Little Monsters Share Their Love for Lady Gaga Latest Album, 'Chromatica'

She’s back and her followers have much more than just “Stupid Love” for her music. Recently, Lady Gaga premiered her sixth album, reaching the top of the pop charts on platforms like Apple Music. What are Lady Gaga fans saying about the release of Chromatica? Learn more about the artist and her latest album, here. 

The wait for ‘Chromatica’ is finally over, Lady Gaga fans 

There are albums like Born This Way and there’s Joanne. There’s no planet quite like Chromatica, though. It’s been a few weeks since fans got a glimpse into the world of Lady Gaga’s sixth album, with the single “Stupid Love.” Now, the artist finally debuted this album on most major streaming platforms.

This album comes complete with 16 new tracks, including songs with the k-pop group BLACKPINK, Ariana Grande, and Elton John. One song released a week prior to Chromatica, “Rain On Me” already has almost 50 million plays on the streaming platform, Spotify. 

Lady Gaga first delayed the premiere of ‘Chromatica’ 

Although this album was originally slated for an April 220 release, Lady Gaga shared that she would postpone Chromatica as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. (She even had a secret Coachella set planned. The music festival has since been postponed to October 2020 and it’s unclear if she will make a cameo.) 

When she broke the news on social media, she wrote, “instead, I prefer that we spend time focusing on finding solutions.” While waiting for the release of Chromatica, Lady Gaga kept busy helping those impacted by COVID-19. She organized the television special, One World: Together at Home, featuring The Rolling Stones, Kacey Musgraves, Celine Dion, and others. 

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Little Monsters reacted to the release of ‘Chromatica’

Once the album dropped, fans of Lady Gaga took to social media, sharing their love and support. Some even called Chromatica the artist’s best album to date, even applauding the interludes throughout the body of work.

Chromatica is the only pop album of 2020 to go #1 on Apple Music and all the tracks including the interludes are charting within the top 140 and are constantly increasing while ‘Rain on Me’ is holding strong at #2 after a week from its release,” one Twitter user pointed out.

“My current top 3 [favorite songs] is not the same top 3 from this morning, which was not the same top 3 from last night. Life can be hard when you stan GodGa,” another Twitter user wrote. 

“The best decision gaga’s team ever made was releasing ‘Rain On Me’ one week before and ‘Sour Candy’ one day before Chromatica, they both gave the album so much buzz yet didn’t overshadow the rest of the album on the release day,” another Twitter user said. 

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Yes Way Rose Cofounders Share Memorial Day 2020 Must-Haves

Memorial Day and National Wine Day both fall on Monday, May 25, so if there’s one thing you need to celebrate both, it’s a good bottle of rosé.

Luckily for Us, Yes Way Rosé cofounders Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal, known for creating chic wine bottles and accessories, told Us Weekly the necessities we need to have an epic celebration at home in quarantine.

Cardi B, Jessie James Decker and More Stars Show Off Their Memorial Day Eats

For starters, Blumenthal recommends adding elements of normalcy into your party when it comes to food choices, cocktails and outfits. 

“I’ll be grilling a backyard bbq-style dinner indoors and making sure the fridge is stocked with rosé,” she says. “I’ll also be putting on a whole beach look including a swimsuit, sunscreen, cover-up and walking around the house with a can of our rosé pretending I’m doing the real thing.”

Huganir suggests amping up the holiday by DIY-ing your own frozen treat. “Fill an ice cube tray with Yes Way Rosé and let it freeze so it becomes a slushy like consistency. And whenever you need to cool down a glass throw in a rosé ice cube and it does the trick,” she spills.

Memorial Day Weekend Must-Reads

Whether you’re quarantined with your friends, family, roommates or simply planning to have a Zoom or FaceTime party, a fun dress code or group activity is key. 

Blumenthal’s pick: “A game of Cards Against Humanity is bound to make everyone laugh!”

As for Huganir, her attire will include Hawaiian style shirts this year. “Creating a theme helps to make a virtual party extra fun. Everyone can dress the part, play some music, and sip an on-theme cocktail like mango coconut frosés,” she explains.

If you’re looking for an effortless approach, Blumenthal thinks drinking straight out of a can will set the mood.

Celebrity Foodies

“To get that feeling of being out with friends I like to drink straight out of a chilled down can. The experience is totally transportive to a day at the beach, being at a baseball game, or concert with friends,” she says. 

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Parents share realities of being stuck home with kids in quarantine

From DIY haircuts to getting stuck in the toilet: Parents share the funny, frustrating, and exhausting realities of being at home with kids all day during quarantine

  • Many parents are experiencing being home with their kids all day for the very first time during the pandemic
  • Some have shared funny photos and stories about the realities of parenting in the time of coronavirus
  • Lots of kids are making messes, throwing tantrums, and getting into new kinds of trouble their mothers and fathers never dreamed of 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

With schools closed for the pandemic and adults working from home, many parents are experiencing being home with their kids all day for the very first time.

What’s more, they’re stuck home with their kids in extreme circumstances, with parks and libraries closed, playdates off-limits, and not a break in sight — which has made for some dramatic situations.

These parents have been sharing their experiences online, from the funny to the exhausting to the mildly infuriating.

Some kids are getting into trouble, making new messes, getting slime stuck in their hair, or — in one case — cleaning a potty with mom’s toothbrush. Others are throwing tantrums, cutting their own hair, or demanding to re-watch Frozen for the umpteenth time.

BoredPanda collected some of the funniest tweets, Instagram photos, and Reddit posts that show what it’s really like to be a parent during the pandemic.

Home: With schools closed for the pandemic and adults working from home, many parents are experiencing being home with their kids all day for the very first time

Venting: These parents have been sharing their experiences online, from the funny to the exhausting to the mildly infuriating

Diversion: This parent’s four-year-old tried to distract from a spill on the carpet

Uh-oh: This dad’s son is going to be making a lot of noise with his new drums

Tantrums everywhere: Working from home is much harder for people with kids in the house

Brother for sale: This kid wrote a poem that rhymed ‘quarantine’ with ‘borintine’ and throwing Noah — presumably her little brother — out the window

More tantrums: Lots of kids have been throwing tantrums for silly reasons

Peek-a-boo! This mother can’t even get time alone on the toilet

Over it: This girl shared a clear message about her quarantine feelings

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Bored: An eight-year-old sees lots and lots of boredom in the future

Looking bleak: Another parent got a portrait just in case the virus sweeps through the household

Not again: This mother learned really quickly that homeschooling wasn’t as fun as she imagined

Alphabetic mess: One kid practiced his ABC’s in the back of the car

Shh! Another homeschool lesson didn’t go so well when a kid unscrambled ‘tsih’ to be a bad word — instead of ‘this’

Lonely: A three-year-old made her own pet turtle out of chalk and demanded her parent pet it

Not again! Kids just keep crying for ridiculous reasons — though to be fair, some adults are doing that these days, too

They’re not stickers! Another kid seemed to think his mother’s pantyliners were for arts and crafts

Can’t blame her: A little girl named Ava was confused by the Reese’s Puffs photo — and we can’t really blame her

No potty: Another mother was thrown for a loop when her son pooped in the garden

Ouch! A whole lot of little girls are getting their toys stuck in their hair

Whoops! A three-year-old threw her toy at the TV one morning, and then couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t work

Jealous: When a woman ‘bragged’ about being childless, a man responded that his three-year-old took a bite out of every slice of bread

Disaster: It’s bad enough that this kid decided to take a bath in the toilet — but she also threw mom’s tampons around

Phew! Thankfully, big sister didn’t trap her brother in the real oven

Mayhem: This man’s children flooded the bathroom during quarantine — and did so much damage that the basement ceiling had to be ripped out

Noooo! This little boy was sweet enough to clean his own potty — but used his mother’s toothbrush

A coup: These kids demanded new household rules and threatened to declare ‘war’ if the parents didn’t comply

He asked for it! This little boy actually asked his seven-year-old brother to give him an ‘old man haircut’ — but hey, it’ll probably grow back before he’s back in school

Can’t let it go: This mom’s kids are watching Frozen and Frozen 2 over and over again

Well that’s trash: It seems that this kid needs to master his candle-blowing technique

Ouch! This cutie’s parent said he was crying because he bit his own arm

Meow! Another kid pulled the vent out of the floor — and the cat ended up getting stuck inside

Mine! One child figured that utensils were a waste of time and grabbed a handful of brownie from the tray

It’s a look: Another little girl decided to give herself a haircut

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