Get 20% off Ikea garden furniture with its loyalty scheme

IF you’re planning on buying new garden furniture in one of Ikea’s reopened stores, you’ll want to take advantage of the Swedish retailer’s loyalty scheme where you can get 20 per cent off outdoor goods.

Ikea has recently reopened 19 of its stores following the coronavirus lockdown.

Its grand reopening saw thousands of shoppers queuing for up to three hours to start shopping, with some customers having arrived at stores at 5.30am.

If you're in the market for some new Ikea garden furniture, we explain how you can save 20 per cent with its Ikea Family member scheme.

What is the Ikea Family member scheme?

The Ikea Family member scheme is free to sign up to and it offers a range of freebies and discounts.

You can sign up for free on the Ikea website – the webpage also lists its current offers, which change every few months.

What other offers can you get with Ikea Family?

DISCOUNT on garden furniture isn't the only benefit of signing up to the Ikea Family member scheme.

Here's what else you can get – although keep in mind some offers are time sensitive and will be replaced by new deals once they expire.

These deals are accurate at the time of writing.

  • Free tea and coffee in in-store cafes, Monday to Friday. Normally, the hot drinks cost £1 each. This is a permanent benefit.
  • Money off Ikea food in in-store cafes, Monday to Friday. Ikea cafes are currently closed, but before the coronavirus epidemic, you could get money off in-store food. On its website, it has various discounts still listed including two mains and desserts for £10, instead of its usual price of between £11.20 and £15.80. Offers on food are also always available.
  • Free "Oops-insurance". When you swipe your card at the checkout you receive Oops-assurance – so if something breaks, Ikea will replace it for free. This can only be redeemed within 90 days of purchase. Like the free tea and coffee, there is no end-date for this freebie.
  • 25 per cent off the SOLBLEKT range. You can view the full range online here. Discount only valid until 10 June, 2020.
  • 20 per cent off NATTJASMIN fitted sheets. You can view the full range online here. Discount only valid until 10 June, 2020.

Once you've signed up, you'll then be sent a card which you'll need to show in store to claim any current discount.

If you're shopping online, you'll need to be logged into your Ikea Family account.

Discounted items can be identified by blue stickers both in stores and online.

What offers are currently available through Ikea Family?

At the moment, Ikea is offering its loyalty card holders 20 per cent off outdoor furniture.

This discount only includes a select range of items, so not everything in Ikea's outdoor collection will be included.

This offer is also only valid until 31 July, 2020.

When The Sun checked this afternoon, Ikea Family members could purchase a TÄRNÖ two chair outdoor seating set for £28 instead of £35 – a saving of £7.

We also spotted this ÄPPLARÖ wooden sunlounger reduced to £64 from £80 – a discount of £16.

As always, you should still compare prices in other stores to make sure you're getting the best deal.

An item is also only a bargain if you were planning on buying it anyway.

We've rounded up other Ikea Family offers in the box above.

Ikea has shared the exact recipe for its meatballs and there are only six steps.

The Sun has rounded up the full list of reopened Ikea stores here.

But the Swedish retailer has banned families from visiting to help reduce the number of customers in stores at one time.

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The real reason you get leg cramps

You don’t have to be a seasoned athlete to experience the shooting pain of cramps in your leg muscles. Marathoners and gym-phobics alike can suffer, and it’s most often due to “overuse of a muscle, dehydration, muscle strain, or simply holding a position for a prolonged period,” according to the Mayo Clinic.

But there is another surprising reason your leg muscles might be cramping up: A shortfall of magnesium in your daily diet. Per the American Society for Nutrition, roughly 50 percent of Americans don’t get enough of the mineral. Why is it so important? Magnesium helps control more than 300 of your body’s biochemical processes, including the regulation of muscle contractions, per the scientific journal Nutrients. The recommended daily amount is 320 milligrams for women ages 31 and older; for men, it’s 420 (via Medical News Today).

Luckily, a few additions to your diet can give you the magnesium boost your body is craving. Just 1 cup of boiled spinach has 157 milligrams, while 1 ounce of almonds has 80. And the sweetest source? Dark chocolate. Just 1 ounce of your favorite dark chocolate has 64 milligrams of magnesium.

More dietary tweaks for leg cramps

You’ve probably heard that eating a banana is a good way to ward off leg cramps. And it’s true; the fruit contains potassium, which is “an essential mineral that can aid communication between muscles and nerves,” according to Cooking Light. But there’s a much better source of this mineral: Beans. Whether you prefer them baked, refried, or in a dip, just a cup of many types of beans provides double the potassium as one banana.

And it may not be as yummy a choice, but pickle juice — what you normally dump down the drain — is also a proven solution to muscle cramps. A study in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that drinking 1.5 ounces of pickle juice per 100 pounds of body weight after exercising, erases cramps within two minutes. Researchers suspect the vinegar and mineral rich water helps calm the nerves that trigger muscle spasms.

So, whether you’re starting a new exercise regime or simply cleaning out your garage, just a few dietary changes can help keep a charley horse at bay. 

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Liz Earle fans can get £113 worth of skincare for £45 – but you'll need to be quick

LIZ EARLE fans we have some good news, we've found a way to get your hands on a bundle of your favourite goodies for less.

Thanks to this amazing QVC offer, you can get £113 of Liz Earle products for just £45.

The brand is a hit with celebs, beloved from everyone from Lily James, to Holly Willoughby and is famous for it's cult Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser.

  • Liz Earle Brighten & Boost Superskin Facial Collection, £45.96, – buy here

Luckily for shoppers, QVC is currently stocking the Liz Earle Brighten & Boost Superskin Facial Collection for a bargain price.

It's worth a huge £113, and usually retails for £76, but QVC  are selling it for the tiny price of £45.

The set contains their best sellers for less than half their original price, including the famous Hot Cloth Cleanser and their luxe Superskin Moisturiser.

But you'll need to be quick if you want to get your hands on them, the offer is only available until the 31 May, or until stocks last.

What's in the Liz Earle Brighten & Boost Superskin Facial Collection?

  • Limited Edition Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser with Natural Neroli
  • Instant Boost Skin Tonic
  • Instant Brightening Eye Cream
  • Superskin Moisturiser (in your choice of Unfragranced or Natural Neroli)
  • A 100 per cent cotton eye mask

It's perfect for brightening, exfoliating, and moisturising your skin – so if you're looking for super soft, better than ever skin  during lockdown then make sure you snap one up soon.


Looking for more beauty news, check out Fabulous.

Tan Luxe launches Super Body Glow fake tan – the world’s first hyaluronic tanning serum.

Lookfantastic launches REN Beauty Box – and it looks amazing.

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Fans Still Can't Get Over the Bad Marketing That Likely Got 'Agent Carter' Canceled

With Marvel fans cooped up because of the pandemic, many of them have been rewatching the MCU. That doesn’t stop with just the 23 movies, but with the TV shows, including Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter. And they’re lamenting Agent Carter’s demise anew. 

Despite Peggy Carter being a fan favorite, her show managed to last only two seasons, while Agents of SHIELD is just wrapping up its seventh and final season. How could a show with such a well-liked character be so short-lived? Fans and Hayley Atwell herself have thoughts. 

What happened to ‘Agent Carter?’ 

RELATED: Why ‘Agent Carter’ Needs to Return for Her Own Marvel Movie

Agent Carter got canceled for the same reason most shows get canceled: Not enough people were watching. Of course, the reasons cut a little deeper than that. The character got the show in the first place based on a short film, and Disney-owned ABC gave Marvel the go-ahead in 2014. 

The show depicted Peggy’s adventures after Captain America: The First Avenger. She still mourned the loss of Steve Rogers but made her way continuing to be a spy. That was easier said than done after the Allies won World War II and expected women to return from the factories and bond rallies to start punching out kids. Which they did, in record numbers. Peggy wasn’t going to go domestic that way.

The show had a decent viewership in the first season. In the second season, however, the ratings dropped by more than half, to just over 3 million viewers, Variety reports. That wasn’t good enough for a third season, and the cancellation ax fell. Atwell moved on to another show, Conviction, which only lasted one season.  

Fans want to know: why did Agent Carter end so soon? 

On Reddit, a fan couldn’t understand why the show ended prematurely, asking, “The characters are engaging and lovable (especially in season 2) and the storylines are well thought out and entertaining. Plus, a female lead that is kick ass despite not having super human abilities. I totally get why Cap went back to be with her.”

One fan responded, “Terrible marketing. Hardly anyone knew when it was on. I hope (Kevin) Feige decides to bring it back on Disney+, because there’s still a lot of material that show can cover, more especially the beginning of SHIELD & Peggy’s earliest adventures as director.”

Feige sort of is bringing Carter back for at least one show in the animated What If …? Which imagines what would have happened if Peggy had taken the super soldier serum. Atwell herself lamented Agent Carter’s demise in an interview with the AV Club, saying, “You know, Marvel didn’t want it to end. There’s lots of online campaigns to bring her back. Fans loved her. I think it was just a network economical thing.”

What is Hayley Atwell doing now?

Luckily, fans will be seeing and hearing more of Atwell in the near future.  Not only will she reprise Peggy in What If …? which should be on Disney+ next year, but she’ll get into more spy games, appearing in the seventh Mission: Impossible movie. That’s quite a feather in Atwell’s acting cap, considering the series has sported other strong female leads, including Michelle Monaghan and Rebecca Ferguson. 

According to Cinema Blend, writer-director Christopher McQuarrie has said Atwell’s character would be a “destructive force of nature, which makes her sound like she might be a villain. Without tipping her hand too much, Atwell said, “What I know is there is ambiguity, and the interesting thing we’re kind of exploring is her resistance to a situation she finds herself in, and how she starts off and what she becomes. The journey of what she comes into and then what is asked of her and potentially where she ends up.”

The seventh Mission: Impossible is expected to hit theaters in November 2021. It’s being shot concurrently with the eighth movie, which will follow in November 2022. 

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How to get refunds for Airbnb and BA bookings

From claiming refunds for Airbnb and British Airways bookings to quarantine rules when travelling to Europe: The Holiday Guru solves travel queries

The Holiday Guru is always on call to answer your questions. 

This week, the issues tackled are how to claim refunds on accommodation booked through Airbnb and, how to get money back on a British Airways flight and if quarantines will apply when travelling to France and Germany this summer.  

Q. We booked a holiday in Portugal, staying in Porto with and then Lisbon at an Airbnb. Our flights have been cancelled, but I can’t get full refunds for the accommodation. Can I claim on travel insurance?

Paul Roach, via email.

One reader, who has booked a break to Porto, pictured, and Lisbon wants to know if he can claim on his travel insurance for refunds for accommodation booked via Airbnb and

A. Yes, if you have ‘travel disruption’ cover, though your insurer may ask that you prove that you have already attempted to receive refunds.

With accommodation websites, rules can vary by country and host, and also depend on dates.

Airbnb’s ‘Extenuating circumstances’ online page covers this, as does’s ‘Coronavirus FAQs’ page.

One of the pitfalls of booking flights and accommodation separately is that you may have to fall back on such small print — whereas paying for an Atol-protected package through a travel firm would provide financial protection. Good luck.

Q. We have British Airways flights to Athens booked for June. The outbound flight has been cancelled, but not the return flight. We have arranged a hotel through – what can we do about refunds?

John Ransom, Southsea.

One traveller wants to know how to claim a refund on flights and accommodation for a holiday in Athens, pictured 

A. It’s best to wait for BA to cancel the return leg, then call 0800 727 800 and accept an eVoucher or a refund. Regarding your hotel, I hope the answer to the previous question helps.

Q. We have booked to stay in an apartment in Germany in August. We are travelling by car via a Dover/Calais ferry. Will any quarantines apply then? If so, should I cancel?

Terry Wright, via email.

A. No one knows when quarantines will be lifted. It may be prudent to cancel.


If you need advice, the Holiday Guru is here to answer your questions. Please send them to [email protected] — and include your contact details.

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You Can Get Tarte Shape Tape For Less Than $20 This Weekend

Sure, Sephora’s big spring sale is over, and Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty sale has also come and gone — but now, you can snag a deal from another popular company. Tarte Shape Tape is 20% off this weekend thanks to the brand’s Buy More, Save More event.

During the event, shoppers can use the code STOCKUP to purchase a single item for 20% off, and the discount goes up the more you buy: You’ll get 25% off if you buy two products and 30% off if you buy three. You have through Tuesday, May 12 at midnight PT to shop.

And the sale isn’t just on Shape Tape. Most of the products in the brand’s lineup qualify, minus a few exceptions — so you can add more Shape Tape themed items to your cart, like the Stay Spray Setting Spray or Shape Tape Setting Powder, or try some of the brand’s other bestsellers. The Lights, Camera, Lashes and Maneater mascaras, multiple Tartlette Palettes, and the brand’s full coverage Amazonian Clay foundation also qualify for the markdown.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Bustle’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

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Hairdresser shows how to get perfect curls with 10 empty toilet roll tubes

Although you might be enjoying not having to dress up at home, sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of a pamper session.

But your usual trip to the hairdresser or beautician isn’t an option so you need to do what you can at home.

And if you don’t have the tools on hand for a beautiful set of curls, hairdresser Ozzie Rizzo has the solution – toilet roll tubes.

Yes, if you stocked up on loo roll, get saving up those empty tubes for your hair.

The tubes are a perfect shape to wrap your hair around for big bouncy curls instead of velcro rollers.

Ozzie says you need around 10 but it depends on the length and thickness of your hair.

How to curl your hair with toilet roll tubes:

You will need:

  • Hairdryer
  • Around 10 toilet rolls (possibly more or less depending on hair thickness)
  • Bobby pins or sectioning clips
  • Paddle brush
  • Wide-tooth comb or soft brush
  • Hair smoothing cream or oil
  • Hairspray

Start by washing your hair and combing through to remove any knots.

Dry your hair with a flat paddle brush, making sure to move in a downwards motion in order to smooth hair follicles.

Once fried, apply a pea-sized amount of a smoothing balm or nourishing hair oil to tame flyaways and run lightly from roots to tips.

Taking a comb start by sectioning the hair into three to four inch wide sections (depending on hair thickness)

Grab your empty loo rolls and start by taking the front section of the hair first.

Starting from the bottom of the hair section, wrap the ends around the empty loo roll.

Roll in an upward motion and fasten tightly with a sectioning clip or bobby pin once you reach the top.

Continue around the whole head making sure to always roll backwards away from the face.

Once all the rolls are in place, set hair with a generous amount of hairspray.

Taking your hairdryer again, set onto a medium heat and hold over each roll for no more than 10 seconds.

Once cooled, gently unclip the rolls and slowly unravel, making sure not to pull hair too quickly.

After the rolls have been removed, take a wide tooth comb or soft bristle brush and gently run through curls to create a soft and smooth wave.

Finish off with a mist of hairspray to hold and it’s complete.

Ozzie Rizzo, CEO of Ozzie Rizzo says: ‘We know how frustrated our clients are that they can’t maintain their luscious locks. 

‘And, while we are unable to get ready and go out to meet people, getting up in the mornings and getting dressed will help us to maintain a positive state of mind, and will ensure we’re ready for any video calls and meetings.  Plus a little TLC for your hair at home is a great way to pass some time, and learn a new self-pampering skill.

‘We are getting lots of requests for tips and advice on how to create an easy to create style at home, so we thought we’d help you all out with a step by step guide to create one of our most popular looks from your own home without the need to invest in rollers.’

The hairdresser is also encouraging people to post their results and tag them with #tolietrolltwistchallenge.

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