Why is Kate Middleton taking legal action against Tatler? – The Sun

POSH mag Tatler has been ordered by fuming Kensington Palace officials to remove a spiteful article about a "perilously thin" Kate Middleton.

The society bible for Britain's most privileged claims the "yummy mummy" Duchess of Cambridge is worn out from a "larger workload" post Meghan Markle's infamous snubbing of the UK.

Why is Kate Middleton taking legal action against Tatler?

Tatler, one of the world's oldest magazines, is said to have offended Kate Middleton with a provocative profile on the royal.

The upsetting piece targets everything from the royal's relationship with Prince William to her weight, and the fallout with Meghan Markle.

The article, written by Anna Pasternak, quotes a source saying: "William and Catherine really wanted to be hands-on parents and the Sussexes have effectively thrown their three children under a bus."

On May 27, Kensington Palace issued a statement on the article saying it “contained a swathe of inaccuracies and false representations”.

The Times reports palace lawyers have sent a letter to Tatler demanding that it remove the article from its website.

Kensington Palace has declined to confirm whether legal action is planned.

What exactly did the Tatler article say about Kate Middleton?

Tatler published its article about "Catherine the Great" – with a glammed-up Kate Middleton gracing its July/August cover.

Inside the summer edition is a not-so-glowing piece about the Duchess of Cambridge, stating that royal courtiers have "murmured" she "understands that the only credo of the Royal Family is duty, duty, duty".

It also claims that she is "furious" about her "larger workload. She feels exhausted and trapped".

Scorning her as the previous "Duchess of Dolittle", the story says she is being burdened with more work after "Prince Andrew's fall from grace" and the "Sussexes' surly press statements" ahead of Megxit.

The story also rails against her personality and figure – saying the "bland" royal's true feelings are "impenetrable" and that she has "become perilously thin, just like – some point out – Princess Diana".

Sniping at Kate for being a so-called "country grandee", it alleges that William is "obsessed" with his mum-in-law Carole Middleton.

The story also reports that she and Meghan clashed in the lead up to the Duchess's wedding to Harry in May 2018.

What has Tatler said in response?

Tatler doesn't seem to be bothered about the fuss.

Dismissing the palace lawyer's letter, a spokesman for the mag said: "We can confirm we have received correspondence from lawyers acting for the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge and believe it has no merit."

The article can still be read online.

One of Pasternak's mates told The Times: "I cannot believe that William and Kate would get this worked up about the piece."

Kate and William have been busy during the coronavirus lockdown, marking Australia’s inaugural Thank a First Responder Day.

The busy couple have also recently shared home-schooling duties while leading the Royal "crusade" against the killer bug.

And they were praised for a phone call with frontline NHS staff thanking "incredible" doctors and nurses.



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What is antifa and who funds it?

Howard Safir: There has been a war on police

Former NYC Police Commissioner Howard Safir on the political fallout from the Dallas police shooting.

Antifa is an umbrella term to describe radical left-leaning militant groups that typically confront neo-Nazism and white supremacists at demonstrations.

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Public and elected officials, including President Trump, have blamed antifa activists for violence at protests sparked by the death of George Floyd last week. Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, died last Monday after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee on Floyd's neck for several minutes.


But officials have said that in parts of the country, what started as peaceful protests have devolved into organized riots.

Short for “anti-fascists,” antifa has no hierarchical structure or universal set of tactics that makes its presence immediately recognizable, though members tend to espouse revolutionary and anti-authoritarian views, said Mark Bray, a historian at Rutgers University and author of “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.”

Literature from the antifa movement encourages followers to pursue lawful protest activity as well as more confrontational acts, according to a 2018 Congressional Research Service report.


The literature suggests that followers monitor the activities of white supremacist groups, publicize online the personal information of perceived enemies, develop self-defense training regimens and compel outside organizations to cancel any speakers or events with “a fascist bent,” the report said.

People associated with Antifa have been present for significant demonstrations and counter-demonstrations over the last three years, sometimes involving brawls and property damage.

Trump and members of his administration have singled out antifa as being responsible for the violence at protests triggered by the killing of Floyd.


On Tuesday, Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo the FBI has evidence that shows antifa's involvement.

“This is an organized effort. I don’t say it’s a strictly organized effort, but it’s organized,” Giuliani said. “They’re communicating with each other, you know the FBI has a lot of the texts that show antifa's involvement. They’re anarchists, they’re people who want to drive this government down.”

In a pair of statements over the weekend, Attorney General William Barr described “antifa-like tactics" by out-of-state agitators and said antifa was instigating violence and engaging in “domestic terrorism" and would be dealt with accordingly.

At a White House appearance Monday, Trump blamed antifa by name for the violence, along with violent mobs, arsonists and looters.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters earlier in the day that antifa is a “big element of this protest," though she deferred to the Justice Department on the question of how one could be identified as a member.

But it's unclear how big its involvement is.

Police stand near an overturned vehicle and a fire as demonstrators protest the death of George Floyd, Sunday, May 31, 2020, near the White House in Washington.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Bray said that although he believes people associated with antifa are participating in the demonstrations, it is difficult to establish how big of a role they're playing since there is no official roster of members and since the movement lacks the numbers to mobilize nationwide in such a dramatic, forceful way.

“The radical left is much bigger than antifa— much, much bigger — and the number of people who are participating in the property destruction are much, much bigger than the radical left,” Bray said.


Little is known about who funds antifa activists, or how the groups get their resources. Antifa is not a single organization, and therefore, financial details, if any exist, are murky.

Earlier this week, Trump tweeted: “The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization."

Asked Monday what legal authority the president would have for labeling antifa a terror organization, McEnany pointed to the existing statute under the U.S. criminal code that defines acts of domestic and international terrorism.


Even if antifa is not a designated terror organization, FBI Director Chris Wray has made clear that it's on the radar of federal law enforcement.

He has said that while the FBI does not investigate on the basis of ideology, agents have pursued investigations across the country against people motivated to commit crimes and acts of violence "on kind of an antifa ideology."

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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What is Poshmark?

Poshmark CEO on social shopping: I’m shocked with how big the industry has become

FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo talks to Poshmark CEO Manish Chandra about social shopping and the company’s growth.

Clothes you no longer care for and in some cases never wanted in the first place may just be the right fit for someone else.

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It's a concept that Poshmark capitalized on.

The second-hand retail marketplace place, which bills itself a leading social commerce platform the next generation of retailers and shoppers, is armed with over 25 million items from thousands of brands. It's an impressive feat for a company whose business model is heavily mobile-based.

This distinctive model helps it differ from competitors such as eBay, which has made it easy to sell items for the price you want with little hassle, as well as Thredup.com which is a site geared towards buying and selling high-quality secondhand clothes. `

Despite the competition, Poshmark has garnered 60 million subscribers across North America collectively selling 100 million items since launching in 2011, according to the company.

The virtual shop is geared towards both men, woman and children who desire wanted or even new and unused items. However, the free app, accessible through any iPhone or Android, is also encouraging those to also sell home decor products such as accents, bedding and wall art, The Verge reported.


“What the acceleration of the home market says, is that the selling of home is not that different from the selling of fashion,” Poshmark co-founder Tracy Sun told The Verge in 2019.


Despite the California-based company's continued growth, it remains privately owned. In 2019, the retail marketplace reportedly delayed plans to go public in order to focus on improving operations and boosting sales, according to Bloomberg, citing sources that could not be named.


The company touts that buying on the app is not only simple but secure.

To purchase a new or used product, users must hit the "Offer" or "Buy Now" button found at the bottom of every listing. If you buy the item flat out, the app will take you to the payment process where you will choose how to pay for the product and confirm the purchase.


Comparatively, if an offer is submitted and accepted, users will get charged for the purchase and the seller will begin the shipping process. However, sellers also have the ability to decline or counter the offer.

To list an item for sale, subscribers snap a picture of the item and upload it to the app. Once uploaded, subscribers fill out the product description and set a price.

If a product never ships or doesn't match the description, buyers will receive a full refund. Aside from this, the company cautioned that all other sales are final.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 


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Is Jason DeRulo Single?

Singer-songwriter Jason Derulo has dominated the pop charts for years now, and in recent years has even got in touch with his inner feline to sing and dance in the musical film, Cats! As good-looking and talented as he is, we’re sure there’s no shortage of fans who’d jump at a chance to date him. 

So what’s the status: is Derulo single or taken? Read on if you’re dying to know!

Recapping Derulo’s career

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Thanks for 20 Million on TikTok

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Derulo, born Jason Joel Desrouleaux, is a triple-threat musical artist who sings, writes songs, and dances. His music has been topping the charts since he released his very first solo single, Whatcha Say, all the way back in 2009.

That single was certified triple Platinum and reached number 1 on the Billboard charts. Since then, he’s released 5 albums, and his newest, titled 2Sides, is set to be released later this year.

Including Whatcha Say, Derulo has racked up 11 Platinum singles including “Talk Dirty” and “In My Head”. He was a judge on hit competition show So You Think You Can Dance, and had his big-screen debut in 2019 prancing around as Rum Tum Tugger in the screen adaptation of Cats!.

Derulo used to date Jordin Sparks

Long ago, Derulo used to make headlines because of his relationship with then-girlfriend and famous singer, Jordin Sparks.

Sparks was the youngest-ever winner of American Idol, and next to Derulo their chemistry and combined talent made them a sensation in the entertainment industry. Sparks and Derulo were together from 2012 to 2014 and proudly displayed their love wherever they went. Derulo even dedicated his love ballad, “Marry Me”, to his young love.

However, in 2014, it all went down the drain the way so many celebrity couples do. At the time, Derulo told fans: “There was a lot of arguing and stuff like that that just weighed on our relationship over time. When you stop having more good times than bad times, it’s time to call it quits.”

Sparks, for her part, told People at the time that she only gave herself 21 days to get over her famous ex. She admitted that she felt hopeless for a while, but was able to push past it.

“You just think you’re never gonna get up off of the floor, you think you’re never gonna get out of the funk that you’re in and you do, the sun rises the next day, and you get up, and you just keep going. That really helped me,” she told the magazine. 

So is Derulo single now?

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Home gym @jenafrumes

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Sparks has gone on to marry and have a child with fitness model Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr. But what about Derulo? Has he been in a relationship since he and Sparks broke up so many years ago?

According to The Daily Mail, Derulo is now happily dating a beautiful soccer player for Manchester United named Jena Frumes. The two are even reported to be quarantining together during the current pandemic. The Daily Mail quotes an unnamed source saying: “Jason and Jena hadn’t been together too long before the lockdown started but they decided to take the plunge — and they are loving it.”

It certainly seems like the two are happily in love from their social media pages. Frumes has posted Tik Tok videos of her and Derulo doing workout challenges together — including one in which Derulo lifts Frumes high into the sky as if she’s made of air!

They’ve even created some comedic content together. It’s clear that these two really enjoy spending time together, and we hope this relationship is more successful than the one he had with Sparks.

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In The Style is accused of 'cashing in' on the murder of George Floyd

In The Style is accused of ‘cashing in’ and using the murder of George Floyd to ‘pick up new customers’ after releasing a £10 charity t-shirt that shoppers claim is ‘designed to be worn by white people’

  • UK online brand In The Style has received backlash over a £10 charity t-shirt
  • Profits of the I Stand With You t-shirt benefit the George Floyd Memorial Fund 
  • Shoppers accused the brand of ‘profiteering’ from Mr Floyd’s murder
  • In The Style turned off comments on Instagram after receiving criticism 

In The Style has come under fire over the sale of a £10 charity t-shirt benefiting the George Floyd Memorial Fund. 

The I Stand With You t-shirt, unveiled on Instagram yesterday, features a design of two hands making a heart shape with the slogan: ‘I hear you. I see you. I stand with you.’

Furious shoppers took to Instagram and Twitter to criticise the t-shirt and accused UK-based online retailer In The Style of using Mr Floyd’s murder ‘for profit’ and to ‘pick up new customers’. 

The I Stand With You t-shirt, pictured, unveiled on Instagram yesterday, features a design of two hands making a heart shape with the slogan: ‘I hear you. I see you. I stand with you.’ 

Comments on the In The Style Instagram post were turned off but screenshots of a handful of negative posts have been circulated on Twitter. The include the two above, posted by the same user, which accuse the retailer of ‘profiting’ from the murder of George Floyd

Others argued the brand should have donated directly to the George Floyd Memorial Fund rather than ‘throwing out more unnecessary fast fashion’.

Comments on the In The Style Instagram post were turned off but screenshots of a handful of negative posts have been circulated on Twitter. 

One read: Can I ask why you wouldn’t donate directly? A bigger way to make a statement than a fast-fashion tee with a stolen design would be to hire black models, work with black influencers and pay them fairly and listen to your black audience instead of deleting comments.’ The same person added: ‘Profiting off a man’s murder is “not a good look”.’ 

Another argued: ‘[This t-shirt] was literally created by white people, for white people. “I love you, I see you, I stand with you”… again, I am the other. The irony is just baffling. You’ve missed the mark massively on this one.’

Furious shoppers took to Instagram and Twitter to criticise the t-shirt and accused In The Style of using Mr Floyd’s murder ‘for profit’ and to ‘pick up new customers’

The criticism continued on Twitter, where one user wrote: ‘Have you seen this garbage from #Inthestyle? Looking to pick up customers off the #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER LivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd movement?’

Another posted: ‘FFS donate the funds directly #inthestyle and stop throwing out more unnecessary fast fashion into the world.’

Speaking to FEMAIL, founder and CEO Adam Frisby said he had personally donated to the George Floyd Memorial Fund and that In The Style will be ‘topping up’ the money made from the t-shirts. 

He added the comments were turned off on the Instagram post to observe ‘blackout Tuesday’ and support ‘social silence’. Comments on a post shared yesterday hours after the charity t-shirt post have remained on.

In a statement Mr Frisby continued: ‘The world was outraged about the unlawful killing of George Floyd last week. This is something that has shocked and disgusted every civilised person on the planet and has pushed for a movement that extends beyond not just being non racist with a call for us to be anti racist.  

Founder Adam Frisby said the comments on the Instagram post (pictured) were turned off to observe ‘blackout Tuesday’ and support ‘social silence’. Comments on a post shared yesterday hours after the charity t-shirt post have remained on

‘As a business we wanted to support the George Floyd Memorial fund. We commissioned and produced a t-shirt which at the time we make this statement has raised close to £20k already in the first few hours.

Whilst thousands of people have embraced our intention and purchased the t-shirt to support this cause, we are aware that there were also people who questioned our place to speak and raise issue with these events.  

‘We hear what people have said and do not want to cause any offence or upset to anyone. The tshirts have nearly sold out and we won’t be adding anymore once these have sold through. Any constructive criticism of the brand we take on board and will strive to do more as a business to stand up for what is right.’

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Is coronavirus becoming less potent? Doctors believe it is weakening

Italian doctors claim coronavirus has ‘enormously weakened’ compared to when it ripped across the globe earlier this year.

Head of Milan’s San Raffaele Hospital Dr Alberto Zangrillo says the disease is now much less lethal and ‘no longer clinically exists’ in Italy. The physician of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said newly infected patients are showing milder symptoms and that the number of viruses in their system decreased significantly between March and May.

Scientific theory suggests viruses may become weaker in order to survive, as killing or incapacitating too many human hosts will limit their capacity to spread. But not everyone in the scientific community is buying these latest claims.

The president of the government’s scientific advisory body said he was ‘baffled’ by Dr Zangrillo’s remarks, while an epidemiologist at Stanford University called the report ‘bulls**t’.

Viruses like HIV and the common cold have mutated in the same way the research claims. But critics point out these diseases have done so over the course of many years, but coronavirus has only been recorded in humans since December last year.

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Other scientists have said there is not enough evidence to conclude Covid-19 has adapted in this way. The San Raffaele study was based on the swab samples of 200 patients taken over the past 10 days, compared to ones carried out a month ago.

Director of San Raffaele’s Microbiology and Virology Laboratory Massimo Clementi said the viral loads present in these samples showed the virus had ‘enormously weakened’.

Head of the infectious diseases clinic at Genoa’s San Martino hospital Matteo Bassetti backed these claims. He said: ‘The strength the virus had two months ago is not the same strength it has today’.

Dr Zangrillo made his controversial claims on the RAI TV channel. Urging politicians to lift emergency measures faster, he said: ‘In reality, the virus clinically no longer exists in Italy. We’ve got to get back to being a normal country. Someone has to take responsibility for terrorising the country.’

‘I say this well aware of the tragedy for those patients who didn’t make it, but we cannot continue to give all the attention to self-proclaimed professors rather than actual virologists and hospital workers.

‘In a clinical sense, the virus no longer exists. I am prepared to put my name to that statement. We’ve got to get back to being a normal country because the statistics show we have every capability of doing that.’

Italy has suffered the third highest official death toll in the world, with 33,475 lives lost. There have been 233,197 confirmed cases and there are 6,387 patients in hospital, 435 in intensive care and 32,253 self-isolating at home with symptoms.

Dr Zangrillo said previous epidemics including SARS and MERS ‘petered out by themselves’. He added: ‘We’ve got to be wary, yes, but not kill ourselves unnecessarily. Our wards are emptying out,’

President of the National Health Council which advises the government Franco Locatelli said he could only express his ‘great surprise and bafflement’ at the remarks.

He added: ‘You just need to look at the number of new positive cases confirmed every day to see the persistent circulation of the virus in Italy.’

Columbia University’s Dr Angela Rasmussen said there is ‘no evidence that the virus is losing potency anywhere’. She said fewer cases, hospitalisations and deaths doesn’t mean the virus itself is any weaker then before.

Stanford University based epidemiologist Dr Seema Yasmin called for the report to be deleted, branding it ‘bulls**t’.

Professor Francois Balloux from University College London said: ‘There is no evidence for the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) having become more or less virulent/transmissible.

‘The outbreak in Italy has been waning over recent weeks despite relaxation of the social distancing measures previously in place. This is line with what has been observed in most European countries.

‘The extent to which this is only due to residual social distancing measures in place, or whether seasonality or some other factors are playing a role remains debated. That said, we should definitely not rule out a second epidemic wave later this year.

‘The lockdowns were necessary to avoid hospital being overrun. Social distancing measures are being progressively relaxed in countries where the outbreak is under control. I do not believe these comments are helpful or reflect the current scientific evidence.

‘Viral load of swab tests will vary over the course of an infection. When compared on the same day post-infection, viral load can correlate with symptom severity.

‘Transmission outdoors is likely to be characterised by lower infectious dose and less severe symptoms, than transmission indoors.

‘There is no evidence the virus has lost ‘strength’ at this stage. We cannot rule out that some lineages will eventually evolve towards to lower symptom severity but this cannot be taken for granted.’

MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research’s Dr Oscar MacLean said: ‘These claims are not supported by anything in the scientific literature, and also seem fairly implausible on genetic grounds.

‘The vast majority of SARS-CoV-2 mutations are extremely rare, and so whilst some infections may be attenuated by certain mutations, they are highly unlikely to be common enough to alter the nature of the virus at a national or global level.

‘We know that susceptibility to the virus significantly differs across age and risk groups, and so infection outcomes will also drastically differ across individuals.

‘As testing efforts are scaled up across the globe, asymptomatic and mild infections which previously would not have been detected, are now much more likely to be identified. It’s important not to confuse this with any weakening on the virus’s part.

‘Making these claims on the basis of anecdotal observations from swab tests is dangerous. Whilst weakening of the virus through mutations is theoretically possible, it is not something we should expect, and any claims of this nature would need to be verified in a more systematic way.

‘Without significantly stronger evidence, no one should unnecessarily downplay the danger this highly virulent virus poses, and risk the ongoing society-wide response.’

Get in touch with our news team by emailing us at [email protected].

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China is criticised for banning Tiananmen vigil in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing government is criticised for ‘stifling freedom of expression’ after banning Tiananmen massacre vigil ‘due to coronavirus’

  • Hong Kong today blocked an vigil to mark Tiananmen crackdown anniversary
  • Police rejected permission for the rally over so-called ‘coronavirus concerns’  
  • The city’s pro-Beijing government faces backlash over the controversial move
  • Hong Kong people have mourned for the victims of the event yearly since 1990
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Hong Kong’s Beijing-backed government has been accused of ‘stifling freedom of expression’ of its people after police banned an upcoming vigil which will mark the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen crackdown.

Residents in the Asian financial hub have mourned the victims of the bloody event yearly since 1990, and this is the first time the city will not be allowed to hold the commemoration.  

The city’s police rejected permission for this year’s rally, claiming it would ‘constitute a major threat to the life and health of the general public’ amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a letter of objection to organisers obtained by AFP. 

The candlelight June 4 vigil usually attracts huge crowds and is the only place on Chinese soil where such a major commemoration of the anniversary is still allowed. The file picture taken on June 4, 2019 shows people holding candles during a Tiananmen Square vigil in Hong Kong

Hong Kong police on Monday banned an upcoming vigil marking the Tiananmen crackdown anniversary over health concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic. The picture was taken by AP photographer Jeff Widener from a sixth-floor balcony of the Beijing Hotel near Tiananmen

Last year’s gathering was especially large and came just a week before seven months of pro-democracy protests and clashes exploded onto the city’s streets. Candlelight vigils in Hong Kong marking the anniversary of the Tiananmen crackdown in Victoria Park 

The candlelight June 4 vigil usually attracts huge crowds and Hong Kong has been the only place on Chinese soil where such a major commemoration of the anniversary is still allowed. 

Last year’s Tiananmen vigil was especially large and came just a week before seven months of pro-democracy protests and clashes exploded onto the city’s streets, sparked initially by a plan to allow extraditions to the authoritarian mainland. 

The ban on this year’s rally comes as waves of pro-democracy protests have been erupting in Hong Kong for nearly two weeks after China’s rubber-stamp parliament approved a controversial national security law for the former British colony. 

Human rights organisation Amnesty International urged the Hong Kong authorities to lift the ban. 

‘COVID-19 must not be used as an excuse to stifle freedom of expression,’ said Joshua Rosenzweig, Amnesty International’s East and South East Asia Deputy Director. 

‘In recent weeks, we have seen the Hong Kong police repeatedly clamp down on peaceful protests with arbitrary mass arrests and excessive force – including the use of tear gas and pepper pellets. 

‘With this ban, and a disastrous national security law looming, it is not clear if Hong Kong’s Tiananmen vigil will ever be allowed to take place again.’ 

The picture taken on June 4, 2019, shows thousands of people take part in a candlelight vigil to mark the 30th anniversary of the crackdown of pro-democracy movement in Tiananmen

FILE: In this June 3, 1989 file photo, a young woman is caught between civilians and Chinese soldiers, who were trying to remove her from an assembly near the Great Hall of the People

Johnny Patterson, Director of UK-based human rights group Hong Kong Watch, said the pandemic ‘has been consistently used as a pretext to crackdown on the rights of Hong Kongers.’

‘First, with the world distracted, the Chinese government has fast-tracked the national security law; now, for the first time, the peaceful candlelit Tianenman vigil has been banned. 

‘The sadness is that, once the national security law is passed, this vigil may never be legal again,’ he warned.

Hong Kong has managed to keep the virus mostly in check, with just over 1,000 infections and four deaths. Bars, restaurants, gyms and cinemas have largely reopened in recent weeks.

In the last two days five local infections were reported, breaking nearly two weeks of zero tallies.

Organisers of the annual event accused police of using the virus as an excuse to ban the rally.

‘I don’t see why the government finds political rallies unacceptable while it gave green lights to resumption of schools and other services ranging from catering, karaoke to swimming pools,’ said Lee Cheuk-yan, chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance which has organised every vigil since 1990.

The alliance called on residents to instead light a candle at 8pm on Thursday and observe one minute of silence wherever they can.

‘If we are not allowed to light a candle at a rally, we will let the candles be lit across the city,’ Lee said.

Organisers of the annual event accused police of using the virus as an excuse to ban the rally. FILE: In this June 5, 1989 file photo, Chinese troops and tanks gather in Beijing, one day after the military crackdown that ended pro-democracy demonstration on Tiananmen Square

The ban on this year’s rally comes as waves of pro-democracy protests have been erupting in Hong Kong for nearly two weeks after China’s rubber-stamp parliament approved a controversial national security law for the former British colony. Pictured, police officers are seen guarding an MTR station exit near the Legislative Council in Hong Kong on May 27

Lee also vowed that the alliance would continue to chant the slogan ‘end one-party rule’ during the commemoration despite Beijing’s recently announced plans to impose a law criminalising acts of subversion, secession, terrorism and foreign interference.

Beijing says the law – which will bypass Hong Kong’s legislature – is needed to tackle ‘terrorism’ and ‘separatism’.

Opponents fear it will bring mainland-style political oppression to a business hub supposedly guaranteed freedoms and autonomy for 50 years after its 1997 handover to China by Britain.

The 1989 Tiananmen crackdown occurred when China’s leaders sent tanks and troops to quell student protesters calling for democracy and an end to corruption.

Hundreds were killed, with some estimates suggesting that more than 1,000 perished.

Pictured, police personnel (back) stand guard outside Prince Edward MTR underground train station as people (front) wait to collect flowers from passers by in Hong Kong on May 31

Pro-democracy supporters gather at a shopping mall during a Lunch With You rally on June 1

Three decades on, it remains one of the most sensitive subjects in mainland China and any mention of it is strictly censored.

But in Hong Kong the memory of what happened is kept alive.

The annual vigils swelled before the 1997 handover to China and have become especially charged in recent years as many Hong Kongers chafe under Beijing’s rule.

This year’s anniversary is likely to coincide with Hong Kong’s pro-government stacked legislature voting for a law banning insults to China’s national anthem. 

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Spoilers: Joy as Elly is freed but will Andrea let her leave alive in Neighbours

It has been so touch and go for Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) for a while in Neighbours and for a moment there it looked like she’d lose everything; her freedom, her baby, and even her life, if Andrea (Madeleine West) had her way. But hero Toadie (Ryan Moloney) saves the day and finds a way to get her out of jail. It’s great news all round, but of course, that is if she makes it to release day.

Toadie’s work pays off, he manages to orchestrate her release from jail after a bit of careful investigative work having noticed something was up with her sentencing. He tries to push her release through as quickly as possible, but will he manage to arrange it in time?

He has no idea how much danger she’s in – while he’s busy with the paperwork, Elly finds herself the centre of a dangerous tussle, caused by none other than Andrea. Her freedom is right there within her grasp, but Andrea could be about to take it right away.

The violence escalates and it’s looking like Elly might not make it to her release, but at the last minute she is saved when a prison officer comes to tell her about her release and is forced to break up the fight.

Now comes the big news for her and the bombshell is dropped; not only does she learn she’s free, but also that Claudia tried to steal her baby, and that Shaun didn’t die in an avalanche after all. How will a fragile Elly react to all of this huge news? While she might be free physically, mentally it might not be the case.

Huge changes are a foot for Elly as she gets used to the idea of no longer having to pee in front of other people, as Shaun gallantly returns beautiful baby Aster to her family so she’ll be ready and waiting for her when she gets out.

Realising the gravity of what she’s done, Claudia takes herself off to the police station. And when she’s later confronted by the Kennedy women, it further sinks in and she realises just what’s become of her. Perhaps she’s not entirely evil after all as it appears she does actually have a conscience.

Elly now has to face the reality of leaving prison and returning to life on Ramsay Street. She has a lot to get her head around, and so does Shaun. Shaun feels cut off when the family rush to comfort each other, leaving him to fend for himself despite what he’s also lost and adjusting to.

But he picks up on something – whenever Elly has the chance to leave the house, she quietly declines. Is there something wrong here?

Scenes air from Monday 8th June on Channel 5.

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Where is Killing Eve season 3 filmed? Locations of BBC Drama – The Sun

Killing Eve fans were put out of their misery as Villanelle and Eve Polastri returned to the BBC for a third season on Monday, April 13 2020.
It take viewers on a journey to London, Spain, and the far-flung edges of rural Russia.

Where is Killing Eve season 3 filmed?


Although we don't know all of the London locations used, in August 2019, the series was spotted filming in a pub in the capital.

The popular show was seen being filmed in the Bar Malden, in the New Malden area.

Fans took to Twitter to share their joy at the show being filmed again in London, with one saying: "Killing Eve filming in New Malden in a pub rn (sic)"

Whilst another said: "Killing Eve is apparently being filmed in new malden which is known for being a koreantown and i’m crying at the possibility of meeting eve (sic)"


The BBC have told us that Barcelona is used in the new series.

However, we don't know whereabouts the show is shot there.

The city is a perfect location for Killing Eve.

Previously they have used Paris, Rome and Amsterdam as locations.


Although the audience is lead to believe that filming took place in Russia, this isn't actually the case.

In an interview with Killing Eve Executive producer, Sally Woodward Gentle reveals more on the locations.

She said that exterior shots were made in Romanian villages, which were made to look as if it was Russia. The interior of which was all set in a London soundstage.


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Royal family decides there is no way back for Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew is a ‘busted flush’: Royal family decides there is no way back for Duke and he will never return to public duties six months after car-crash Epstein interview

  • Royal family have ‘no plans to review’ Prince Andrew’s retirement from public life
  • He stepped back from his duties ‘for the foreseeable future’ at end of last year
  • It followed his car crash Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis in November
  • Duke since faced more controversies leading sources to brand him ‘busted flush’

The royal family have ‘no plans to review’ Prince Andrew’s retirement from public life following a series of controversies, sources say. 

The beleaguered royal stepped back from his duties ‘for the foreseeable future’ following his car crash Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis last year.

Since then, the Duke of York has faced a series of controversies leading sources to brand him a ‘busted flush’ with a ‘toxic’ presence, The Sunday Times reported. 

In the November interview, he attempted to ‘set the record straight’ by speaking about allegations that he had sex with 17-year-old Virginia Roberts three times, which he has stringently denied.

The royal family have ‘no plans to review’ Prince Andrew’s retirement from public life following a series of controversies, sources say. Pictured: The royal family during Trooping The Colour last year

In his Newsnight interview last year, the Duke spoke about allegations that he had sex with 17-year-old Virginia Roberts three times (pictured together), which he has stringently denied

But he was widely condemned for showing a lack of remorse over his friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The interview triggered days of catastrophic headlines and caused a string of businesses and charities to desert him. 

In March, the Duke of York hired PR expert Mark Gallagher, nicknamed ‘the backroom fixer’, to deal with the fallout from the scandal.

Mr Gallagher previously helped exonerate VIPs falsely accused of paedophilia by fantasist Carl Beech in 2014.

The beleaguered royal stepped back from his duties ‘for the foreseeable future’ following his car crash Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis (pictured) last year

The Prince (right) faced further controversy earlier this month after £355,297 paid to his private secretary Amanda Thirsk (left) was branded an ‘unauthorised trustee benefit’

The Prince faced further controversy earlier this month after £355,297 paid to his private secretary was branded an ‘unauthorised trustee benefit’.

Amanda Thirsk, the Duke of York’s long-standing private secretary who resigned shortly after the disastrous BBC Newsnight interview last year, was given the money as payment for her work as trustee of the Prince Andrew Charitable Trust (PACT).

The Queen’s third son is also currently in a dispute alongside his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson over a £6million debt for their £18million ski chalet in Verbier, Switzerland. 

Prince Andrew, 60, has enlisted the services of Mark Gallagher (left), nicknamed ‘the backroom fixer’, to deal with the fallout of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal

It has today been reported that The Queen is to pay the debt after a French socialite threatened to drag the case through the courts, it is claimed.

Her Majesty will end the feud between the Duke and Duchess of York and Isabelle de Rouvre, who sold the Switzerland luxury chalet to them for £18million in 2014. 

The socialite is now pursuing them in court, after alleging they did not pay the remaining £6.7million for Chalet Helora.

An insider told US magazine Air Mail that the Queen will pay the debt herself to avoid Prince Andrew being dragged through the courts. 

Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

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