Beatles best album poll: Here is the BEST Beatles album – and it’s not what you think readers are thoroughly discerning and have made their decision on which is the best Beatles album. Various magazines have ranked the Beatles albums in the past, and there is often a fight among the top three. However, the winner of our poll is quite surprising, leaving one of these three completely out of the running.

According to readers, Revolver is the best Beatles album.

The album received 18 percent of the votes, and truly split fans as they threw their weight behind different albums.

This is quite a surprise, given this album was not the favourite of any Beatles members, most famously John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

In a 1971 interview with Rolling Stone, Lennon said one of his favourite albums was The White Album, and gave a pretty harsh reason as to why.

He said: “[Paul] wanted it [The White Album] to be more a group thing, which really means more Paul. So he never liked that album.

“I always preferred it to all the other albums, including Pepper, because I thought the music was better.

“The Pepper myth is bigger, but the music on the White Album is far superior, I think.”

Lennon’s favourite, The Beatles, known as the White Album, only just made the top four, being beaten by Ringo Starr’s favourite, Abbey Road.

Abbey Road gained 16 percent of the vote, and the third place spot went to Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, with 15 percent of the vote.

Generally speaking, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is considered one of the greatest albums of all time.

This album was in fact Sir Paul’s favourite album, as he told Bob Costas in a 1991 interview: “It wasn’t entirely my idea but to get us away from being ‘The Beatles’ I had this idea that we should pretend we’re this other group.”

Sir Paul did, however, say this was one of his favourites, with each album representing a different moment in their lives.


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Sadly for Sir Paul, this album only made the top five, coming third with 15 percent of the vote, and it beat Lennon’s favourite White Album, which gained 13 percent of the vote and came fourth.

George Harrison’s favourite, Rubber Soul, won the fifth place with just shy of 12 percent, and Harrison spoke out regularly about this album being his favourite.

In 1990 Harrison said: “Rubber Soul was my favourite album, even at that time. I think that it was the best one we made.”

“The most important thing about it was that we were suddenly hearing sounds we weren’t able to hear before.


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“Also, we were being more influenced by other people’s music and everything was blossoming at that time — including us.”

After these favourites, the albums came in this order:

A Hard Day’s Night – 9 percent

Please Please Me – 5 percent

Help! – 4 percent

Magical Mystery Tour/With the Beatles – 2 percent

Let It Be – 2 percent

Beatles For Sale – 1 percent

Yellow Submarine – 1 percent

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Money Heist season 5 theories: Alicia Sierra revealed as Tatiana’s sister – Here’s how

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The fourth season of Money Heist gave viewers a chance to learn more about The Professor (played by Alvaro Morte) and his relationship with his brother Berlin (Pedro Alonso). The latter was revealed to have been living in a monastery in Italy as he lived with a terminal illness and was hoping to marry Tatiana (Diana Gómez), a concert pianist he had fallen for. The Professor wasn’t convinced by the marriage despite Berlin’s protests. It came after viewers were introduced to Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) in the third series as she led the police operation to stop the robbers from stealing from the Bank of Spain. Are the two related?

Fans have been busy speculating about the importance of Berlin’s marriage to Tatiana.

For some time, viewers of La Casa De Papel believed Tatiana was actually Alicia and was taking revenge on The Professor by disrupting the robbery.

However many fans squashed that theory very quickly insisting it didn’t make sense as Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) knew Alicia before the heist.

Now a new theory has popped up with viewers believing Alicia and Tatiana are sisters working together to take down The Professor.


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Reddit user varshneymehul theorised: “I believe that Tatiana and Alicia were sisters and Tatiana and Alicia knew about Sergio, that’s why she was singing Bella Ciao at the end.

“Also, maybe she had some grudges because Tatiana had died because of Berlin (Andres de Follonosa) and Professor (Sergio). Overall, it will be good.

“There has been already a lot of speculation of some connection between Tatiana and Alecia and maybe this might be the way that writers might go.

“There is obviously some history between Professor’s family.”

They concluded: “Who knows, it can be their sister as well. Their mother was involved in an affair.”

Fans haven’t seen Tatiana since her wedding to Berlin in a season four throwback so it’s likely after his death, she left the monastery and looked to her sister for solace.

Alicia is one to hold a grudge so it’s likely she could have persuaded Tatiana to tell her about The Professor so they could plot revenge – especially if they blame him for Berlin’s death in the first heist.

Once Alicia realised The Professor had returned to try and rescue Rio (Miguel Herrán) after he was captured by police just off the coast of Panama, she could have contacted Tatiana.

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Tatiana knew The Professor, Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna), Marseille (Luka Peroš) and Bogota (Hovik Keuchkerian) from her wedding to Berlin.

All four of the men are involved in the heist on the Bank of Spain in some way so she can provide some insight to Alicia.

However, with Alicia being sacked from her role at the end of season four, could she join Tatiana on her mission for revenge as she blames The Professor for ruining her career.

Alicia was last seen holding a gun to The Professor’s head – will she shoot him or use him to help her get her career back.


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Now she knows The Professor’s location, she may let Tatiana know so her sister can come and take revenge on Berlin’s brother herself.

Either way, it certainly looks as though The Professor is in a difficult position.

Some fans have agreed with the theory with one replying: “100% agree with this theory!”

However another claimed it wasn’t possible, explaining: “Or there is absolutely no link between the two and the writers just threw that in as a red herring (pun intended) since there is so much symbolism with red in the show.

“They thought let’s throw in two actors with long red hair, who look similar to generate buzz and speculation about how they might be related when there is really no relation at at all.”

Money Heist seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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Tipping Point: Ben Shephard comes under fire by fans for rejecting answer ‘He was right!’

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ITV show Tipping Point sees presenter Ben Shephard guide four contestants through various rounds as they all hope to get the chance to win the jackpot in the final round. One player who failed to make it through to play for £10,000 was Brett but viewers had earlier pointed out an answer he gave in his quickfire round seemed to be correct, despite the host not allowing it. 

Ben guides a group of budding quizzers through a series of rounds, where one of the players gets the chance to pay for £10,000 in the jackpot round. 

Today, players Anita, Katie, Brett and Baz were fighting it out against each other to go all the way in the competition. 

Anita was the first to be eliminated from the show this evening after a difficult first round saw her fail to make a dent on the prize pot.

Katie struggled in round two and only managed to pick up one counter in her quickfire round, picking up no extra money with her one drop. 


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The player made a series of blunders and was soon knocked out, meaning she missed out on the head-to-head round. 

However, earlier on in the quickfire round, Ben left viewers baffled when they believed he had rejected a correct answer from player Brett. 

During his 30 seconds of questions, Brett was asked: “Referring specially to their location, MPs who sit towards are given what name?”

Brett answered “frontbench” but the host told him the answer was instead “frontbenchers” and didn’t allow him a counter in exchange. 

Brett had a tricky set of questions, only getting one right, with Ben clarifying why his answer hadn’t been accepted. 

He told the player: “Brett, just the one correct answer, I’m afraid and I couldn’t accept your frontbench answer because the full answer is frontbenchers.”

Viewers weren’t satisfied with Ben’s verdict, with one commenting on Twitter: “The individual MPs are ‘frontbenchers’ but as a whole, they are ‘the front bench’. He was right. #tippingpoint”

“#TippingPoint Front bench wrong ?? f*****g harsh,” added another. 

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A third wrote: “I would like to accept Brett’s front bench #TippingPoint.”

However, Ben appeared to be asking for the individual term, which would be frontbencher – meaning he was right to not accept the answer. 

Although he made it through to the penultimate round, Brett failed to go all the way, with his opponent Baz getting the chance to play for £10,000. 

Baz made a strong start and managed to get the jackpot counter right by the edge of the machine after just two questions. 


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He slipped-up on the next two but on his second-to-last question, he managed to bag another three counters. 

Brett successfully got the jackpot counter out after just seven counters, which the host noted was “close to the record”. 

Ben said: “Baz, you played an unbelievable game, just a few away from our record, you did it in seven [counters], the record is five.”

As Tipping Point returns with a new batch of contestants, will any of them get lucky and take away the £10,000 prize pot?

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV. 

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Stranger Things season 4 release: Crew member shares huge filming update

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Filming on the highly anticipated fourth season of Stranger Things was set to begin this year. Unfortunately, the Netflix series has been dealt a severe blow by the continuing pandemic, with fans speculating new episodes may not be completed until 2021. A member of the show’s crew has given a rare behind-the-scenes update.

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The fourth season of Netflix’s 80s throwback is one of the most anticipated releases for the streaming service.

Season three concluded last year after the kids of Hawkins took on the Mind Flayer beneath the Starcourt Mall.

The finale episode ended on a bittersweet note as peace was once again restored, but at the cost of former town Sheriff Jim Hopper (played by David Harbour) being taken prisoner in Russia.

A teaser trailer released earlier this year confirmed Hopper’s survival, but updates on the production of Stranger Things have been sparse as television production across the States continues to be delayed by the coronavirus lockdown.


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Thankfully, a recent interview with stunt coordinator and second unit director for Stranger Things, Hiro Koda, for has provided insight for the show’s current stage of filming.

Hiro has had an impressive career in TV and movie stunts, and joined the third season of Stranger Things to lend his expertise to the more action-heavy instalment of the sci-fi epic.

During the interview, Hiro confirmed the series had completed two episodes of season four, and hinted at a darker tone for Stranger Things’ next outing.

He said: “All I can tell you is that season four is… It’s darker. It’s going to be epic. There’s lots of great surprises and all your favourite people are in it.

“It’s going to be so good. It’s so epic. I’ve gotten to read through almost eight scripts now, so it’s pretty awesome. I don’t know how many we’re going to get.”

Audiences have speculated the upcoming instalment will be Stranger Things’ last, although Hiro’s comments suggest the series will continue long into the future based on popular demand.

The stunt coordinator continued to share his opinion on how production for the series is set to continue during the current uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic.

Hiro added: “It’s really just this pandemic and trying to figure out when productions will be going back. We’re kind of spread out this year.”

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“We usually shoot just in Atlanta, but we’ve been spread out in two different places this year. So trying to figure out the scheduling of it. And then not just dealing with when production is going to actually start in Atlanta, most of the cast is from California.”

Rumours Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder and Brett Gelman have been spotted in Latvia have spurred speculation that the country in Europe will act as the Russian backdrop for the fourth season’s mission to rescue Hopper from the Soviet Labour Camp.

However, the upcoming season’s ambitious shooting schedule has made plans to restart production much more difficult when restrictions begin to be lifted.

Hiro Koda also touched on US President Donald Trump’s plans to ease lockdown restrictions in stages, and how the forthcoming arrangements could further hinder production of Stranger Things and other popular US shows.


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He continued: “Some of the phases allow companies to open up and be like 25 percent employees, and then it goes to 40% or whatever, and then it kind of increases from there. But with us, as a film production, we have to be 100 percent.

“Everybody can wear masks and gloves and whatever, but the actors can’t, they have to take the masks off. They’ve got to be in close contact.”

Although some world leaders have begun plans to gradually ease the ongoing lockdown, television production may not be able to restart until the coronavirus crisis has been completely controlled.

This means Stranger Things fans are preparing for a much longer wait than usual for the highly anticipated premiere of season four.

Stranger Things seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix.

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Ghislaine Maxwell disappearance: Where is Ghislaine Maxwell now?

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Netflix’s new documentary series Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich looks at the financier’s crimes against young women and girls. One of the figures it addresses is Epstein’s former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, who has since disappeared from public life. Here’s everything you need to know about her and where she is thought to be now.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell now?

The Netflix documentary Jeffery Epstein: Filthy Rich focuses on the case of paedophile and sexual assaulter Epstein.

Across four episodes, it tells the stories of survivors who were abused across Epstein’s homes in New York, New Mexico, Palm Beach and his private island in the Virgin Islands.

Alongside this, it also focuses on Epstein’s ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell.
In the documentary, the British socialite is named by survivors as an accomplice to Epstein who allegedly helped recruit and groom girls for sex crimes.

Epstein was arrested in 2019 before reportedly taking his own life in his prison cell. Maxwell has not been charged with any criminal offence.


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The 58-year-old is currently involved in a number of ongoing civil cases but she has not been seen in person for many months.

She disappeared from public life following a lawsuit from Virginia Giuffre in 2015, which claimed she was involved in Epstein’s abuse.

However, in 2016 she moved out of her New York townhouse and has been out of the public eye since.

According to the Guardian, Maxwell was last seen in August 2019 at In-N-Out burger in Los Angeles.

In March 2020, The Miami Herald reported she had filed a claim against Epstein’s estate.

In this, she asked for compensation for legal fees, accommodations and private security as a former employee.

The lawyers of another one of her accusers Jennifer Araoz have also revealed they were unable to locate her to serve her with a complaint.


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Araoz’s lawyer Bill Kaiser told ABC News: “We have made repeated efforts to locate Ms Maxwell, including engaging surveillance services.

“We have thus far been unable to find her for the purposes of serving her with a complaint.”

Her latest civil lawsuit comes from survivor Annie Farmer who alleges she committed sexual battery against a teenage girl.

Farmer appears in the Netflix documentary series as well where she described how she was assaulted at Epstein’s New Mexico ranch when she was 16-years-old.


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However, ABC reported in May 2020, Maxwell was given a reprieve in responding to questions while another federal criminal investigation into Epstein’s alleged co-conspirators is ongoing.

Maxwell has denied any involvement in what happened and all allegations against her.

Her attorney Laura Menninger said of the Farmer case: “She absolutely denies that she participated in this or any other sexual abuse or trafficking or assault, and no court, judge or jury has ever determined that she has.”

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich is available to stream on Netflix now.

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Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ takes aim at Dominic Cummings in Barnard Castle jibe

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Chris Evans, 53, couldn’t help but get in on the numerous jokes doing their rounds after the revelation Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s senior adviser allegedly broke lockdown rules. Dominic Cummings has been the subject of public scrutiny ever since news broke that he drove over 200 miles from London to Durham, and it’s safe to say his actions have left the nation divided on whether he was right to do so or not during the coronavirus lockdown.

Is there a Specsavers at Barnard Castle?

Chris Evans

Mr Cummings is currently under investigation by Durham police over his actions after he and his wife made the long trip up north when they fell ill with suspected COVID-19, despite the stark rules to stay at home.

He said he did so under the pretence that his son would need caring for if he and his wife became too ill to do so, and that’s why they headed nearer to family.

Days later, once they were feeling better, he was then seen visiting Barnard Castle, about 25 miles from his parents’ home in Durham, with both his wife and child.

He explained his reason behind this was to “test his vision” was fine before making the long drive back to the capital, as he said he’d been having problems with his sight.


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In a recent statement this week, the advisor insisted he did not break the law, saying: “I believe that in all the circumstances I behaved reasonably and legally, balancing the safety of my family and the extreme situation in Number 10.”

He continued to say “I don’t regret what I did” and added that “the rules make clear that if you are dealing with small children that can be exceptional circumstances and the situation I was in was exceptional circumstances”.

As this debacle remains one of the top stories in the mainstream media, many have shared their thoughts on his actions.

And the jokes have begun to roll in, all centred around his “bizarre” excuse for visiting Barnard Castle while everyone else remained at home.

Tuesday saw Top Gear host Paddy McGuinness change up the catchy lyrics to Tony Christie’s smash hit Is This The Way To Amarillo, with a rendition that centred around Cummings’ trip to “test his vision”.

But Chris pointed out that Specsavers has remained open throughout the lockdown period for key-workers, should they need their eyes tested.

The radio DJ read out a message from a listener who worked in an opticians: “Paul – dispensing optician – I work in Specsavers in Camberley, all of our stores nationwide have been open for care all the way through lockdown supporting key-workers, we could have looked after Mr Cummings as he is a key-worker.”

Chris’ co-star Vassos Alexander began to laugh as Chris joked: “Is there a Specsavers at Barnard Castle?”

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Mr Cummings reasoning behind the trip has angered many across the UK as not only did the lockdown rules state we couldn’t drive long distances, but it is also very dangerous to drive with impaired vision.

Chris started to google the iconic Durham landmark and saw that most of the reviews included a slant to the advisor.

During the same time period, Chris had told listeners that he was missing out on helping his grandson on his Just Giving initiative, due to the ban on driving long journey’s to see loved ones.

“What I’m not allowed to do is drive 200 miles to go and see my daughter and run one mile with my grandson Teddy, on his Just Giving challenge,” the ex BBC presenter huffed back in April.


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“That’s not allowed even though that would be lovely for them and for me and for charity. But that’s not allowed,” he repeated.

Chris’ comment was highlighting that even though people have important events going on that they don’t want to miss, it isn’t OK to disobey government advice and go about life in a normal way.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky airs weekdays at 6.30am on Virgin Radio.

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NCIS fans convinced San Diego spin-off is happening after huge Mac clue

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Viewers were ecstatic when NCIS returned to its roots by bringing back the two co-leads from the original cast of JAG, the popular 90s serial that started it all. With production of the CBS shows currently on hold, fans are now hoping for a lot more NCIS content in the future.

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JAG began on NBC in 1995, though it was cancelled after one season and saved by rival network CBS.

The original legal drama ran for a further nine seasons, and introduced audiences to Harmon Rabb (David James Elliott) and Sarah Mackenzie (Catherine Bell).

After nine years off the air, the duo finally reunited in the season ten finale of NCIS: Los Angeles, and addressed the end of their will-they-won’t-they relationship in the premiere of season 11.

Their introduction back to the franchise was a landmark moment for devoted fans of the world of NCIS, especially those who have been desperate to see ‘Harm’ and ‘Mac’ return to screens after all these years.


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Sadly the JAG pair didn’t seal the deal in NCIS: Los Angeles, but their guest appearances caused a stir among the NCIS community, with many convinced yet another spin-off could be in the works.

Harm dropped the hint when he confirmed Hetty (Linda Hunt) had tipped him off toward a leadership position in another branch of the NCIS, either in San Diego or with the Contingency Response Team.

Given NCIS: San Diego is far catchier, and follows the trend of NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans being named and set in major US cities, another spin-off set in California could be announced at some point by CBS.

Even though Harm and Mac were engaged after their fateful coin toss at the end of JAG, season ten of NCIS: Los Angeles confirms they are once again separated.

If an upcoming spin-off is headed by the former JAG co-stars, sparks could be flying yet again and provide the dramatic throughline of NCIS’ potential third offshoot.

Following their brief appearances on NCIS: Los Angeles, many fans were frustrated their relationship wasn’t explored any further.

Moreover, after a spin-off wasn’t confirmed directly after the hints in the season 11 premiere, several viewers took to Twitter to question when CBS could be going forward.

One fan said: “The #NCISSanDiego drop was interesting. Could another spinoff be in the works? If it has Harm & Mac then I’m definitely on board.”

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While another added: “So was that it for Harm and Mac on NCIS LA or do they have another episode?

“Are they just going to leave everything unresolved if it doesn’t move forward as a spinoff? Because that is really unfair to longtime JAG fans.”

Other viewers had similar thoughts, and were quick to question why Harm and Mac were introduced back to the franchise if their time was up after just two episodes.

Over on Reddit, one fan took issue with the spin-off series undermining the happy ending the JAG couple received in their original series.


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They said: “I do wonder at the purpose of bringing characters back (and undoing their ‘happy ending’) only to ultimately do nothing with them. It serves no purpose other than to anger longtime JAG fans.”

Unfortunately, Mac and Harm did not continue to make guest appearances throughout the rest of the season, though fans are hoping for another reunion when the show returns.

CBS has yet to confirm any spin-off plans, but fans are eagerly waiting for news once television production can restarted after the coronavirus pandemic.

NCIS season 17 is available to watch on CBS.

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Ozark theories: Agent Maya SAVED the Byrdes in season 3 final scene – here’s how

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Following her introduction in season three of the Netflix series, Agent Maya Miller (played by Jessica Francis Dukes) proved to be a persistent thorn in the side of Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman). Maya was well aware of Marty’s money-laundering operation on behalf of the Navarro Cartel but knew she would need plenty of evidence to build the case – hence why she set up shop in Marty and Wendy’s (Laura Linney) casino. However, as the Byrdes appeared to be heading on a downward spiral with cartel honcho Omar (Felix Solis), a new Ozark fan theory suggests she could’ve been the one to save them.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Ozark season 3.

Over the course of the series, Maya and Marty had grown rather close, despite their clear differences when it came to their intentions.

Maya was determined to expose Marty’s involvement with the Navarro Cartel and even offered him a lifeline with the possibility of a career with the FBI when he’d served time.

Marty, on the other hand, was convinced he could ‘flip’ Maya and have her work for him while also operating as an agent for the FBI.

Neither plans came to fruition in season three as Marty faced his fair share of deadly challenges elsewhere, something Maya heavily suspected.


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So much so, that in the final moments of the season three finale, it looked like Marty was heading to certain death.

Marty and Wendy were summoned to Omar’s home in Mexico alongside wicked lawyer Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer).

Unbeknownst to the Byrdes, Helen had been working behind their back to scam them out of the operation and effectively render them useless to Omar.

Helen had even forged a false confession under Marty’s name to give up the entire operation to the FBI.

Helen’s plan and air of smugness soon faded away when they all arrived in Mexico, however, as hitman Nelson (Nelson Bonilla) shot and killed the lawyer, sparing the Byrdes.

The moment is one that took the Byrdes and Ozark fans by shock but one eagle-eyed viewer has theorised the murder could have been because of a Maya intervention – here’s how.

Moments before the Byrdes board the plane to Mexico, Maya calls Marty to ask where he is.

When he reveals he’s boarding a plane, Maya urges him not to board it if it’s heading to Mexico and, seemingly, to certain death.

Marty ignored her pleas and got onboard the plane and it’s led to one fan predicting Maya then reached out to Omar directly.

On Reddit, user EdoubleYT explains: “I’ve been debating with friends on how Navarro abruptly executes Helen. Did he know the signed confession warrant was fake through his own observation or was he tipped off?

“A) Navarro realizes that the Byrde’s would never sign a confession with the FBI then willingly hop on a jet to Mexico, thus see through Helen’s ruse and has her killed.

“B) Plan was to execute the Byrde’s when they got off the jet. However, Maya tips off Navarro Cartel that the signed confession is fake.”

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They conclude: “Also providing the notion that Marty had willingly provided incriminating evidence to have the Lagunas Cartel dealt with by the army.”

If theory ‘B’ were to be the correct one, it would certainly prove why Omar decided to kill Helen instead of the Byrdes.

After all, Maya is desperate to keep Marty alive, could she have pulled some strings to warn Omar off and point the blame at Helen?

Ozark is available to stream on Netflix now.

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Simon Gregson: Corrie star speaks out after uproar ‘Maybe it’s time to step away’

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Boris Johnson’s senior advisor Dominic Cummings, 48, has sparked outrage for taking two trips; one to his parents house in Durham and another to “test his eyesight” after developing coronavirus symptoms. Coronation Street star Simon Gregson, 45, took to Twitter offering support to Dominic in a foul-mouthed rant.

The soap star has since admitted he has “no idea” what he’d been talking about earlier this week.

Simon insisted his tweets come from a “good place”, however, and stands by what he said.

The Coronation Street actor has since explained that he will be taking a break from social media following the outrage.

In view of his 247,000 Twitter followers, Simon penned: “Well sober me has no idea what drunk me was going on about. Time to maybe step away from the phone.”


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However, the Steve McDonald actor admitted he still stands by his original opinion.

In response to a follower, the soap star posted: “My language was the regret not my thoughts. But a huge social platform isn’t the place for them.

“I just emphasise with a person who puts kids first regardless. I’m probably wrong not having all the facts.

“Apart from the choice of language it was from a good place.”

Simon faced backlash on Monday when he defended the chief adviser over accusations Dominic broke lockdown rules by making a 260-mile trip to Durham with his family.

He wrote: “This discussion gives me the s**ts. Family first ALWAYS. Regardless.

“People have crawled through s**t, gun fire, climbing over dead friends to be with. Put your b******t away d**ked’s, coz you’d do the same.

“Plus back off press – 2 mtrs k**b sucks.”(sic)

The latter part of the actor’s tweet was referring to press and reporters, who have been seen outside Dominic’s home during the uproar.

Many social media users flocked to his page to hit back at his original tweets, which have since been removed from his official Twitter page.

One person fumed: “You are as thick in real life as you are on the telly!!”(sic)

A second commented: “This is so insulting to anyone who lost family to COVID. To people who have missed funerals to all those NHS staff you clap for. Get a grip honestly.”

Simon later toned down his views after receiving comments from his fans.

He wrote: “Ok I take it back to understand that we could always do that. So I hold my hands up and say. BD choice of words. But. Wouldn’t you? Fine line people. Let’s not be told but imagine.”(sic)

Dominic defended his actions from Downing Street this week as he admitted he did drive to the market town of Barnard Castle on Sunday April 12 to “test his eyesight” after developing coronavirus symptoms.

He added that he made the journey to his parents’ home because of fears over childcare for his young son when his wife Mary also developed coronavirus symptoms.

Many outraged citizens have since called for Dominic to either be sacked or to officially resign.

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Stranger Things: Will’s time in Upside Down foreshadowed in major first episode clue

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Netflix subscribers were gripped from the very start of Stranger Things, as one of the most popular streaming shows of all time introduced audiences to the terrifying Upside Down. Returning to old episodes of the series has recently uncovered some revealing clues.

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Season one kicked off the Stranger Things phenomenon as single mother Joyce Byers (played by Winona Ryder) desperately searches for her missing son.

Heavily influenced by the work of Stephen King, rather than being eaten by a monstrous clown Joyce’s son Will (Noah Schnapp) was actually imprisoned in a mysterious alternate dimension.

As the series progresses, Will’s friends and superpowered teen Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) eventually discover the dimension is an Upside Down version of their own town.

The kids of Hawkins soon become prey for terrifying creatures known as Demogorgons, and battled against the sinister Mind Flayer at the end of season three.


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From co-creators the Duffer Brothers, Stranger Things is an essential watch upon each new release, as well as the perfect series to binge while TV fans remain stuck inside during the coronavirus lockdown.

A recent rewatch of the classic series has revealed several moments of genius in the Duffer Brothers’ script for Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers, as one fan noticed a brilliant piece of foreshadowing in the show’s introduction.

They took to Screen Rant in an article revealing all there is to know about Will’s traumatic abduction in the first season of Stranger Things.

The article said: “Poor Will was doomed the minute he walked out of Mike Wheeler’s house. For just before, they were in the middle of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.”

Dungeons & Dragons was a popular yet geeky pastime in the 80s that endures to this day, and provided the teenage cast of Stranger Things plenty of inspiration for their supernatural adventures.

As Screen Rant revealed, the board game also inadvertently spoiled Will Byers’ first altercation with the gruesome Demogorgons in the show’s opening minutes.

Dungeon Master Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) introduced the RPG adversary in almost the exact same way the Demogorgon makes its first appearance in the series.

He said: “Something is coming, something hungry for blood. A shadow grows on the wall behind you, swallowing you in darkness. It is almost here.”

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The gang convinces Will to use a fireball spell, but his dice roll is insubstantial and he falls victim to the hideous monster.

Screen Rant continued: “When Will is inside the shed, he locks the door but the Demogorgon appears behind him, just as was foretold.”

Thankfully, Will eventually escaped from his Upside Down imprisonment, though the first season of Stranger Things still stands as an impressive entry into the canon of kid-friendly horror.

As well as using some nifty foreshadowing in the show’s first episode, the introduction to Hawkins’ resourceful school friends laid the groundwork for Stranger Things’ inspiration from all things 80s pop culture.


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In addition to Dungeons & Dragons, the first season pulled heavily from classic kid flicks like E.T. and The Goonies, whilst later instalments referenced Aliens, The Terminator and Ghostbusters.

With series fan favourite Jim Hopper (David Harbour) imprisoned in a Soviet labour camp, the fourth season is set to be one of Netflix’s most highly anticipated release events when coronavirus restrictions are finally lifted.

The streaming service has not confirmed a release date yet, but subscribers are anticipating a 2012 release due to the show’s lengthy filming schedule and ambitious production.

Stranger Things seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix.

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