Meghan Markle believed 'there was a conspiracy theory against her'

Meghan Markle was ‘convinced’ royal courtiers had a ‘conspiracy’ against her and felt ‘like an outsider from the start’, a friend tells The Times

  • Meghan Markle, 38, and Prince Harry, 35, are living in $18 million LA mansion
  • Sources have now revealed that the Duchess felt ‘unfulfilled’ in the royal family 
  • Told Katie Nicholl: ‘Meghan was convinced there was a conspiracy against her’
  • Said Meghan’s ‘big plan’ had ‘always been LA’, while Harry feels ‘lonely’ in the US

Meghan Markle was ‘convinced there was a conspiracy theory’ and courtiers were working ‘against her’ once she joined The Firm, according to a royal expert. 

The Duke, 35, and Duchess of Sussex, 38, stepped back from royal duty in March and   moved to actor Tyler Perry’s $18 million Hollywood home with their son Archie, one, last month having stepped back from royal duty in March.

But one of her friends has now revealed how the Duchess ‘felt like an outsider from the start’ of her time in The Firm.

Speaking to royal editor Katie Nicholl for The Times, the source explained: ‘She was convinced there was a conspiracy against her and so she basically put herself in isolation when they moved to Frogmore.’

Meghan Markle, 38, became convinced ‘there was a conspiracy theory against her’ within the royal family, a royal insider has told reporter Katie Nicholl 

They went on: ‘I think she felt like an outsider from the start. This wasn’t the life she was used to and she wanted out.’

Another insider explained how the Duchess had struggled after giving birth to Archie, feeling ‘lonely’ in Windsor and ‘unfulfilled’ by royal duty. 

Katie detailed how friends worried Meghan was ‘burning out’ as she threw herself into two huge work projects, from guest-editing the September issue of Vogue to launching the Smart Works collection.   

After announcing their plans to step back from royal duty in January, the couple initially moved to Canada, before they went on to relocate to LA as countries shut down borders amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped back from royal duty at the end of March, before moving to Los Angeles 

Sources said that after the Queen refuted their desire to be ‘half-in, half-out’, the couple had their sights set on moving to LA.

An insider detailed how Canada was ‘never going to be their forever home’, adding: ‘The big plan, for Meghan at least, was always LA.’  

Meanwhile another friend explained that it was ‘not easy’ for Prince Harry  in the states, without an ‘established life’.

They added that the Duke feels ‘lonely and directionless’ in the US, similar to how Meghan had felt in the UK.

The Sussexes are currently living in the ultra-luxury Beverly Hills hideout that belongs to Hollywood tycoon Tyler Perry

But royal biographer Omid Scobie said the couple still have big plans for the next few years, and are basing their working model on Barack and Michelle Obama.

He said their plans were ‘not too dissimilar’ from what the former president created after leaving the White House and setting up Higher Ground production company.

He pointed to the Obama’s multiyear production deal with Netflix to produce films and documentaries covering topics like race, class and civil rights. 

According to the royal expert, Prince Harry and Meghan ‘had an agenda from the outset’ to become ‘international roving royals’

It comes after Katie claimed that the Duke and Duchess ‘had an agenda from the outset’ to become international ‘roving royals’.

She told Australian website 9Honey: ‘I was told from a very early stage in their courtship, they had told a friend of Harry’s that Meghan met quite early on that they wanted to international roving royals and that was going to be their focus.’

Royal expert Katie Nicholl called it ‘inevitable’ that the couple would move overseas but said the speed at which their lives had turned around had ‘surprised everybody.’ 

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Is Meghan Markle Going to be Gwyneth Paltrow's Biggest Competitor?

There was Pepper Potts in Iron Man. Next up was “conscious uncoupling.” Then, there was Goop. Actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow is well-known — though not exactly well-liked — for a multitude of controversial things. Goop, however, is her signature “thing.” The lifestyle brand has become iconic, and it looks as though she may soon be facing some royal competition.

Before Meghan, Duchess of Sussex became a member of the royal family, she was best-known as an actress and style icon who ran her own influential lifestyle site: The Tig. But when Meghan and Prince Harry publicly confirmed their relationship in 2017, the Suits actress shut down the site.

The couple officially stepped down from the royal family and moved to LA earlier this year, and rumors are swirling that The Tig is being resurrected. There is arguably no one better suited to be a lifestyle expert than a commoner-turned-princess, so it’s safe to assume the world would (re)welcome The Tig with open arms. The big question is, is there enough room for more than one famous influencer-backed lifestyle brand?

What is GOOP?

RELATED: How Gwyneth Paltrow Really Feels About Her Goop Critics

In 2008, Paltrow started Goop as a weekly email newsletter to share recipes and style tips with friends. Its name, as it turns out, doesn’t actually mean anything.

In a 2009 USA Today interview, Paltrow explained: “It is a nickname, like my name is G.P. […] I wanted it to be a word that means nothing and could mean anything.” Branding expert Peter Arnell previously told Paltrow that “all successful internet companies have double o’s in their name,” and thus, Goop was created. Arnell wasn’t exactly right, but he wasn’t wrong, either: Just look at Google, Facebook, and Yahoo.

Goop has come a long, long way. Today, it’s worth over $250 million and there seems to be Goop-branded everything. There are Goop Lab stores, including a posh Manhattan boutique that carries luxury handbags and clothing with four-figure price tags.

You can buy Goop skincare, candles (including an extremely controversial scent), clothing, vitamins, and even sex toys. Netflix debuted The Goop Lab in early 2020, there’s a Goop magazine, and the first-ever “Goop at Sea” is scheduled to set sail in August 2020, in partnership with Celebrity Cruises.

In addition to everything Goop sells and pitches to consumers, the brand has gained notoriety for doling out controversial — and less-than-scientific — medical advice. 

Will Meghan relaunch The Tig?

Before Meghan shut down The Tig, it was a tremendous success. The site had an overall lifestyle focus, and Meghan’s writing had a highly approachable, girlfriend-next-door vibe.

She frequently posted candid selfies, dropped the f-bomb, and shared intimate details about growing up biracial. Perhaps most notably, while Meghan offered shopping advice and shared her personal wishlists, The Tig didn’t actually sell anything. 

Meghan’s business manager filed court paperwork in late 2019 to renew The Tig’s trademark through the end of 2021. A source who’s considered an expert on all things royal, Myka Meier, recently said on the Royally Obsessed podcast that she has some insider knowledge that Meghan is “already working on something” and she believes she’s working with “masterminds from all over the world.” 

A relaunch of The Tig makes perfect sense: When the prince and princess left the royal family, they forfeited public funding, which means they are essentially on their own in terms of finances. Affiliate partnerships and collaborations alone could potentially bring in millions of dollars in income. Meghan is also a bit of an unconventional royal, so using digital and social media to advance her causes is a natural fit. 

It may not be a competition

Reports and royal experts agree that Meghan’s blog will make a comeback. Meier said: “I think she’s going to do a Goop, like a new version of The Tig … I really think that’s coming.”

“I have a friend with a little bit of insider knowledge, and I think she’s already working on something,” Meier added. “I think we will be seeing something very interesting and creative with masterminds from all over the world coming together to bring something inspiring soon.”

The Tig’s trademark renewal and the Sussexes royal departure has fans wondering what Meghan’s impact could be for Goop. While there may be some similarities between the brands, the space is plenty big for (at least) one more celeb.

Cravings by Chrissy Teigen and Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh are already part of the lifestyle site club, and everyone exists harmoniously. Plus, Paltrow and the Duchess of Sussex are about as different as they come, so they’ll likely have completely different follower demographics.

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What Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Gifted Each Other on 2nd Anniversary

Lucky in love! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrated their second year of marriage on Tuesday, May 19, and rang in the occasion with a couple of heartfelt gifts.

“Meghan designed Harry’s card, and handwrote a beautiful, sentimental message inside expressing her love for him,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. “Harry surprised Meghan with a huge, stunning bouquet of roses and a ring, which she loves.”

Two years after exchanging their vows in front of huge crowds at St George’s Chapel in England, the duo wanted to share a more intimate celebration of their love as they settle into their new Los Angeles home. Meghan, 38, and Harry, 35, moved to California in March after their temporary stay in Canada in the wake of their royal exit. Us confirmed earlier this month that the pair has been living in Tyler Perry‘s multimillion-dollar mansion with their 12-month-old son, Archie.

“The most important thing to them was that they got to enjoy each other’s company without any interruption from the outside world,” the insider adds.

Since their step down from the royal family was made official in March, the former Suits star and the prince have been working hard on a number of new projects — and were even seen volunteering with a local charity to deliver meals to those in need in Los Angeles. While the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the country, the duo has done their part to provide a sense of hope to their community and others around the globe.

“Hats off to every single one of you for surviving, but also for thriving,” Harry told patrons of OnSide’s Youth Zones organization earlier this month. “You guys have the strength to pull through, and you have the support of the OnSide community, the OnSide family to help you through that process. … This too shall pass.”

Meghan, for her part, has spent her time away from the royal family spotlight to reconnect with volunteers at nonprofits like Crisis Text Line and Smart Works. The retired actress has also been in touch with her mother, Doria Ragland, and has found new happiness since settling down stateside.

“They’re very content and happy to finally be all settled in,” a source previously told Us of the former royal couple. “And of course, Meghan feels more at home too and she’s really starting to feel like herself again.”

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Crashed a Zoom Meeting and I'm So Jealous of the People on That Call

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may also be constrained by the coronavirus quarantine and unable to live their normal lives, but it seems like the couple is doing their best to support charitable foundations and do as much good as they can.

So far, Harry and Meghan have been spotted delivering food to people who have chronic illnesses, Meghan shared an adorable video of her reading to baby Archie to support the foundation Save the Children UK, and Harry has also shared a public message of support for the Invictus Games Foundation, which is a foundation that hosts events for wounded, injured, and sick service personnel. And now they can add another good deed to their list: Bringing some cheer to the people at Crisis Text Line, which provides mental health services for anyone who wants them.

Earlier this week, Meghan and Harry decided to crash one of the organization’s Zoom calls, and it seems like the other people on the call were pretty excited about it! One person shared a screenshot which was then reposted by a royal fan account with the caption, “Meghan and Harry made a surprise appearance for a @crisistextline staff meeting yesterday! @ricky.nealx shared this photo on twitter saying ‘… still shocked that Meghan and Harry took over our staff meeting yesterday!’ This is the first time we have seen the couple together via Zoom since quarantine began! 💻”

And just in case you’re wondering whether or not Meghan and Harry will be doing more Zoom crashing, last month a source shared that “Harry and Meghan’s number one priority right now is helping those affected by the virus, especially the vulnerable,” so it seems like they’ll keep coming up with creative ways to support foundations and people in need.

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Meghan Markle speaks Spanish with an Argentine accent

Meghan Markle’s Spanish former personal trainer reveals the duchess is ‘sympathetic’ and spoke to him in his native tongue when he instructed her in kickboxing and martial arts

  • Jorge Blanco trained Meghan while she was living in Canada filming Suits
  • Trainer, also worked with Chris Hemsworth and Drake, said she loved martial arts
  • He said the former actress spoke to him in Spanish  but had an Argentine accent
  • Meghan worked as  junior press office in US Embassy in Buenos Aires aged 20

Meghan Markle’s former personal trainer revealed he enjoyed training the royal because she was ‘sympathetic’.

Jorge Blanco, originally from Zaragoza, Spain, lives in Toronto and trained Meghan in martial arts, kickboxing and boxing while she was based in the city filming US legal drama Suits.  

Speaking to Spanish Vanity Fair, the Men’s Health cover star said the royal used to speak to him in Spanish but with an Argentine accent.  

Jorge Blanco, who was born in Zaragoza, Spain but now lives in Toronto, trained Meghan in martial arts, kickboxing and boxing while she was filming Suits

‘I had a great time training with her because she is super sympathetic and also speaks Spanish with an Argentine accent,’ he said. 

While studying for her degree in International Relations, Meghan, then 20, worked as as a junior press officer at the American embassy in Argentina. 

Jorge, who is a trained lawyer and is know as ‘Spaniard’ to his clients added he would be happy to train Meghan again, and even invited Harry to join her. 

The trainer, who also works with Chirs Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky, Drake  and Robert Pattinson, added that he spends half the month travelling the world to see workout with his famous clients.   

Meghan Markle’s former personal trainer has revealed he use to speak to the Duchess in Spanish, and that she has an Argentine accent

The Duchess of Sussex’ passion for fitness is well known and she’s openly talked about her love of Lagree, pilates and yoga in the past. 

Discussing her love for yoga, Meghan told Canada’s Women’s Health in 2015 that the practice was ‘in her blood’. 

‘There are so many benefits that come with the practice of yoga…increased flexibility and muscle strength, greater happiness, increased mental focus, a greater ability to relax, decreased anxiety and better sleep.’

The Duchess of Sussex’ passion for fitness is well known and she’s openly talked about her love of Lagree, pilates and yoga in the past. She is pictured with Harry in Cape Town last year

She also said that Lagree – known as Power Pilates – is ‘hands down the best thing you can do for your body’. 

Sebastien Lagree, who founded her favourite workout previously told FEMAIL Meghan works out at Studio Lagree in London and Power Pilates in LA.

Craig McNamee, who also trained Meghan in Toronto, has also revealed Meghan would undertake 45 minute sessions three to four times week beginning with a cardio warm-up, moving on to stretching followed by a circuit concentrating on her posture ‘since she was on-screen’

Speaking to Women’s Health he said he made sure Meghan focused on exercises that worked her glutes, back and hamstrings as well as core workouts focusing on the abs, back, obliques, pelvic floor. 

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Meghan Markle Praised by 'Duck! Rabbit!' Author's Widower After Archie Video

Keeping her memory alive. Meghan Markle was thanked by late author Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s husband after reading Duck! Rabbit! to her son, Archie, on his 1st birthday.

“Although Meghan Markle is clearly one of the most famous people in the world, seeing her read Duck! Rabbit! to her son Archie was so relatable to any parent anywhere,” Jason Rosenthal said in a statement on Wednesday, May 6, after seeing his wife’s work read aloud on video. “There he was squirming around, smiling and just being a regular little boy. What a testament to Amy that her book has such meaning to so many families.”

The Suits alum, 38, and Prince Harry celebrated their little one’s big day with a new video in partnership with Save the Children and No Kid Hungry’s latest project, Save With Stories, supporting coronavirus relief funds. While his mom was reading the children’s book, the birthday boy wiggled in her arms and babbled along in Meghan’s lap. Harry, 35, cheered from behind the camera.

Jason couldn’t have been more proud to see how his wife’s words continue to bring joy to children across the world and was touched that Meghan and the prince helped carry on her legacy. Amy, a well-known children’s book author, passed away from ovarian cancer in March 2017 — just days after her heartbreaking contribution to the New York TimesModern Love column went viral.

Amy’s final work quickly gained popularity, as she gave her husband permission to move on after her death. Earlier this year, Jason opened up about overcoming loss while in isolation in an honest segment on CBS News ahead of the release of his new memoir, My Wife Said You May Want to Marry Me.

“After my loss, many people reached out to me with their own stories, and I came to an epiphany of sorts that I am reminded of today: that loss is loss is loss, unique to each one of us, yet a shared story for us all,” he said. “As you are isolated, feeling a sense of tremendous loss and grief, know that those are normal feelings as we manage this crisis. We can be alone, together.”

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Meghan Markle Stays Fit With Her Favorite Coconut Chai Smoothie — and It's Super Easy

Before Meghan Markle was the Duchess of Sussex, she was Meghan Markle, the actress and lover of all things wellness. And her side gig was running her lifestyle blog, The Tig. These days, everyone is looking for ways to stay healthy while staying home. And Meghan’s coconut chai smoothie recipe is one that’s super healthy and simple to put together.

Meghan has always cared a lot about wellness

Prior to Meghan’s stint as a royal, she ran a successfullifestyle and wellness blog, which was a direct reflection of her interestsaside from acting. Meghan’s mother was a full-time social worker, but on theside, she taught yoga. Meghan learned from a young age what it meant to takecare of oneself, and when she met Prince Harry, her wellness habits rubbed offon him, too.

Meghan reportedly helped harry drop 10 pounds and quit smoking prior to the couple’s wedding in May 2019. And there were rumors that she even made her own baby food for Archie.

The duchess uses yoga to relieve stress from her busy life

The duchess has always loved yoga, thanks to her mother. And when she first joined the royal family, there was certainly a lot of stress with adjusting to an entirely new level of fame. Meghan reportedly did yoga to help keep that stress away, and it’s something she’s been passionate about since she was a child. Meghan has been spotted walking to yoga class (pre-royal) and reportedly even snuck in a class when she was back in New York City last year to support BFF Serena Williams during the U.S. Open.

Meghan’s coconut chai smoothie recipe is super easy

Meghan isn’t a full vegan, like most people think; she oncerevealed in an interviewwith Michelle Obama for British Vogue that she tries “to eat vegan during theweek and then have a little bit more flexibility with what I dig into on theweekends.” But the duchess does still eat meat; she revealed that she askedObama to help her with her British Vogue project “over a casual lunch of chickentacos.”

When it comes to Meghan’severyday favorites, though, she loves starting her day with smoothies.Possibly because they’re easy to bring on-the-go, and with such a busyschedule, she needs something she can take with her. The duchess’ coconut chaismoothie is super healthy — it has quite a few ingredients, but everything iseasy to find, so anyone can make it.

Start with 4 ounces of coconut milk and 8 ounces of almond milk. Add 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1/2 teaspoon fresh ginger, 1 teaspoon lucuma powder (available on Amazon), 1/4 teaspoon all spice, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon cardamom, 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper, a pinch of sea salt, and stevia (or another artificial sweetener) to taste. Simply blend the ingredients at high speed, and it’s good to go. The recipe originally came from wellness coach Jennie Miremadi, and Meghan shared it to her website in January 2017.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reportedly Love Their Now-Iconic Rain Photo

Thanks to royal family photographer Samir Hussein, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have a new favorite photo.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Hussein shares that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were “really happy” with the now-iconic snapshot the photographer captured of the royal couple back in March. The photo in question was from the 2020 Endeavour Fund Awards in London—one of the last public appearances from the couple as active working royals— where Hussein captured the pair beaming at each other whilst under an umbrella as they arrived to the event.

“The picture that I took of Harry and Meghan in the rain recently, I’ve never had a reaction to a picture like that one. In terms of the reaction I’ve had from people, that’s got to be the most iconic from that point of view,” Hussein told Us Weekly. “I spoke to some of their team and they were really happy about it and talking about it.”

The photographer—who had spent time photographing the couple all around the world over the past few years, including locations such as Australia, Fiji and Africa—expressed how he’ll miss being able to capture images of the pair due to their recent relocation to Los Angeles this spring.

“I’m really disappointed that I won’t get to photograph them so much anymore,” admitted Hussein. “I hope to get to photograph them [again].”

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Quarantine Meals Are More Civilian Than Celebrity Chef

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been affecting many people around the world. As countries try to “flatten the curve,” both celebrities and average citizens alike have been hunkering down in their homes and avoiding physical contact with others.

Before the pandemic, royals like Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry lived life differently than most other people, especially since they had household staff members to take care of businesses around their house. However, COVID-19 has given Meghan and Prince Harry a new normal. It has been reported that these days the couple are surprisingly quite relatable with their daily routines.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are currently in Los Angeles

Earlier this year, Meghan and Prince Harry announced that they had decided to step away from their role as senior members of the royal family. The couple shared that they wanted to be financially independent as well as spend more time in North America.

Since late last year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has been residing in North America, only making trips back to the United Kingdom occasionally for work and family reasons. They lived in Canada for a few months before moving to Los Angeles in March.

It has been reported that Meghan and Prince Harry are currently residing in a “secluded compound” in the Hollywood area and riding out the COVID-19 pandemic with their son. Sources believe that this will not be their permanent home, however, and they are still looking for another place that can offer them more privacy.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are cooking their meals at home

With the pandemic in full swing, Meghan and Prince Harry are keeping their distance from other people. Because of this, it seems that their household does not include a lot of staff members at the moment, and they are living like many average folks.

An insider told Us Weekly: “Harry says moving to L.A. has been liberating. They order from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, and they don’t have a chef right now, so Meghan often cooks.”

Even before they decided to move to North America, Meghan was already cooking a lot for Prince Harry and their son, Archie. The former actress is known for her healthy lifestyle that includes a lot of nutritious, homemade meals. Back when she used to have a personal blog online, she often liked to share recipes with fans, so it’s clear that cooking is something she excels at.

Is Prince Harry feeling isolated from his family back in the UK?

Since travel is extremely limited nowadays, Prince Harry cannot go back to the UK as easily. According to a few sources, this has been tough for him to deal with.

His father, Prince Charles, was diagnosed with COVID-19 a few weeks ago. An insider shared that Prince Harry was “overwhelmed with feelings of guilt” for being far away from his family during this trying time. Prince Harry also allegedly “confessed to feeling beyond helpless” at the current situation.

Additionally, royal commentator Angela Mollard believes that Prince Harry might also be feeling “tremendously isolated” since he is an ocean away from the life that he grew up with.

“Of all the times to move apart from the royal family, I can imagine that right now he feels tremendously isolated,” Mollard said. “Everybody, of course, is isolated but he is not just isolated from his family, he is isolated on the other side of the world. He is just with Meghan and their son, they will be having no contact with friends and he can’t engage with anything purposeful at the moment.

However, despite being physically on another continent, it has been said that he keeps in touch with Prince William and Queen Elizabeth regularly. Perhaps once the pandemic is over and Prince Harry finds his footing in America, things could be a lot easier for him and his family.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle help ‘friendly’ journalists pen bombshell biography amid palace fears – The Sun

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry are helping two journalist pals write a bombshell biography that could pile further pain on the royal family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reportedly given an interview to the "friendly" authors of Thoroughly Modern Royals: The Real World Of Harry And Meghan.

The 320-page book is said to portray a positive image of the couple and their explosive decision to step down as senior royals, Mail on Sunday reports.

It is being written by Omid Scobie, who is close to the couple and was one of the few journalists given details of their video call with Archie to the Queen on her 94th birthday.

The second author of the book – due to be released on August 11 – is US journalist Carolyn Durand, who has been covering the royals for 15 years and is also friendly with the pair.

It comes after Harry and Meghan’s decision not to engage with some British newspapers including The Sun following their move to LA.


Those close to the Queen are now understood to be worried about what Harry and Meghan might have divulged, the newspaper reports.

The book was started as cracks began to emerge between Meghan and the rest of the royal family in the lead-up to her wedding in May 2018.

Friends of the ex-actress are said to have contacted the authors to set the record straight, with the biography then delayed when Harry and Meghan quit the firm.

Now the family fear further upset as the biography will explore the open wounds left in the wake of Megxit – including the Queen's hurt at the decision and Prince Charles' fury.


It comes after the pair's sensational interview with pal Tom Bradby where Harry admitted there was a rift with brother Prince William.

Bradby said earlier this year a tell-all interview could damage the monarchy as it continues to grapple with the Megxit fallout and the Prince Andrew scandal.

The biography has echoes of Princess Diana's tell-all biography with respected journalist Andrew Morton in 1992 that laid the "true story" of her marriage to Prince Charles bare.

But insiders have pointed out Morton was a British hack with years of experience on Fleet Street behind him.

Former private secretary Patrick Jephson wrote in the Mail on Sunday: "Collaborating with pliable authors and magazine journalists while shunning those deemed awkward is standard Royal practice, but for Harry and Meghan it's not just about image – for them it's business: a vital part of the self-branding and marketing process."

The Duchess of Sussex has launched legal action against Associated Newspapers, publisher of the Mail on Sunday and MailOnline, after it published a "private and confidential" handwritten note she sent to her father.

She is seeking damages for alleged misuse of private information, copyright infringement and breach of the Data Protection Act.

It is understood Harry and Meghan joined a virtual preliminary hearing at the High Court from LA on Thursday.

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