Trump blames leftwing ANTIFA group for mass violence & says US declaring outfit a ‘terror organization’ – The Sun

THE United States will be designating ANTIFA a terrorist organization, President Donald Trump announced Sunday.

Trump's announcement came as he lay blame on the group for mass violence in America.

ANTIFA – short for "anti-fascist" – is a political protest movement known for their strong opposition to fascism and other extreme right-wing ideologies.

"The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization," Trump tweeted Sunday.

His announcement came amid a series of tweets about ongoing protests over the death of George Floyd, and the day after he blamed ANTIFA for leading the escalating demonstrations.

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WWE legend Undertaker admits Goldberg match was ‘couple of inches from being catastrophic’ as he narrowly avoided injury – The Sun

THE UNDERTAKER admits his botched match with Goldberg was just “a couple of inches from being catastrophic”.

The 55-year-old Dead Man battled the WCW legend, 52, in a dream match in June last year at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia but things ended badly.

Taker looked furious after he claimed victory in an error-strewn clash that failed to deliver after a number of mistakes.

And afterwards Goldberg, who busted his head open during the contest, took to Twitter to answer his critics and admitted he had let down his supporters with his performances.

He wrote: “Knocked myself out and thought I could finish…. love my fans…..but let u down.

“Everyone else that found ‘pleasure’ ….. hope ur happy.”

The match was Goldberg’s first in over two years since he lost to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33, but despite it lasting just under nine minutes, it was heavily criticised.

It began in explosive fashion as Goldberg hit Taker with two spears before his physical condition quickly declined after colliding head first with a ring post, which caused him concussion.

He continued to fight and attempted to hit the Reaper with a jackhammer, but the weary Goldberg could hardly lift his foe and he ended up dropping Taker on his neck.

Worse was to come as Goldberg himself narrowly avoided a broken neck.

Undertaker lifted Goldberg up to hit his famous Tombstone piledriver, but the latter failed to tuck his head in between Taker’s legs, and that caused a sickening collision as the top of his skull struck the apron upon impact, bending his neck in the wrong direction.

And in an interview to promote the next episode of his “The Last Ride” documentary on the WWE Network, he has lifted the lid on the disaster for the very first time.

He told Pardon My Take podcast, he said: “The bump that I had in Saudi when I was working with Goldberg, I think that one was a couple of inches from being catastrophic.

“The way I hit on that one, it kind of set out nerve impulses to all of my injuries at once.

“It was like an electrical charge went through my body.”

You can watch Undertaker: The Last Ride exclusively on the WWE Network.

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Is Meghan Markle Going to be Gwyneth Paltrow's Biggest Competitor?

There was Pepper Potts in Iron Man. Next up was “conscious uncoupling.” Then, there was Goop. Actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow is well-known — though not exactly well-liked — for a multitude of controversial things. Goop, however, is her signature “thing.” The lifestyle brand has become iconic, and it looks as though she may soon be facing some royal competition.

Before Meghan, Duchess of Sussex became a member of the royal family, she was best-known as an actress and style icon who ran her own influential lifestyle site: The Tig. But when Meghan and Prince Harry publicly confirmed their relationship in 2017, the Suits actress shut down the site.

The couple officially stepped down from the royal family and moved to LA earlier this year, and rumors are swirling that The Tig is being resurrected. There is arguably no one better suited to be a lifestyle expert than a commoner-turned-princess, so it’s safe to assume the world would (re)welcome The Tig with open arms. The big question is, is there enough room for more than one famous influencer-backed lifestyle brand?

What is GOOP?

RELATED: How Gwyneth Paltrow Really Feels About Her Goop Critics

In 2008, Paltrow started Goop as a weekly email newsletter to share recipes and style tips with friends. Its name, as it turns out, doesn’t actually mean anything.

In a 2009 USA Today interview, Paltrow explained: “It is a nickname, like my name is G.P. […] I wanted it to be a word that means nothing and could mean anything.” Branding expert Peter Arnell previously told Paltrow that “all successful internet companies have double o’s in their name,” and thus, Goop was created. Arnell wasn’t exactly right, but he wasn’t wrong, either: Just look at Google, Facebook, and Yahoo.

Goop has come a long, long way. Today, it’s worth over $250 million and there seems to be Goop-branded everything. There are Goop Lab stores, including a posh Manhattan boutique that carries luxury handbags and clothing with four-figure price tags.

You can buy Goop skincare, candles (including an extremely controversial scent), clothing, vitamins, and even sex toys. Netflix debuted The Goop Lab in early 2020, there’s a Goop magazine, and the first-ever “Goop at Sea” is scheduled to set sail in August 2020, in partnership with Celebrity Cruises.

In addition to everything Goop sells and pitches to consumers, the brand has gained notoriety for doling out controversial — and less-than-scientific — medical advice. 

Will Meghan relaunch The Tig?

Before Meghan shut down The Tig, it was a tremendous success. The site had an overall lifestyle focus, and Meghan’s writing had a highly approachable, girlfriend-next-door vibe.

She frequently posted candid selfies, dropped the f-bomb, and shared intimate details about growing up biracial. Perhaps most notably, while Meghan offered shopping advice and shared her personal wishlists, The Tig didn’t actually sell anything. 

Meghan’s business manager filed court paperwork in late 2019 to renew The Tig’s trademark through the end of 2021. A source who’s considered an expert on all things royal, Myka Meier, recently said on the Royally Obsessed podcast that she has some insider knowledge that Meghan is “already working on something” and she believes she’s working with “masterminds from all over the world.” 

A relaunch of The Tig makes perfect sense: When the prince and princess left the royal family, they forfeited public funding, which means they are essentially on their own in terms of finances. Affiliate partnerships and collaborations alone could potentially bring in millions of dollars in income. Meghan is also a bit of an unconventional royal, so using digital and social media to advance her causes is a natural fit. 

It may not be a competition

Reports and royal experts agree that Meghan’s blog will make a comeback. Meier said: “I think she’s going to do a Goop, like a new version of The Tig … I really think that’s coming.”

“I have a friend with a little bit of insider knowledge, and I think she’s already working on something,” Meier added. “I think we will be seeing something very interesting and creative with masterminds from all over the world coming together to bring something inspiring soon.”

The Tig’s trademark renewal and the Sussexes royal departure has fans wondering what Meghan’s impact could be for Goop. While there may be some similarities between the brands, the space is plenty big for (at least) one more celeb.

Cravings by Chrissy Teigen and Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh are already part of the lifestyle site club, and everyone exists harmoniously. Plus, Paltrow and the Duchess of Sussex are about as different as they come, so they’ll likely have completely different follower demographics.

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Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Enter Guilty Pleas in Virtual Court Hearing: Details

Officially guilty. Ever since their May 2019 arrest, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli have denied taking part in the nationwide college admissions scandal. However, on Friday, May 22, the actress, 55, and the designer 56, changed their tunes.

The couple officially entered their guilty pleas on Friday morning during a Zoom court appearance amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They sat in separate rooms with their respective attorneys. Loughlin wore all black and smiled at the camera at one point, while Giannulli had on a black suit and tie and appeared nervous.

When the judge asked whether they would allow the case to move forward, the Full House alum responded, “Yes, your honor,” and the Mossimo founder replied, “Yes, sir.” Federal prosecutor Eric Rosen then read through a lengthy narrative of the evidence that would’ve been presented to the court if there had been a trial. Loughlin looked down with her brow furrowed at one point and looked up again once the prosecutor was finished. Giannulli, meanwhile, stared into the the camera with a deadpan expression.

The judge won’t accept the pleas until he sees pre-sentencing reports from the Massachusetts Probation Service. Sentencing is scheduled for August 21, but Giannulli’s attorney, William Trach, asked for an earlier sentencing date of July 30, saying, “Our clients would like finality of this process.”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced the pair’s acceptance of a plea deal on Thursday, May 21. Loughlin’s deal includes two months of prison, two years of supervised release with 100 hours of community service and a $150,000 fine. Giannulli will be sentenced to five months in prison, two years of supervised release, serve 250 hours of community service and pay a $250,000 fine.

The couple were among dozens of parents accused of paying bribes in order to get their daughters into college. They were arrested in March 2019 on the allegations they helped facilitate Bella and Olivia Jade’s admissions into the University of Southern California as part of the crew team, despite the fact that Bella, 21, and Olivia Jade, 20, do not play the sport. Photos were later released by federal prosecutors of the YouTuber on rowing machines.

In March, Loughlin and Giannulli filed a petition for the court to drop the bribery, money laundering and fraud charges against them, citing “extraordinary government misconduct” in the docs. However, in May, the judge chose not to dismiss the charges.

“After consideration of the extensive briefing, affidavits and other information provided by the government and defendants, the Court is satisfied that the government has not lied to or misled the Court,” the legal documents, obtained by Us, revealed.

Actress Felicity Huffman was also indicted in the scandal. She pleaded guilty to fraud charges for paying $15,000 to higher her daughter Sophia’s SAT scores. She was sentenced to 14 days in federal prison, a $30,000 fine, a year of supervised release and 250 hours of community service. In October 2019, she was released from prison after serving 11 days of her 14 days.

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JAN MOIR: Hey, Steve Coogan, get down off that moral high ground!

JAN MOIR: Hey, Steve Coogan, get down off that moral high ground!

Steve Coogan is the latest rich celebrity to use the furlough scheme for his own ends. The comedian, who has a personal fortune of around £10 million, has furloughed the gardener and housekeeper at his £4 million country home in Sussex.

His gardener and housekeeper! Surely this is not what chancellor Rishi Sunak had in mind when he announced the scheme at the beginning of the pandemic?

The Government prioritised protecting jobs and incomes — and so far the furlough scheme has been largely effective. However, we all know it can’t go on for ever, and is it right that rich people such as Coogan should use taxpayers’ money rather than their own to pay their domestic staff? Particularly if they could well afford to do so themselves?

No it is not. It’s outrageous.

Steve Coogan, with a personal fortune of £10 million, has reportedly furloughed his gardener and housekeeper at his £4 million country home in Sussex. Pictured: Feb 4, 2020

Victoria Beckham did initially use the furlough scheme for her fashion business, then changed her mind under a storm of criticism. Stella McCartney, Rick Stein, Richard Branson and Philip Green have all applied for their staff to be furloughed, despite having sizeable personal fortunes.

This all pales in comparison to the Hinduja brothers. Their wealth (around £20 billion) makes them the richest men in Britain, yet they too are using the scheme to pay some of the 360 employees at a Yorkshire bus firm they own.

And could anything be more morally bankrupt than the behaviour of Lib Dem frontbencher Lord Fox, who furloughed himself despite having a £100,000 cash pot in his company and claiming the House of Lords allowance during lockdown?

Not all furlough cases are without merit. Large firms with shareholders, thousands of employees and knee-buckling pension pots could and would drain the reserves of any millionaire very quickly.

And the principle behind the furlough scheme is to stop major businesses collapsing and leaving millions unemployed, with the calamitous knock-on effect that would bring to suppliers and communities. Yet some manage. 

Simon Cowell and Duncan Bannatyne are among those moguls paying the payroll out of their own pockets. James Timpson of The Timpson Group has also dipped into his own pocket, topping up the 80 per cent furlough so his staff are still earning 100 per cent full pay. It is costing him £500,000 a week.

‘It’s worth every penny to help our colleagues and their families through some tough times,’ he said this week. His generous attitude is not one shared by Coogan, who is the worst kind of champagne socialist, one who has often used his celebrity to campaign for Labour. He even supported Jeremy Corbyn, which takes party loyalty to foolhardy extremes.

For decades, Coogan has presented himself as an absolute darling of the Left; the kind of raging lefty who cares more, understands more, feels more and simply knows more than you do.

During the election last year, from his entrenched position on the moral high ground, Coogan was one of the luvvies who urged the electorate to vote tactically to oust the Conservatives — well that went well, darlings! He also went on national TV to describe Conservative voters as ‘ill-informed and ignorant’, which was a bit rude, to say the least. In the same Channel 4 interview he suggested that the Tories deliberately underfunded schools in order to win votes from badly educated people.

His sneering dismissal of those who disagree with his political views is painful to witness, but he now exposes himself as a hypocrite, too; one who is happy to embrace Conservative policies if they happen to suit his pocket.

Coogan recently starred in the film Greed, which was loosely based on the life of Philip Green. In interviews to support the film, the star droned on about ‘the huge imbalance between the rich and the poor’, giving the impression it was something he cared about.

Steve Coogan, pictured in 2002 as Alan Partridge

In his 2015 autobiography Easily Distracted, he wrote about how he was brought up to be ‘respectable, to be kind to people, to take personal pride by contributing to society in a traditional way’.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, he wants you and me to fund the wages of George the Gardener and Mrs Hughes the Housekeeper in his own private Downton Abbey.

The public are right to be furious about this, particularly when they have been making so many sacrifices themselves, both personally and financially. It seems morally wrong, in many cases, to further burden the British taxpayer.

All those mentioned here are no doubt legally entitled to use the furlough system — but does that mean that they should?

Some are calling for the scheme to be means tested, but that seems an unworkable target.

Instead, people like Steve Coogan should have the bloody good sense just to pay up themselves.

And how very telling it is that they don’t.

Like many of us, I have my misgivings about the new opt-out organ donation scheme introduced in England this week. The fact that the state can take control of your body the second you have gasped your last is chilling. But let’s not be squeamish, let’s embrace the opt-out future with a good heart, if we are lucky enough to have one. Consider that this week, 2,772 people are on the UK organ waiting list; people living half-lives, decimated by ill health, stuck in the shadows of existence, not really living. To give them the years you don’t have a use for any more? Surely that is the humane way forward.  

Pam looks like a porn-again star

What next for my friend Pamela Anderson? The darling girl is at a loose end following her fifth marriage, which ended after only 12 days in February.

I’ve got yoghurts that have lasted longer than some of her husbands, but age hasn’t withered her impulsive streak when it comes to love.

She wed her first husband, rock musician Tommy Lee, after knowing him for only four days. She then married singer Kid Rock, followed by poker player Rick Salomon (twice) before tying the knot with Hollywood producer Jon Peters in January.

 Pamela Anderson, pictured in an image shared on her Instagram, will act as ‘creative director’ for a webcam-based social media platform

In a romantic coincidence, it was the fifth marriage for both of them. Pam admitted she had made a mistake and blamed an Ayurvedic cleanse in India, which had left her emotionally ‘very open’.

That can happen. I once had a steam bath and a salt scrub, then agreed to marry Brad Pitt, even though he hadn’t asked. One open pore and I’m anyone’s. Poor Mr Peters claimed he had paid Anderson’s personal debts of £163,000, and told the New York Post: ‘There’s no fool like an old fool.’ Indeed.

Now, 52-year-old Pamela has climbed back into her creaking waspie to launch herself as the ‘creative director’ for a webcam-based social media platform — which is affiliated to an adult webcam service.

Pamela Anderson is at a loose end following the end of her fifth marriage in February, after just 12 days

Pictured on her Instagram feed lying on a bed in her scanties, Pam says she will discuss topics such as fashion and dating with users. Altogether now: hmmm.

I am disappointed in Pamela. Despite her past as a Playboy centrefold and the leaking of her sex tape 25 years ago, she has always been against online porn and dating apps.

‘The best sex is in a committed relationship. You must be brave enough for intimacy,’ she told me two years ago. And now this! I am wondering how low Pam can go. Watch this space.

Harry’s missing a mentor 

Music mogul David Foster is a fascinating character. He is one of the most successful producers in the world, and practically invented the power ballad.

He has worked with everyone from Celine Dion to Michael Buble to Madonna, but he had some of his biggest hits with Whitney Houston. He laid the bombastic production onto I Will Always Love You.

Whitney Houston pictured performing at Muhammed Ali’s 50th birthday celebration, which was a special that aired March 1, 1992

Handsome, vain and with a taint of lounge lizard about him, Foster, 70, is still fabulously rich — despite being married five times. He has been called the new father figure in Prince Harry’s American life. His 36-year-old wife, actress Katharine McPhee, went to school with Meghan. And it seems making good marriages is not all they have in common.

‘My husband has a beautiful relationship with Harry,’ McPhee recently told Access Hollywood. ‘They’re so cute, like father and son.’

The question is not whether Foster is a suitable mentor for Prince Harry, but whether Harry, a father himself, still needs a father figure today. Tragically, I think the answer is a very needy yes.

You think you’ve got it bad? A new variety of frog has just been discovered — but has already been classified as critically endangered. The tiny stump-toed Stumpffia froschaueri lives among tree litter in north-west Madagascar and harms no one. Yet it is struggling to survive in a landscape plagued by fire, drought and forest clearance. Poor little Stumpy! His reputation is over before ever really starting, while it seems doubtful that he was ever kissed by a passing princess. His usefulness and the reason for his existence remain a mystery. In one short hop, he has become the Rory Stewart of the amphibian world. Bless him!

Disgrace of council that allowed abuse to happen

As if to remind us that the horror of the real world grinds on relentlessly while we obsess over death rates and Covid-19 tests, the endemic failures of Haringey social services slip back into the news again.

Social workers from the local authority — which has the worst reputation for child protection failures in the country — allowed a mother of two boys to develop a relationship with a paedophile.

High Court judge Mr Justice Hayden said that staff had put their sympathy for the woman before the needs of her children — one of whom was severely disabled — whose lives have been seriously damaged as a result. He added it was the worst failure by social workers he had ever come across.

The constant failure of this council and its departments is a badge of shame and suggests institutionalised problems. Who could ever forget its other victims, such as Baby P and Victoria Climbie? They are modern horror stories of neglect and cruelty, allowed to flourish under the noses of officials.

Sometimes there is a tendency to blame social workers instead of the perpetrators of these vile deeds. Yes, too often they are up against cunning deviants; people who are determined criminals, prepared to commit offences against the children of their lovers, against their own flesh and blood.

But not in this case. Vulnerable children were put in harm’s way — because of the entrenched thinking that encourages social workers to leave a child with its mother if at all possible.

Does the crib have to be on fire before the baby is snatched to safety?

And in this instance the father was cut out of the picture because the social workers did not like him.

What an utter disgrace. Baby P, the untold harm done to these boys? The nameless social workers did not abuse any of these children themselves, but they allowed it all to happen.   

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Julianne Hough: Brooks Laich Gets 'Emotional' Watching Me Work Out

Her biggest fan! Julianne Hough‘s Kinrgy dance workouts have had a powerful effect on her well-being — and have even touched her husband, Brooks Laich.

The professional dancer, 31, revealed in her Women’s Health June cover story that Laich, 36, had a strong reaction to watching her perform her Kinrgy workouts during an Instagram Live session in March.

“He said, ‘Wow, I got emotional just watching,’” Hough recalled. “Brooks was feeling my energy; he was feeling the collective energy of all the people watching.”

The former Dancing With the Stars judge created her own brand of dance workouts. Her Kinrgy fitness routine combines tai chi, qigong, energy work, strength training and cardio with movements inspired by the elements of earth, water, fire and air.

Hough has been relying on the workouts amid the coronavirus quarantine and her marriage issues with the hockey player. The America’s Got Talent alum shared that she had joined an Instagram Live Kinrgy class on April 18.

“Releasing all this stagnant energy built up from what’s going on personally and in the world,” she wrote at the time via her Instagram Story. “Welcome home to your own skin, Jules.”

The couple began quarantining together in March and documented their time cooking, dancing and holding baking competitions together via Instagram. However, Hough and Laich began social distancing separately with the Safe Haven actress remaining in California and Laich self-isolating in Idaho.

A source told Us Weekly on April 17 that she and the athlete are “not doing well” in their relationship. One day earlier, Hough was spotted out with actor Ben Barnes in Los Angeles.

Hough and Laich sparked speculation that they were on the rocks in December 2019 when the Footloose actress was spotted multiple times without her wedding ring. Us broke the news in January that the duo — who tied the knot in July 2017 — “were having problems” in their marriage.

However, a second insider revealed to Us in March that Hough and Laich’s relationship had improved prior to the quarantine.

“Brooks and Julianne are totally fine and are working through any issues they previously faced,” the source said at the time. “At the end of the day, they love each other and they are still together.”

Despite their marital issues, Hough has been planning for their future. She told Women’s Health that she froze her eggs as a “precautionary measure” due to her endometriosis.

“I think the healthier I am from the inside out — as far as my beliefs, my energy, what I’m putting into my body — the better prepared I’ll be when the time comes,” Hough said.

She added, “We never actually tried to get pregnant. It was more of a precautionary measure: Let’s do our due diligence for the future by freezing eggs.”

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Will the Troubadour, Site of Great Music Moments, Survive the Pandemic?

“It was, to my ’70s generation in music, what the old Yankee Stadium was to baseball fans,” Tim Sexton says

Being a music star has its perks: not only do you have millions of adoring fans and can go to any event or restaurant you like, but you can also make a ton of money while doing it. 

That’s especially clear on Friday after Forbes released its annual rankings of the highest-earning musicians in the world.

There are plenty of familiar faces on its list, including pop stars, aging rock icons, and a power couple who tied each other in the rankings (you can probably guess who they are). 

Let’s take a quick look at the biggest earners in music in 2019, courtesy of Forbes’ calculations: 

Getty Images

  • Taylor Swift, who released her latest album, “Lover,” in August, made $185 million this year and grabbed the top spot overall. This was the second time in five years that Swift was named Forbes’ highest-earning musician. 

    Getty Images

  • Looks like Kanye West’s pivot towards religion — a la Bob Dylan in the late ’70s — didn’t hurt business. West brought in $150 million in 2019, according to Forbes. The veteran rapper, as usual, had several projects in the works: a new album, his “Sunday Service” religious gatherings, and his shoe deal with Adidas to name just a few.

    Getty Images

  • The red-haired Englishman released his fourth studio album this year, which included his chart-topping single, “I Don’t Care,” which featured Justin Bieber. Sheeran also had a cameo in “Yesterday,” The Beatles-inspired film directed by Danny Boyle. He raked in $110 million overall. 

    Getty Images

  • So what if The Eagles haven’t put out a new album in more than a decade? They’re still able to draw huge crowds, which they did while touring in 2019 — helping push them to a cool $100 million in earnings. 

    Getty Images

  • Elton John made $84 million, and it’s easy to see why: Sir Elton is not only working on his seemingly-never-ending finale tour, “Rocketman,” a biopic on his life came out in May and his autobiography “Me,” which was released this fall. 

    Getty Images

  • Beyonce had another massive year, earning $81 million in 2019. That tied her with someone she know’s pretty well as the sixth highest-paid artist of the year… 

    Getty Images

  • Who else could it be? Jay-Z just turned 50, but he’s not slowing down, apparently, matching his wife with an $81 million payday this year. 

    Getty Images

  • Like most years this decade, 2019 went pretty well for Drake. He earned $75 million, Spotify said he was the most-streamed artist of the decade, and his Toronto Raptors won the NBA title. 

    Getty Images

  • Rapper-turned-media-mogul Diddy, who now runs Revolt TV, can afford to get his friends and family nice holiday gifts: he pulled in $70 million, per Forbes, this year. 

    Getty Images

  • “Fade to Black” was more like “Fade to Green” in 2019 for Metallica, with the longtime metal icons earning $68.5 million. 

    Getty Images

  • The “Lover” singer-songwriter just grabbed the top spot on Forbes’ rankings for the second time in five years

    Being a music star has its perks: not only do you have millions of adoring fans and can go to any event or restaurant you like, but you can also make a ton of money while doing it. 

    That’s especially clear on Friday after Forbes released its annual rankings of the highest-earning musicians in the world.

    There are plenty of familiar faces on its list, including pop stars, aging rock icons, and a power couple who tied each other in the rankings (you can probably guess who they are). 

    Let’s take a quick look at the biggest earners in music in 2019, courtesy of Forbes’ calculations: 

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    The tough warning Mike Tyson got about returning to the ring

    After announcing that he wanted to make a return to boxing, Mike Tyson received some stern warnings from colleagues, foes, and fans alike. In May 2020, the former world heavyweight posted two videos about a week apart that caught fans’ attention. In the first one, he was growling through his training process and showing off his punching power, which led many to believe he was making a return to the ring. A second training video was called “insanely violent” by TMZ and ended with Mike saying, “I’m back.”

    These videos come after Evander Holyfield posted on Instagram about making a comeback for his charity, which is likely why Mike responded in kind. Fans were pretty stoked, with one commenting on Holyfield’s post, “Imagine how much money a Holyfield v Tyson lll would make.” Another fan commented on Mike’s video, “wow wow wow,” perfectly summing up everyone’s feelings about watching these two men go at it yet again.

    Even if it’s for charity though, at 53 years old, a comeback might not be the easiest (or smartest) thing to do. Then again, this is Mike Tyson we’re talking about and some of boxing’s greatest are already lining up for their chance to get in the ring with him. 

    Tyson Fury's dad wants in on Mike Tyson

    Once Mike Tyson made it clear that he would be making a comeback for charity, boxing buffs were placing their bets on who the first matchup would be. One potential offer came from John Fury, or boxer Tyson Fury’s dad. He posted a video on Instagram saying that he doesn’t value his life and would happily get knocked out by the 53-year-old former world heavyweight. 

    He said, per Essentially Sports, “I’m looking at fighting Mike Tyson. Mike’s making a comeback. I don’t value my life. But let me tell you something. Mike is someone worth doing charity with. He’s a proper king of a Champion. He’s a proper man tried and tested. I’ll fight Mike Tyson. He’s making a comeback. I know he mentions my boy’s name every five minutes so here I am. John Fury is hiding from no man, not even the king of all men.” 

    John finished his plea with, “Hear that then I will not be denied. I will die in a fight. I am as game as an American Yankee c*** and I will die before I give in.” He was dead serious, too, though if he were to really get in the ring with Mike, judging from those comeback videos, the elder Fury wouldn’t last very long at all. 

    Mike Tyson thinks he would knock Tyson Fury Out

    John Fury is basically begging Mike Tyson to murder him upon his return to the ring, but his son might have a better shot. While Mike was the champ in his day, Tyson Fury is quickly taking on his record and both men have thought about who would win in a matchup. Per talkSPORT, Mike thinks he could take Tyson Fury and some other current young boxing champs on, but there is one catch: He would have to go back in time.

    Mike said, “Listen, if you’re asking me if I was 20 years old, Yes! There’s no doubt. They’re really good fighters and I respect all these skills. It would have been very tough fighting them.” 

    The younger Fury thinks so, too. Per SPORTbible, Tyson Fury said in 2018 that he’s convinced Mike would knock him out, prompting the legend to respond. Iron Mike told the young athlete, “Hey Tyson Fury, I heard you said I’d knock you out if we fought. Hey man, you gotta have more confidence in yourself, anything can happen in a fight. You see Buster Douglas knocked me out so anything can happen.”

    Anything CAN happen, which is why some other boxing fans don’t think Mike should make a comeback at all, even if it’s for charity. 

    People are worried for Mike Tyson's health

    Although many people seem to be excited about a potential comeback for Mike Tyson, others are worried about him. Per Essentially Sports, fellow boxer Ricky Hatton thinks that Mike would regress if he got back in the ring. He said, “But Mike’s mentally got himself on track. He’s not just got himself physically on track. He’s looking better and he’s talking better, he’s thinking better, that’s why he’s doing motivation speaking.”

    The Hitman added, “Now his body is right and his head’s right, why is he thinking about a comeback? I don’t get it. It would be a tragedy for him after going through all those bad times to getting right on the straight and narrow to giving himself some serious injury. It would be heartbreaking.”

    It definitely would be heartbreaking if something happened to Mike, but a few rounds charity can’t hurt, right?

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    Coronavirus the death of the grocery store as we know it?

    Meatpacking plants will increase to full capacity within 5 weeks: Stew Leonard’s CEO

    Stew Leonard’s CEO Stew Leonard Jr. argues ranchers and production plants in the Midwest expect to be at 100 percent capacity again within four to five weeks.

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    As America looks toward life beyond coronavirus, one essential activity may never be the same.

    The "biggest question facing anyone in retail across the country" right now is what will stores look like post-coronavirus, Stew Leonard’s CEO, Stew Leonard Jr. told FOX Business.


    Stew Leonard's opened its doors a little more than 50 years ago and has grown to be the "World's Largest Dairy Store" and thriving grocery business with annual sales of nearly $500 million, according to its website. Based in Norwalk, Connecticut, the family-run supermarket chain also has several locations in New York and New Jersey.

    It's not an ordinary shopping experience. Before the coronavirus struck, customers meandered their way through huge one-way aisles decorated in an amusement-like atmosphere. Animated costumed characters sang and danced while people munched on samples of freshly baked cider donuts, pretzels and cheeses. People ordered juicy burgers right off their grill in the summer or chowed down on one of their notorious frozen yogurts. And kids celebrated birthdays at one of their themed parties.

    Now, "Chiquita Banana" and all the displays have been "put on vacation." Popular areas of congregation, like the deli counter and bagel bins, have pivoted and the buffet has been shut down.

    (Stew Leonard’s)

    Looking ahead, Leonard Jr. believes excitement will be key to unlocking the consumer shopping experience.


    "I would say that the retailers that make it exciting to come in there with all sorts of new fresh fruits and cherries from California and exciting new products and, you know, you see them making stuff right in front of them, like the mozzarella. You see the butchers cutting meat," Leonard Jr. said. "I think those stores are going to do better than the ones that don't have any show to them."

    Leonard Jr. also believes farmers markets have a bright future.


    "I think everybody loves going to a farmers market. They are exciting and fun," he said. "That's not going to go away. … Food is too big of an item for people."

    Home delivery and curbside pickup could also fare well. Stores are now seeing between a 15 and 25 percent boost in the home delivery category. At one time, it only accounted for five percent of sales.

    "The question really is, is how sticky will this be post-coronavirus?" Leonard Jr. said. "And I think it's definitely not going to go back to five percent. So it could be a 10 or 15 percent after this."


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    St Tropez launch new Express Gel fake tan that'll make it look like you've been on holiday without leaving the house

    ST TROPEZ have launched a new fake tan and it's perfect for getting that holiday glow without leaving your living room.

    St Tropez have launched their new Self Tan Express Bronzing Gel, and perfect for faking a sun kissed glow.

    It's priced at £33 and available from Feel Unique, Lookfantastic, Superdrug and more.

    • St Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Gel, £33, Lookfantastic – buy here

    However speedy shoppers can currently bag a deal by snapping one up from Superdrug, where it's currently priced at £27.99, and Feel Unique which has 20 per cent off making it £26.40.

    St Tropez's Self Tan Express Bronzing Gel promises the development speed of their Express range, but the moisturising formula of their Sellout Purity Gel – coincidentally two of their most popular products and ranges.

    The Self Tan Express Bronzing Gel uses skin caring ingriedients such as Hyaluronic Acid to help skin keep moisturised, and your tan lasting longer.

    It also boasts intelligent shade technology, offering 3 shades in 1 for a more realistic tan, a streak free result, even colour fade.

    Michaella Bolder, St Tropez' Skin Finishing Expert said "Express Gel has arrived! One of the St Tropez top sellers just keeps getting better.

    "Tan your skin and wash off after 1, 2, or 3 hours for your own desired glow.

    "The gel formula allows for a deeper tan, whilst gliding over the skin flawlessly – it's a tan lover's dream."

    If you're looking for a fake tan to give you that beach fresh glow this summer without leaving the house, this is definitely one to try.

    Tan Luxe launches Super Body Glow fake tan – the world’s first hyaluronic tanning serum.

    Shoppers rave over £22 ‘wonder product’ face mask – which ‘cures acne and scars’ without irritating sensitive skin.

    Looking for more beauty news, check out Fabulous.

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