appearances, the Irishman is known for interrupting his spouse and making cheeky remarks.

Speaking to Suzi Perry during an Instagram Live last week, the father-of-four clarified something about Ruth.

“Despite what people say, Ruth is never a victim, never a pushover – never anything,” Eamonn stated.

Adding: “She is a strong individual and we have a good healthy relationship.”

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Eamonn admitted the pair do not agree on “anything”, suggesting this is one of the reasons their partnership works both on and off-screen.

He continued: “It’s not that we agree on everything. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t agree on anything that I say – I say black, she says white.

“She makes a point of deliberately disagreeing with me, which is very annoying.”

Fortunately, the presenter said their “love and respect” for each other is what matters, before branding her a “goody-two-shoes”.


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He said: “Relationships, as we all know, are complex, and they are quirky at times. Whatever it is, it works.

“At the end of the day, we love each other, we respect each other.”

Describing the Loose Women presenter, Eamonn went on: “Ruth is the goody-two-shoes, she will do exactly what you were told, like in school. I call her the lovely Ruth, she is very nice to people, very professional.

“She just draws the line with me… it is what it is. We do things differently. Thankfully, a lot of people seem to like it, a lot of people also don’t get it.”

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Alyssa Milano Slams Trolls Who Critiqued Her Crochet Mask with Built-in Filter: 'It's Totally Safe'

Alyssa Milano isn't filtering her disdain for social media trolls who jump to conclusions.

On Saturday, the Insatiable actress, 47, posted a selfie riding in a car along with her husband David Bugliari and their two kids — son Milo Thomas, 8½, and daughter Elizabella Dylan, 5½ — asking her Twitter followers to proudly don their masks.

"Show me your masks! Masks keep people safe and healthy. Show me yours! Ready? Go! #WearAMask," she wrote.

But it wasn't her kids' playfully designed face coverings or her husband's medical mask that drew attention online — it was Milano's off-white crocheted choice that sent commenters buzzing.

Some trolls were quick to point out that the crochet design wouldn't stop sneeze or cough particles from spreading through its holes. Milano explained, however, that there is a carbon filter sewn in to make it effective in slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

"Mask has a filter in it for f—’s sake. A carbon one. My mom makes them. 🙄 #WearAMask," she wrote to one account that called the actress "stupid."

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Milano — who also explained that the family was on the way to "get the kids tested for antibodies" — tweeted, "Assh—s, mask has a carbon filter in it. So, yes, it might be crochet but totally safe."

The actress seemed at a loss with the faux controversy, writing: "I don’t even know what to say anymore. Twitter is a dumpster fire," later adding in a tweet that the criticism "really is weird."

Amid the ongoing pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people should wear cloth face coverings when in public and maintaining social distancing measures.

"Cloth face coverings fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials at low cost can be used as an additional, voluntary public health measure," reads CDC guidelines on face coverings.

The experts added that children under 2 and anyone who has issues breathing or is unconscious and unable to remove a mask on their own should not wear face coverings.

As information about the coronavirus pandemic rapidly changes, PEOPLE is committed to providing the most recent data in our coverage. Some of the information in this story may have changed after publication. For the latest on COVID-19, readers are encouraged to use online resources from CDC, WHO, and local public health departments. PEOPLE has partnered with GoFundMe to raise money for the COVID-19 Relief Fund, a fundraiser to support everything from frontline responders to families in need, as well as organizations helping communities. For more information or to donate, click here.

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Martin Roberts: Homes Under The Hammer star says BBC show relies on people being ‘honest’

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Homes Under The Hammer host Martin Roberts, 56, has discussed what the hit property show relies on to be successful with its viewers. The BBC favourite hosted a special Q&A for his fans to ask him their burning questions about the housing programme.

I dare say it happens.

Martin Roberts

This comes after Martin reached out on social media to ask his followers if they had any questions about Homes Under The Hammer.

The star asked his 24,000 Twitter followers on Monday: “It’s #AskMartinMonday!

“Reply with your Homes Under The Hammer and property questions (or feel free to say hi!) and I’ll respond later today!”

Soon after the BBC host asked his fans, one rushed to ask Martin: “Do you ever go back to a property and when they say they have come in under budget you think its a bit of a white lie so they don’t look a bit silly on national TV for spending £40k on a kitchen in a house worth £60k!?”


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The property expert replied with: “I dare say it happens, but we don’t audit their finances, so need to rely on people being honest!”

The fan proceeded to follow up his answer by writing back: “Ah yep I can’t imagine you’d ask for paperwork – thanks for the reply!”

Another fan also asked the presenter: “Do you get ‘property envy’ when you see the finished results?” while one wanted to know more about the song choices they use for their episodes.

They asked: “Hey Martin! Massive HUTH fan here.

“So here’s my question – do you ever get to suggest the songs that are used on the programme or are they already chosen before you film/record your voiceover?”

After Martin saw the viewer’s question, he admitted: “No, I definitely help!

“But they have all been chosen by the time I do my voiceover!”

Martin and former co-host Lucy Alexander first presented the show in 2003, however, Lucy departed the show after 13 years in 2016.

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Meanwhile, the DIY expert recently addressed how he has been there for Lucy after she confirmed her mum Kay Alexander sadly died from cancer in February.

Before her mum passed away, Martin exclusively told how he had been trying to “support her”.

The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star explained: “I know she’s going through some tough times at the moment because her mum’s really poorly and I’m trying to support her through that really.

“She’s definitely suffering a bit with her mum going through that.”


  • Phillip Schofield: How TV star was at centre of BBC love affair rumour

The presenter shared the news with her 35,000 followers on Instagram at the time: “My mum sadly passed away last night.

“She battled cancer to the end. I’ve lost my mate – she was my everything.”

She concluded: “RIP Mum. I’m waiting for your signs.”

Homes Under The Hammer airs today at 10:45am on BBC One.

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Sean Fletcher wife: How Sean and wife Luned hid son’s condition – ‘Made excuses’

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Sean Fletcher is best known as the sports presenter on Good Morning Britain but made his Countryfile in debut as a reporter in 2016. Tonight Sean will head to Hampton Court to see how the team there are upkeeping the grounds as well as how they will prepare for the summer ahead.

Sean began his journalistic career with the BBC in Cardiff.

He later moved to London to work on BBC Radio Five Live.

Sean stayed with the BBC as a sports presenter until 2011 where he moved on to work on Sky Sports.

Sean and Welsh wife Luned Tonderai got married in 1999.

Countryfile sparks debate as fans divided over working animals episode


  • Sean Fletcher: Countryfile star feared being ‘judged’ over son’s OCD

Sean is reported to have pledged on their wedding day he would learn to speak Welsh and is now fluent.

Sean shared on Twitter this week that Luned will make a cameo on Countryfile alongside him on Sunday’s episode.

Sean tweeted: I’ve been married to @lunedtonderai for 21 years and we’ve know each other for 26 years.

“But we’d never worked together, until last week when we filmed for
@BBCCountryfile @#hamptoncourt with @OpCentaur.

“She even makes a cameo appearance – you can watch it 7.15pm Sunday @BBCOne.”

The couple went on to have two children together, daughter Lili and son Reuben and live in London together.

Their son Reuben was diagnosed with severe OCD in 2015; however, Sean and Luned chose to keep his diagnosis private for many years.

In 2017 Sean admitted to Wales Online that the couple chose to keep the diagnosis private out of fear of peoples reactions amid the stigma of mental health.

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Sean Fletcher: Countryfile star feared being ‘judged’ over son’s OCD
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  • ITV Good Morning Britain: Piers Morgan branded an ‘ANIMAL’ by co-star

Sean told the publication: “Initially we hid it and made excuses but as soon as we started talking to people about it was like a burden had been lifted.

“Luned and I were worried that we would be judged as parents – did we work too much? There is all this stigma for parents, too.

“The parental stigma has been one of the main issues for us, and something I haven’t heard much about.

“The worry that if we talked about Reuben’s OCD, we’d be judged, he’d be judged.

“In fact, what we found when we started telling people, was a release.”

Sean added when the pair revealed Reuben’s diagnosis, they felt relieved.

Sean went on to say: “It was like a weight had been lifted from our shoulders.

“And many parents have been in touch sharing their experiences and concerns.

“The stigma stops you speaking out, and until you break the stigma, you never find out that so many other people are going through similar things.”

In 2018 Sean spoke to the Telegraph and said Reuben has since received cognitive behavioural therapy which has helped him cope with his condition.

Sean told the publication: “While Reuben will always have OCD, his struggles have subsided.”

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Power: Showrunner confirms season 6 newcomer to return in spin-offs ‘Definitely’

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James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick (played by Omari Hardwick) may have been the focal point of Power for six seasons on Starz before his death but it doesn’t mean the story will not live on. Showrunner Courtney Kemp confirmed after the divisive Power finale that the universe will continue in the form of four spin-off shows with several familiar faces returning.

Power Book II: Ghost will centre around Ghost’s son and his murderer Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr) as he deals with the guilt of killing his own father.

Book III: Raising Kanan will act as a sequel, giving fans an insight into the younger years of terrifying drug dealer Kanan (50 Cent).

Book IV: Influence focuses on disgraced politician Rashad Tate (Larenz Tate) while the final series, Book V: Force, sees Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) continue life without his best friend.

While the lead characters for each series have been confirmed, speculation surrounding secondary faces has been rife, with fans wondering if they’ll be able to see their favourite Power characters back on screens.


  • Power showrunner speaks out on Ghost’s return to Starz series

Luckily, showrunner Courtney Kemp has added come comfort for fans as she hinted at returns for a number of characters on Instagram in recent weeks.

Kemp has hinted there could be a surprise return for LaKeisha (La La Anthony), admitting she’d “love” to work with the actor again.

Ramona (Cynthia Addai Robinson) could also be back as Kemp confessed she “has plans for her.”

And now it looks like a season six debutant could also be returning in the spin-offs after Courtney addressed rumours surrounding Tate’s family.

Speaking on an Instagram live Q&A last month, one fan wanted to know if Kamaal Tate (Lahmard J Tate) would be back.

He only appeared in one episode of Power season six but proved to be a hugely popular character thanks to his no-nonsense attitude towards his brother.

Courtney read aloud on Instagram: “Will Tate’s brother play a bigger role in Power?

“I hope so, I hope so, I would like that very much.”

She added: “To continue to work with Lahmard, I think he’s very talented, so yeah, definitely.”

With Rashad Tate leading Power Book IV, there’s a very good chance, therefore, his brother will reappear too.

Lahmard made a name for himself prior to Power on a number of the USA’s biggest shows and blockbusters.

Shortly after the turn of the century, Lahmard landed a recurring role in series Moesha.

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He then went on to star in big-screen movies Rocky Balboa, Barbershop and Civilian Life.

The Power star currently plays Flip Williams in The CW series All American.

Fans will have to wait for Book IV to premiere to see for sure if the Tate brothers will reunite.

Power seasons 1-6 are available to stream on Netflix UK now.

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