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HOLLYWOOD legend Mel Gibson has revealed he wanted to film the whole of Braveheart in GAELIC.

The actor and director dropped the bombshell during a UK exclusive chat with The Sun to mark the 25th anniversary of the blockbuster movie.

Eager to keep the William Wallace epic as authentic as possible, the Lethal Weapon and Mad Max star, 64, even learned some key phrases ahead of shooting the Oscar-winning flick.

But he dropped the idea after considering how it could appeal to a global audience.

Speaking from his Los Angeles home, Mel said: “It’s always been a thing of mine — an interest in languages which aren’t dead, but hardly spoken anymore.

“I’ve made two films like that. I found it to be something that would make it so real for people like with The Passion Of The Christ in Aramaic and Apocalypto in Mayan.


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'S docha gun toir iad bhuainn ar beatha, ach cha toir iad bhuainn gu brath ar saorsa!

“There’s something utterly believable about people and their culture when it’s in another language.

“Ultimately, I didn’t have the stones to jump right in and do it at that point. It was only my second film and I thought it might not work so didn’t have the balls to do it until around ten years later.

“It’s also important for the audience to understand the words.

“I was jazzed by that idea but ultimately didn’t have the cojones to do it.”

He added: “I hung out with the Wallace clan in Glasgow and they say things all the time.

“I know how to say shut up and F**k off and do all that but that’s it.”

Mel, who is isolating at home with girlfriend Rosalind Ross, 29, and their three-year-old son Lars, admits he’s been thinking a lot about the impact of Braveheart during the pandemic.

The movie was hailed by historians as helping to pave the way for Scotland's independence referendum.

The flick — which took £300million at the box office — was the biggest movie ever shot in Scotland at the time.

Mel said: “I haven’t been following the ins and outs of the politics of Scotland. I’m not from Scotland so don’t really have the right to have a dog in that fight.

“But I thought it was phenomenal that a piece of art could influence how people govern themselves. It’s remarkable.

“I can say that 25 years goes by in a heartbeat and it still seems like yesterday. I wasn’t exactly a fledgling director as I had directed one small film and had put my toe in the water a year or two before Braveheart.

“This was the second outing and I just went big and, for its time and place, it was a big film.

“And had we not had the assistance of Scotland and Ireland in making it would have been almost impossible. They welcomed us with open arms.

“The drive from the hotel to Stirling Castle where we screened the film in Scotland for the first time was quite a journey. All the way there, I was amazed by the crowds as I’d never seen anything like it.

“There were so many people on the side of the road for the entire journey. I got choked up. It was an amazing experience.

“My 30-year-old son Milo sent me a photograph the other day of me standing on set in a raincoat with a kilt on looking glum on   a miserable day and he was this tiny kid standing there. I told him I want a copy.”

Last year Mel played a Scot for the first time since Braveheart when he portrayed Professor James Murray in the Professor And The Mad Man, who in 1879 began compiling the Oxford English Dictionary.

And he refuses to rule out a return for another flick.

He even has an idea for his pal and Braveheart screenwriter Randall Wallace to write a movie about The Battle Of Culloden in 1746.

Mel reckons the final confrontation in the Jacobite rising of 1745, would be different to Braveheart because the Jacobite army of Charles Edward Stuart lost to British government forces in the Highlands. He said: “The Jacobites lost but it’s such a remarkable event in history and so sad.

“I remember watching a BBC film called Culloden, directed by Peter Watkins, when I was 12 years old.

“It was phenomenal and I remember thinking how crazy it was. It really fired my imagination.

“That’s another story you could tell. It’s very political and they almost pulled it off that time. Randall should look at that, why not!

“All the clans came down and it was an interesting time. Amazing yet so sad.

“I went to visit the battlefield and looked at the markers of all the dead,  they buried them with their families. It was pretty moving.”

However, Mel, who has multiple movies which can’t be released properly because of the pandemic, fears it could be a while before any of his big ideas come to fruition.

He stars in the flick Force Of Nature alongside Kate Bosworth and Emile Hirsch which is set for release next month.

He is also writing a film which he describes as a new take on The Wild Bunch, a 1969 western about a troop of ageing outlaws who  plot a grand heist.

With Hollywood shut down, he’s not sure how everything is going to pan out. Mel said: “I was in a few movies and two or three  are in the can but there’s nowhere to release in the cinema.

“Maybe they can have some kind of life on some of these streaming services but I don’t know how anybody is going to do it.

“The whole industry has been thrown to the dogs. I was talking to a theatre owner,  one of the big chain guys, who was telling me what he’s losing every month.

“It’s around $40million a month he’s just bleeding. He said he’d be OK until the New Year then he’d be out of business.

“And this is a big corporation so the cinema industry is being beaten to death by this pandemic and it’s hard to say where it’ll go.”

Mel was also scheduled for his first return to Scotland since Braveheart with An Experience With Mel Gibson on December 8 at Glasgow’s DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Glasgow Central. But after many other of his speaking engagements were cancelled, he’s hoping this one goes ahead.

Mel admitted: “I’ve not been back since Braveheart so I really want to get back.

“I’m hoping that it  will come together but what’s happening is so crazy that there’s no guarantees.

“But I’m sure it will all come together one way or another.”


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'Hollywood' Star Jake Picking Told Us His Perfect Night in Includes Plenty of Whipped Cream

Watching Netflix’s Hollywood is like entering a time warp. The show, set in a post-WWII Los Angeles, follows a bunch of up-and-coming actors as they try to make it in the industry, regardless of what it takes. One of them is a young Rock Hudson, played by Jake Picking. Aside from being a dead ringer for the (very attractive) actor, Jake’s performance will make you simultaneously love his character and want to give him the biggest hug you possibly can. On a recent Friday night in, Cosmopolitan chatted with Jake about what really matters: His perfect date night, his skincare routine, and what, exactly, is going on in his bedroom. Thankfully, he provided us with some very fun answers.

Alright, tell me where you’re sitting right now while doing this interview.

I’m actually at my parents’ home. They serendipitously moved to California, which was kind of a blessing because I moved out here without knowing anyone. I went to NYU for a year, dropped out, and moved to Los Angeles. [Tonight] I’m gonna make lasagna with my mom.

Wait, that’s adorable. Do you like to cook even when your mom’s not involved?

Yeah, I make a really good bowl of Frosted Flakes.

Something we have in common! Let’s talk about your own apartment. What’s your decor situation looking like?

I like that vintage vibe. I recently got a photo of Rock Hudson from Pillow Talk, and that’s up in my room, and it’s next to my window where I can look out and see the Hollywood sign. I used to go to Amoeba records a lot, so I’d collect vinyl. I have those up, as well.

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Hollywood is out NOW on @netflix

A post shared by Jake Picking (@jakepicking) on

Are you a laptop-in-bed kind of guy? TV on the dresser?

Neither! I try to keep technology out of the bedroom, you know?

Sure, I guess the bedroom is best for…sleeping. Tell me about skincare. What do you do to get ready to go to sleep?

After I saw DiCaprio’s character in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood put his face in ice cubes, sometimes I’ll come home and throw an ice cube on my face. That’s weird, but I do that. I’ll throw moisturizer on, but it’s more just like sitting down, trying to read a good book.

What’s a good book you’ve read recently?

You know the movie Holes? That was on recently and it made me go back and I went through the book, and that was amazing. I think it was a nostalgia thing. Honestly, I would say a motivational book because I like to read those, but that would be too cheesy of an answer. Anna Karenina, I like that.

Okay, now you’re pulling out the big guns. I get it. What does a date night in look like for you?

I’ll probably have a movie on tap. Something that makes us laugh, and then cry, with a happy ending, though. Kind of something like… Sleepless in Seattle or Silver Linings Playbook. But just watching a movie is kind of a cop-out. I want to talk. Genuine kindness is probably the sexiest quality anyone can have, but the ability to be vulnerable is also very desirable. When I’m embarrassing myself, that’s probably when I’m having the most fun.

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💭 ❤️

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What do you do that’s so embarrassing?

I don’t know. Like, this conversation right now?

You’re doing great, I promise. But a night like that definitely requires ambience. How do you set the mood?

Candles, for sure. Wine. Italian food. I’ll Postmates some dark chocolate. Whipped cream.

Whipped cream? Just because?


Okay, I’m writing that down. “Whipped cream, no context.”

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Cast Of Ryan Murphy’s ‘Hollywood’ Sets Date For ‘Stars In The House’ Livestream

The cast of Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series Hollywood will appear tonight on the livestream Stars In The House series, hosts Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley announced today.

The Stars YouTube series, which benefits The Actors Fund, has been featuring cast reunions lately, often pulling together performers from classic TV like Frasier, Desperate Housewives and SCTV. Tonight, the get-together is of a more recent vintage: Hollywood debuted May 1 on Netflix.

Joining Stars In The House tonight will be David Corenswet (who plays Jack Costello), Darren Criss (Raymond Ainsley), Laura Harrier (Camille Washington), Joe Mantello (Dick Samuels), Dylan McDermott (Ernie West), Jeremy Pope (Archie Coleman), Mira Sorvino (Jeanne Crandall), Holland Taylor (Ellen Kincaid) and Samara Weaving (Claire Wood). The cast is expected to share behind-the-scenes stories and answer viewer questions in real time.

Tonight’s Stars In The House begins at 8 p.m. ET on the show’s YouTube channel and on starsinthehouse.com.

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