Biden campaign boots reporter off Wall Street fundraising call

The White House pool reporter assigned to cover Joe Biden’s fundraising call with Wall Street fat cats Thursday evening was booted off the call when it came time for the former veep to take questions.

NBC News pool reporter Marianna Sotomayor said she listened to Biden’s opening remarks but was “quickly kicked off the phone call” once he opened the forum for questions, Fox News reported.

“The last thing your pooler heard was Biden thanking donors and saying he was ‘open to questions before a voice said “goodbye,” she wrote.

She added that her report was “written based just on his opening remarks because your pooler was quickly kicked off the phone call when Biden said he was ready to take questions from any of the 25 donors present.”

The abrupt end of the call raised speculation about transparency.

Rufus Gifford, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, said in a statement that “tonight’s event was a new format as we enter a new phase of the general election campaign.”

The Trump campaign took to Twitter to criticize the former vice president’s campaigns move.

“Joe Biden held a virtual video fundraiser tonight with wealthy Wall Street donors,” the campaign wrote.

“But reporters weren’t allowed to see the video or know the identity of the donors. And the Biden campaign kicked the reporters off the phone before Biden started to answer questions.”

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Ex-ITN reporter Ken Rees dead aged 76 – Legendary TV correspondent dies of cancer – The Sun

LEGENDARY ex-ITN reporter Ken Rees has died of cancer aged 76.

Ken was a familiar face on television throughout the 80s and 90s – covering stories from around the world.

He reported on the civil war in Beirut, the Falklands campaign and the first Gulf War in 1991.

After working as the northern correspondent, Ken was sent to the ITN Washington office in the mid-80s.

He worked alongside the then resident reporter Jon Snow.

He was named reporter of the year by the Royal Television Society in 1986.

Judges praised him for "his ability to report effectively and sympathetically on every kind of story from hard news to personal human tragedy".

Nigel Hancock, his former chief news editor at ITN, said: "Ken was a legend in television news.

"He stood near six-and-a-half feet tall and when he came to town, its people knew it.

"I have never known a reporter more determined to track down the news, to find that sometimes illusory truth."


His former ITN colleague John Toker also paid tribute, saying: "Ken Rees had a voracious appetite for a story and was ultra-competitive in his approach, an attitude which made him beloved of his ITN news editors and producers and feared by his opposites at the BBC and the American news organisations.

"The fact that he stood 6ft 5in tall and, unusually for the time, wore a beard, meant he could impose himself and take charge of any media scrum. And he often did."

Ken is survived by his wife Lynne, son Christian, daughter Samantha, and three grandchildren.

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