Cole DeBoer: Check Out My New Hot(ter) Body!

Which Teen Mom dad do you think is the most attractive? Trick question: it's obviously Cole DeBoer, Chelsea Houska's husband and the father of her two youngest children. Sure, you might have a different type, like maybe you're more into the emotionally abusive bad boy thing that Ryan Edwards had going on in earlier seasons, that's popular. Or maybe you […]

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Hello, My Name Is… Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell may have the bigger bank balance, but I had the name first. Only just, mind you.  Up until the early 2000s, I thought I was the only one. I had been presenting programmes about wildlife since the 1980s and by 1996 I had a series called Wildlife SOS with Channel 5, which ran for 18 years.  Ricky Gervais […]

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