Trump says he’s ‘law and order president’ and vows to send the ARMY to quell riots as blasts echo near White House – The Sun

DONALD Trump declared himself a "president of law and order" in a speech on Monday, stating he would be deploying "thousands" of military personnel to combat nationwide unrest.

Speaking in the Rose Garden, Trump said: "America is founded on the rule of law," before adding, "if malice or violence reigns, then none of us are free."

Trump was speaking at a time when America has been gripped by protests and unrest, its citizens have taken to the streets to showcase their anger at police brutality and racism.

As the president spoke, loud explosions could be heard in the background as tear gas was fired on protestors just outside the White House gates.

Overhead, the constant sound of a helicopter sounded as Trump declared his intention to call on the military to help uphold laws and end nationwide looting.

Trump said: "My first and highest duty as president is to defend our great country and the American people.

"I swore an oath to uphold the laws of our nation and that is exactly what I will do."

The president said that justice would be served for George Floyd, the unarmed black man who died after a white police knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes.

Nationwide protests were sparked after a video of Floyd's death was released, and Trump declared himself an "ally of all peaceful protestors."

Such protests, however, have spawned outbreaks of looting, with Trump declaring he would deploy "thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers, military personnel and law enforcement officers" to bring order.

Over recent days, calls from the Republican donors and those on Capitol Hill have increases as Trump supporters have looked for the president to address the nationwide unrest.

Minutes after his speech, Trump walked out of the White House to pay tribute to a nearby church that caught first during the unrest.

In a shock move, Trump, guarded by military personnel, headed past peaceful protests and graffiti that was a result of the recent demonstrations.

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Olivia Attwood says she’s ‘melting’ without Botox in lockdown and she and footballer boyfriend are ‘killing each other’ – The Sun

FOOTBALLERS are excited about the season resuming – but not as much as their Wags.

The glamorous other halves hope the players’ return to the pitch means it won’t be long until they are fulfilling fixtures of their own, at nail bars, beauty salons and hairdressers which have been closed for lockdown.

Former Love Islander Olivia Attwood, fiancée of 26-year-old Blackburn Rovers ace Bradley Dack, says she barely recognises herself after going so long without Botox.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, the 29-year-old model said: “I’m not getting any younger so I like a few enhancements and a bit of Botox, but that’s all gone. I feel like I’m melting away — I look at the mirror and say, ‘Who is this girl? I don’t know her’.”

And it’s not just fillers that Olivia is craving. She added: “I’m now a brunette for the first time in 11 years. As soon as I was old enough to colour my hair I’ve been dyeing it religiously and all I have now are these straggly blonde bits on the ends.

“I usually have a laser hair removal once a month so things are looking a bit crazy down there. I’ve had to get a razor out, which has been traumatising. They lied when they said laser removal lasts for ever.

“And I’ve resorted to stick-on nails like a 12-year-old girl. But to be fair, at least they look real and part of me looks like I’ve got it together. I didn’t even try to paint them myself as I knew it wouldn’t have been successful.”

The one major bonus during lockdown is the weather, so Olivia hasn’t had to worry too much about her tan — not that she has been able to enjoy al fresco champagne brunches with her fellow Wags near her flat in Manchester.

Olivia said: “We used to do brunches and be out at Rosso’s on a Friday night. We were all messaging yesterday how much we missed it. We can’t even meet up in groups of six like we’ve been told you can now, because the club has asked us not to.

"They don’t want us going out to the park, getting p***ed together and coming home and giving our partners coronavirus.”

At the Selfridges near where I live, the personal shoppers have gone back to work and I did get a delivery of some essentials recently — Chanel sandals.

And the fact that High Street stores have continued to offer online services has not satisfied Olivia’s love of shopping. She said: “I miss it so much. I’ve saved a lot of money during lockdown because I have got a problem when it comes to shopping.

“It’s the most I’ve saved since I’ve been alive. Online shopping does nothing for me. I like to go into the shop, see the items and I love the adrenalin rush of buying something at the till.”

However, Olivia has managed to make one purchase that only a Wag would deem “essential”.

She said: “At the Selfridges near where I live, the personal shoppers have gone back to work and I did get a delivery of some essentials recently — Chanel sandals.”

Even so, not being able to splash her cash on clothes has given Olivia some much- needed perspective on her spending.

She said: “It’s made me assess how much money I’ve spent on crap. You always think money is a never-ending pot, but with work slowing down, it has been a reality check that I do need to stop spending for the sake of it.

“Handbags are my weakness. If ever Brad does anything wrong, he always tries to bait me with a handbag. They have some power over me — I’ve got around 200.

But I won’t tell you how much I spend on clothes, as my dad will read this and take me out of his will. It’s been a horrendous amount at times. Lockdown has matured me.”

Championship clubs were told on Sunday that their season will resume on June 20, three days after the Premier League, so Olivia has nearly three more weeks until Bradley is out from under her feet.

She admitted that the couple, who got engaged last October, have nearly “killed each other” during lockdown. Indeed, she said living with the attacking midfielder — currently working his way back to full fitness after an injury — was like having a dog.

She said: “It’s been really difficult. I’ve spoken to some of the other girls and they say the same — the boys are so used to having this routine, they know exactly what time they’re meant to eat, run and sleep.

“When it’s taken away from them, they struggle. They’re like, ‘What do we do now’? So to try and copy his schedule, we’ve done lots of walking and cycling. He’s like a golden retriever — you’ve just got to give him loads of exercise and attention.”

Olivia and Bradley are back in their plush Manchester apartment after isolating with her parents in Surrey because they have a garden and more space.

She revealed he replaced the void left by football by getting hooked on computer game Football Manager, which he even plays in the toilet. She said: “He takes his laptop in there and comes out saying he’s just lost against Liverpool.”

But living with a footballer 24/7 does have its perks. Olivia gets daily healthy meals cooked by Bradley and he has also turned into her unofficial personal trainer.

She said: “Without blowing my own trumpet, I do feel fitter. I dropped him off at the training ground the other day and one of the physios saw me and said, ‘God, Liv, you look lean’, and I was like, ‘I do, don’t I’?

“I feel stronger, fitter and healthier because he’s a guy and works out differently to me and I’ve been doing his programmes with him, so that’s one bonus. He’s really tough. We have Apple watches linked up and he always calls me out if I don’t do enough.”

However, while Bradley may know his way around the latest fitness gizmos, when it comes to cleaning appliances, he is an absolute novice — and Olivia revealed he doesn’t even know how to turn on a washing machine.

Consequently she has become his kit man, without even being notified. She said: “The boys are bringing their football kit home now due to the coronavirus and he asked me, ‘Where’s my kit? It’s dirty’, and I was like, ‘I didn’t know I had to wash it’.

“So he’s gone into training in oddbod clothing and I just said to him, ‘You look like such a d***head’, all because he thinks I’m the kit man now.”

But hopefully in a few weeks, normality will return and instead of washing his kit, Olivia will be washing her hair in an expensive salon.

She said: “I’ve been sending them threatening messages, saying, ‘I’m first on the list, you don’t understand how desperate I am’. So the first day they reopen I will be there with my mask on, ready to go.”

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Trump says Biden staffers are working to ‘get the Anarchists out of jail’

President Trump on Monday commented on a report that campaign staffers for Joe Biden donated to a Minnesota organization that is paying bail for protesters to say they are helping to “get the Anarchists out of jail.”

“Sleepy Joe Biden’s people are so Radical Left that they are working to get the Anarchists out of jail, and probably more. Joe doesn’t know anything about it, he is clueless, but they will be the real power, not Joe. They will be calling the shots! Big tax increases for all, Plus!,” the president said on Twitter.

Moments later he tweeted about election day: “NOVEMBER 3RD.”

At least 13 members of the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate’s staff have donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which opposes suspects from having to post cash bail to avoid being locked up before trial, according to a report on Saturday.

Protests and violent riots have been taking place in Minneapolis – and cities around the country – since George Floyd died after a police officer kneeled on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes even as he pleaded: “I can’t breathe.”

A Biden campaign spokesman, Andrew Bates, told Reuters that the former vice president opposes the institution of cash bail as a “modern day debtors’ prison.”

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Anthony Joshua says ‘I do date but I can’t find someone to call my girlfriend and grow old with’ – The Sun

HE’S one of the globe’s biggest sporting stars, with a raft of titles and a legion of adoring fans – but true love is proving tougher to conquer for Anthony Joshua.

The world heavyweight boxing champion today opens up to The Sun about life in lockdown with his family — including becoming “super dad” to his four-year-old son, JJ.

In a world exclusive interview, the 30-year-old fighter also discusses his determination to knock out boxing rival Tyson Fury, his flirtatious quip to The Queen and how sport can help reunite Britain after the Covid-19 crisis.

However, despite all of his accolades, Anthony admits there is one prize which remains as elusive as ever – finding love.

AJ says: “I think you can date and still be a successful sportsman but it’s hard to find a balance and I would have to compromise — which I’ve not felt able to do.

“My dad never gave me advice about much. But in terms of relationships what I have learnt and what I tell my son is, it would be nice to find a high school sweetheart and to grow together because as you get older you get set in your ways.

“For me to have a relationship now means I would have to compromise and change my ways and I don’t know how easy that would be for me to do.

“So I do date but I don’t get to the stage where I actually put anyone into that position.

“I don’t have a girlfriend and I haven’t had one for a while. But as I get older I do think it would be nice to have someone, someone to grow with as well — but I honestly haven’t found anyone.”

Any future girlfriend would have to understand what it’s like to be famous, he believes.


He explains: “Maybe I need to get off the estate and start going to celebrity parties — maybe do something different.

“I hope I will — and probably meeting someone else who understands fame would make sense. I would hope so. But it needs to be someone down to earth, family-orientated – someone who can call my mum their second mum.

“It takes time to grow that and, as I said, now I am older I am stuck in my ways. As I get older it would be nice to bring someone into my world but it’s dependent on who and I just haven’t found someone yet.

“Maybe we can go on a hunt. We have all the time now.”

With boxing currently on hold, Anthony has spent months at home enjoying time with his family at their Watford home.

But after initially embracing home-schooling his son, he admits he has struggled to keep up his efforts as the lockdown continues.

He told how the youngster's attention has gradually drifted away from his dad’s tuition and towards his favourite cartoons instead.

AJ says: “I started off as super-dad and then that slowly went out the window and to be honest he’s watching way too much TV now.

“The only thing he wants to do is watch Paw Patrol and Ryan’s World – there’s no way you’d get him watching Joe Wicks.”

AJ’s success in the ring means little to JJ and his modest dad is perfectly happy with that.

He says: “At home he doesn’t really think of me as a famous boxer or anything like that. I’m not a superstar and he doesn’t think so either. He knows I fight but that’s all.

“I always keep that stuff away from home. I’m not like that at home – and I’m not even like that when I go out, really.”

Soon AJ’s home-schooling will come to an end, although he does not know when yet. The heavyweight says: “The next conversation is about him going back to school — although I’m not too sure if we’ll send my boy back to school just yet.”

Sport is gradually preparing to return, with top-flight football resuming next month — and AJ believes it can help Britain get back on its feet.

He says: “Things are heading in the right direction and as long as it’s safe I think sport could play a big part in helping Britain come out of this — it’s 100 per cent going to help lift people.

“It’s great news about the Premier League and boxing will hopefully follow at some point.

“Sports in Britain, especially football, is part of our culture. It has to come back you know. It is part of our nation’s heritage.

“Once it comes back there will be an uplift of energy in households. It is passed down through families. It is good for communities.”

The whole of Britain wants to see him fight British rival Tyson Fury. AJ wants it, too, saying: “In my own mind I had mentally written off most of this year but, if I was to fight this year, it would probably be November or December.

“It’s difficult at the moment knowing how you cover the costs, and whether you could charge people in the circumstances for pay per view.”


AJ has been determined to stay in shape despite being forced to train alone without his team around him.

He has his own key to his local gym and he says the unusual silence there has actually helped him.

AJ explains: “It’s my lifestyle. That’s what I’ve done all my life – instead of going to college, I went to the school of boxing. I learnt how to fight.

“So I’m still doing my studying, I’m still doing my education but I’ve got a key to my local gym which I’m allowed to go in. You need discipline and that’s one thing I’ve got personally, I don’t need to be told or pushed – it’s in my character.

“I just hit the bags, skip and it’s the first time in my whole boxing career where I’ve been left alone.

"Normally I’ve got someone in my ear, telling me what to do, how to do it and I’ve actually really enjoyed being on my own. It’s been a blessing.

“And there’s nobody to spar with so you don’t get hit — that’s not always a bad thing!”

He went on: “My workout regime is always boxing and it’s one of the things I love most about boxing. Out of all sports, you really don’t need much to get started.

"It’s just a pair of shorts, some trainers, and you can just start shadow boxing straight away.

“Watch some Mike Tyson and you can just pick up some things — that’s what I used to do. I’d watch Mike Tyson a lot and try his moves in the garden.

“Go to the park, shadow box, go running, listen to a bit of Rocky music, get into your mind that you’re a boxer and then you’re good to go.”

He also told how changes in his domestic routine have proved to be highly beneficial.

AJ says: “I never sit in the living room — and for the first time ever I have done. I was sitting outside earlier and I would never normally do that either. I would usually be at the gym, sauna, swimming.

“Of course, Covid has been a global pandemic and awful but for a lot of people, it has helped people find out about themselves and what they want to do.

“They have worked on themselves and spent time with their family. And that has been very positive for me.”

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Jorginho’s agent says Chelsea midfielder is being chased by two top European clubs over summer transfer – The Sun

CHELSEA midfielder Jorginho is being chased by "two top European clubs" according to his agent.

Joao Santos says he has been contacted by both parties in the hope of concluding a summer transfer.

And Santos says that Juventus, strongly linked with a move for the midfielder and managed by former Blues boss Maurizio Sarri, is NOT one of them.

Jorginho had a tough start at Stamford Bridge following a £68million move from Napoli in the summer of 2018.

He was even targetted by sections of the crowd who believed that he was guaranteed a first-team spot under Sarri regardless of how well he played.

But things have actually improved since the Italian boss was given the boot, and Jorginho was enjoying a decent season before coronavirus halted things.

That has alerted a couple of clubs, who have contacted the 28-year-old's agent.

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Dylan Sprouse Says His Love Life Is 'Stronger Than Ever' After Cole's Split

Throwing twin shade? Dylan Sprouse opened up about how quarantine has changed his relationship with Barbara Palvin for the better — just days after Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart called it quits.

“What we’ve come out noticing is that we’re super compatible. It’s like we know when to give each other space. We know when the other needs space. We’ve already divided labor around the house in certain ways,” Dylan, 27, told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, May 28. “There’s things we do in the morning, there’s things we do at night. So I think our relationship … is stronger than ever.”

The Disney Channel alum added that hunkering down together during the coronavirus pandemic has brought him closer to the model, 26, who he began dating in 2018. “I’ll hear the opposite recently, and we just kind of look at each other and are like, ‘I’m just really thankful that’s not the case with us right now,’” Dylan added.

However, the Banana Split star’s twin brother, also 27, can’t say the same. On Monday, May 25, Page Six reported that Cole and Reinhart, 23, split for the second time, eight months after rekindling their romance. The Riverdale costars reconnected in September 2019 following a brief two-month breakup.

Weeks before it was confirmed that the duo was taking time apart, both Reinhart and her ex addressed rumors about their relationship on social media.

“When I first stepped into a public relationship this was one of the foreseeable consequences,” Cole wrote on his Instagram Story in April amid rumors that he had moved on with Kaia Gerber. “And while I truly never intended to indulge any part of my private life to the ravenous horde, it’s clear my restraint in updating them has allowed them to push their own agenda onto my habits and lifestyle.”

The Five Feet Apart star concluded by telling nosey followers to “please eat my delectable plump ass.”

Reinhart, for her part, took to Twitter with strong words of her own days later, slamming the “toxic” culture of online hate. “People are a–holes for the sake of being a–holes. Do you not understand karma?” she wrote in a since-deleted post. “It’s fine if you don’t, you’ll understand when it bites your miserable ass.”

The Hustlers actress later doubled down in a heated Instagram Story, writing, “Don’t be a f–king a–hole. The world doesn’t need any more of that s–t.”

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Tyson Fury says he’s ACCEPTED Mike Tyson fight and shouted ‘hell yeah!’ when bout with former champ, 52, was offered – The Sun

TYSON FURY claims he has accepted an offer to fight 53-year-old Mike Tyson in a sensational exhibition bout.

The super showdown is believed to be just one of Iron Mike's return fights after his jaw-dropping return to fitness some 15 years after announcing his retirement.

Tyson is also being lined up for a rematch against old enemy Evander Holyfield, despite the pair having a combined age of 110.

And he's reportedly set to be offered more than £16million to compete in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

But so far, it is only a fight against 31-year-old WBC heavyweight champ Fury – who could be set for his own trilogy bout against Deontay Wilder – that appears to have been agreed.

Fury – who wants to see Tyson take on Holyfield for a third time – told BT Sport: "I did get a phone call with a chance to fight Mike Tyson. I was like ‘what?’

"Yeah, I had a phone call saying ‘would you like to fight Mike Tyson in an exhibition fight?’ I was like ‘hell yeah!’"

Fury, who previously said he would beat Tyson in an amazing cross-era bout, added: "But I don’t think anything's materialised out of it to be honest.

"So yeah I think he’s [Mike Tyson] definitely serious about doing some fights or whatever, but he’s fought Holyfield twice so they’re both old now, so I think they’re a bit long in the teeth.

“But who am I to say anything, what anybody’s capable of? I wouldn’t try and kill anybody’s dreams.

"If they're both fit to fight, medically fit, then let them do what they want to do. It’s their life not mine."

Tyson – who boasted his comeback fight will be against a bigger name than Holyfield – appears to be welcoming all challengers and recently accepted former UFC champion Tito Ortiz's offer of a bout as well as former heavyweight king Shannon Briggs.

Quite how many fighters Tyson actually steps in the ring with remains to be seen.

But for Fury, trading leather against the man he was named after and idolises would surely be a dream come true, especially to raise money for charities close to both their hearts.

The pair are big buddies as well, with Tyson recently calling Fury "the greatest".

Speaking of the Gypsy King's comeback from depression and addiction, he told Ring Magazine: "With Tyson, if he didn’t go through everything he’s been through, he wouldn’t be the person that he is today.

"The mental health issues? That’s why he’s the greatest, because he’s sick, and that’s being real.

"People want him to be normal. Yeah, be normal and go on the f***ing welfare line.


"Tyson doesn’t know what normal is. Tell him to stay the f*** away from normal; he wasn’t meant to be normal.”

Fury's rival Anthony Joshua has spoken out on The Baddest Man on the Planet's ambitious comeback plans.

The return has been rubbished by a string of high-profile critics but AJ feels his hero has just been on an extended 15-year holiday and will be back with a bang.

The 30-year-old said: “For everyone else it is a ‘comeback’ but for him it is just what he does, he is a fighter.

“He has probably just taken a little break, everyone else is thinking ‘oh my God, Mike Tyson is making a comeback’.

“But Tyson is probably just thinking ‘this is what I do, I am a fighter by nature’.

“If he is back in the ring then I would love to see it, I will definitely be one of the viewers, that’s for sure.

“He was the man when I was growing up, I watched him on YouTube."

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Cuomo says NY businesses can deny entrance to those without masks

No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.

New York businesses will have the right to deny entrance to those who refuse to wear a mask or other face-covering under an executive order Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday.

“We’re giving the store owners the right to say, ‘If you’re not wearing a mask, you can’t come in,’ ” said Cuomo in a press briefing at the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club in Flatbush, Brooklyn. “That store owner has a right to protect the other patrons in that store.

“You don’t want to wear a mask? Fine. But you don’t have a right to then go into that store if that store owner doesn’t want you to.”

Though it took him a while to come around, Cuomo last month signed another executive order mandating that New Yorkers must cover up when heading into areas outside their own homes in which social-distancing would prove difficult.

He also championed masks earlier this week as “cool,” and Thursday announced that Chris Rock and Rosie Perez would be partnering with the state to promote masks along with testing and social distancing, with Rock saying that Brooklyn in particular could use a reminder.

Daily Life In New York City Amid Coronavirus Outbreak051620bars24CSChris Rock and Rosie Perez join Cuomo

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Mike Pompeo says Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday declared Hong Kong no longer autonomous from China, as intense clashes break out between police and pro-democracy protesters.

Pompeo said the Chinese Communist Party’s plan to impose new security measures was “only the latest in a series of actions that fundamentally undermine Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedoms.”

“No reasonable person can assert today that Hong Kong maintains a high degree of autonomy from China, given facts on the ground,” he said, adding that he informed Congress that Hong Kong no longer warrants treatment “in the same manner as US laws were applied to Hong Kong before July 1997” when Britain returned control of the territory to China.

A change in status could directly affect whether Hong Kong retains its position as a world financial center and open it up to sanctions.

Protesters gathered en masse in the Central business district and at the Causeway Bay shopping area, where riot police responded by firing pepper balls and warning the crowds to disperse or face prosecution.

Journalists were warned to stop filming the protests.

At least 360 people have been arrested across Hong Kong on charges of unauthorized assembly, driving too slow, blocking traffic and possession of items that could be used for unlawful purposes.

Police assembled outside the legislative building, where lawmakers debated a bill that would make it illegal to insult or abuse the Chinese national anthem, “March of the Volunteers,” in Hong Kong and would carry sentences of up to three years in prison and a fine of about $6,450 USD.

Pro-Communist Party lawmakers said the law would instill a “patriotic spirit.”

“Western democracies all have laws to protect their national flags, national anthems and emblems. Any insulting acts toward these symbols would also be criminal,” lawmaker Tony Tse said during the debate.

But pro-democracy lawmaker Charles Mok said the legislation was intended to control people’s speech and ideas.

“We oppose the second reading of the national anthem bill, not because we don’t respect the national anthem. The national anthem is a symbol of the country’s dignity. If it wants to be respected, then let this government first respect the rights and freedoms of its people first,” Mok said.

The debate is expected to continue Thursday.

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Andrea Bocelli says he and family had coronavirus but 'didn't want to alarm' fans as he confirms they've fully recovered

ANDREA Bocelli has revealed that he contracted COVID-19 in March.

The 61-year-old Italian singer – who said his family also had coronavirus – explained he didn't want to alarm his fans so hadn't told people sooner.

The opera star – who is blind – used his Facebook page to share the statement which went on to say that he's donated blood to help find a cure.

"The pandemic which has shaken the world has also affected – albeit mildly – me and certain members of my family, he wrote on Tuesday.

"Out of respect for those for whom contracting the virus has had more serious consequences, I decided it would be best not to share the news. I certainly didn’t want to unnecessarily alarm my fans and also wished to protect my family’s privacy.

"We were fortunate enough to have a swift and full recovery by the end of March."

He continued: "Given the chance to donate blood to help find a cure for Covid, my response was an immediate “yes”. A modest — but fundamental — gesture, through which I am playing my small part."

He signed off, simply, "Andrea."

Italian outlet La Stampa, reported that Bocelli said he was diagnosed on March 10. His wife, Veronica, and two of his children also reportedly tested positive.

"My whole family was contaminated," he said in a translated version. "We all had a fever – though thankfully not high ones – with sneezing and coughing."

Bocelli was recovered enough by April to perform an Easter concert at an empty Duomo of Milan.

The music special has over 40 million views since it streamed live.

Bocelli’s participation was done pro bono.

He's married to Veronica Berti, and the couple share daughter Veronica. He also has two children from his previous marriage.

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