Viral video shows Staten Island store mob screaming at woman without mask

Viral video shows a mob of Staten Island grocery-store shoppers screaming at a customer who wasn’t wearing a mask.

The furious crowd yelled, “Get out!” “Get the f–k out of here!” and”You’re a loser, bro!” at the woman at the ShopRite, according to footage posted on Facebook on Saturday and later wildly shared on Twitter and other online sites.

When a man yelled after the woman, “Dirty ass pig!” a female customer added, “Dirty ass ho!”

One man pulled his mask down around his chin to yell at the lady.

“What happens in Staten Island when you don’t wear a mask at ShopRite!” Facebook poster Christine Lynn wrote above the footage on her page.

Christine wrote that a friend had sent her the video.

“I think video shows shameful humans at their finest,” Christine said when responding to a comment.

The other person added, “Agreed. Working in a supermarket has shown me how ugly peoples can be.”

Christine wrote, “I get ppl are anxious NO reason to act the way some of them are…especially guy following her to scream at her and call her a pig!”

When someone wrote, “Question! Why is everyone so angry??? The’re wearing masks after all, aren’t they safe???” Christine replied, “they’re staten Islanders – this is how they act when they can! They were chasing her to yell at her – obviously not afraid of her!”

Someone wrote, “Same sh-t as the [local] stop and shop.”

Another person added, “this happen yesterday at my target neither were wearing masks though but one was mad the other wasn’t social distancing.”

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Keeley Hazel shows off painful sunburn lines as she goes topless in the bath – The Sun

KEELEY Hazell displayed her painful sunburn as she went topless in the bath on Thursday.

The former Page 3 model covered her modesty with one arm as she revealed the sore-looking redness on her chest and arms in a selfie.

The actress quipped in the caption: "Got told I look like a tomato sandwich. Oooooh burn."

Keeley shot to fame at just 17 when she won a national "Search for a Babe" competition, and fast became one of Britain's top glamour models during the noughties.

The London-born brunette, now 33, commanded up to a whopping £30,000 for one photo shoot, before it was slashed to £5,000 when the industry lost momentum.

Her final appearance on Page 3 was in 2009

Keeley has since moved to Hollywood to pursue her acting dreams, auditioning for the role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey before it was given to Dakota Johnson.

In 2012, she played a supporting role in the British gangster film St George's Day, then in 2016, she was cast as Violet in channel E!'s popular satire The Royals.

Two years later, Keeley appeared in the Jennifer Aniston comedy, Horrible Bosses 2.

It seems she has returned to London for lockdown, and often shares sultry snaps from isolation.

The model revealed earlier this year that she's struggling to find work since her Page 3 days.

Posting a collage of her glamour shots on Instagram, Keeley wrote: “Looking for a job and a boyfriend.

“Not sure where I’m going wrong.”

She has now stopped doing topless shoots and previously said it's "burdensome" that there are semi-naked snaps of her on the web.

She tweeted last year: “At this age, being semi-naked on the internet can be quite burdensome but I can’t wait until I’m 80 and my grandkids ask me what I looked like when I was younger.

“I’m going be like, “Google me you little b***hes, grandma was a f***ing babe with gravity-defying t**s.”

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Woman shows off the honeycomb shelves her bloke made for less than £15 and they look shop-bought

LOOKING for the perfect set of shelves to match your home interior can be pretty tricky – especially on a budget.

With a very specific idea in mind, one woman instead put her husband's skills to the test and revealed the incredible honeycomb shelving unit he'd created from scratch – and it looks incredible.

The shelving unit, which she has fixed to her wall, is made up of five hexagonal shapes resembling that of"honeycomb" which her husband cleverly put together.

She shared snaps of the unique design on Facebook revealing it only cost a small £15 to make – and it looks like a store bought item.

Posting in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, she said: "I asked my husband to make a honeycomb shelfs. Love them.

And said they'd used leftover oak colour varnish to paint them with a total cost ofless than £15.

The photos show the finished project which works beautifully against the vibrant purple wall it's fixed to.

The woman has decorated the shelves with an array of succulents and cacti and has created a stunning little oasis in her home.

Members of the group were fans of theincredible workmanship, claiming it looks"lush" and "expensive".

One person said: "They look amazing and they look so expensive too"

And another wrote: "looks great, a lot of hard work put into this."

The abstract design has even made others want to try it themselves with one person saying: "This is amazing. I really want to try this."

While another even suggested selling similar items as they looks good good.

"You can make a good business selling crafts like that. Its awesome if you have good skills," she said.

In other DIY related news, we shared how a woman turns messy space under the stairs into a stunning room for her dog – and there’s plenty of storage space too.

Plus a woman transforms her boring kitchen into a bold and modern space for just £70 using nothing but paint.

And we showed how a woman transformed her drab staircase with stylish wood panelling and the whole look only cost her £30.

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Footage shows a grittier New York City during the 1976 holiday season

Ghost of New York past! Family’s vintage vacation footage shows a grittier NYC during the 1976 holiday season – back when the Rocky was still out at movie theaters

  • A video shared by Stuart Bailey shows the Big Apple in the full swing of its more tumultuous decade, when the city was in the midst of a financial crisis
  • The stunning 8mm tourist footage shows New York City during the holiday season in 1976
  • More than 820,00 people fled the crime and an unreliable transit system over the course of the decade
  • New York City went nearly bankrupt as Wall Street sputtered under the economic stagnation of the era
  • By 1975 more than a million households were dependent on Welfare and in five years – from 1969 to 1974 – the city lost more than 500,000 manufacturing jobs

New York City in the 70s was not for the faint of heart with only the grittiest of folks able to survive.

A video shared by Stuart Bailey shows the Big Apple in the full swing of its more tumultuous decade, when the city was in the midst of a financial crisis. 

The stunning 8mm tourist footage shows New York City during the holiday season in 1976.   

‘This is a home movie and the music was the original music added to the Super 8mm film by the person who shot it,’ Bailey shared in the caption of the video. ‘Although it doesn’t fit the time period it was their personal choice and as such I decided to keep it true to their edit.’   

Scroll down for video

A video shared by Stuart Bailey shows the Big Apple in the full swing of its more tumultuous decade, when the city was in the midst of a financial crisis

Blast from the past! The stunning 8mm tourist footage shows New York City during the holiday season in 1976. Times Square

The World Trade Center stands in Manhattan. The footage was captured from on a Staten Island ferry

A New Yorker holds a sign saying that 1977 would be the ‘International Husband Year.’ By then, the city would be exposed to a dangerouspower ooutage

Roughly 20 minutes long, the footage shows iconic scenes from all over.  

New Yorkers can be seen huddled up in nice winter coats as they make through the crowded streets.  

The 1970s are considered a low point for New York City.

Decades of social turmoil reached a crescendo as middle class families moved out of the city and into the suburbs and an economic recession rattled New York’s industrial sector. 

Rocky was showing in theaters across the country at the time of the trip 

A woman walks with a New York Police Department officer in Manhattan

The Statue of Liberty can be seen while on the Staten Island Ferry

More than 820,00 people fled the crime and an unreliable transit system over the course of the decade

The city went nearly bankrupt as Wall Street sputtered under the economic stagnation of the era

What the State Island Ferry looked like onboard the bright yellow vessel, caught on film

More than 820,00 people fled the crime and an unreliable transit system over the course of the decade.

The city went nearly bankrupt as Wall Street sputtered under the economic stagnation of the era.  

By 1975 more than a million households were dependent on Welfare and in five years – from 1969 to 1974 – the city lost more than 500,000 manufacturing jobs.

During that time, because of the city’s desperation, crime spiked.

Rapes and burglaries tripled, car thefts and felony assaults doubled and murders went from 681 to 1690 a year.

An old Interborough Rapid Transit Company sign. Most of these subway lines became the number lines prominent across the city

A sign in the city reads ‘Hi mom!’ as the family tour past it on their winter vacation  in 1976

The old Staten Island Ferry sits on the Manhattan pier ready to take off for its next journey 

Areas became abandoned as the city became depopulated and arson created an atmosphere of tension in the Big Apple.

The subway system during the 70s in New York suffered as well, as graffiti and debris became the norm on trains across the city.

According to, there were an outbreak of violent crimes underground in the last week of 1978, and the first two months of 1979 started off with six murders on the subway. 

There were over 250 felonies per week being recorded on the subway by September 1979, making the crime rate much higher than any other mass transits system in the world.   

Chinatown in Manhattan still was filled with delightful restaurants including Hunan Garden

The Washington Square arch sits in the entrance of the park in the Greenwich Village neighborhood

An old New York Police Department squad car, with horns and lights sitting on top of the vehicle

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Joshua Ritchie shows off his huge bulge as he poses in ‘knickers’ – The Sun

JOSHUA Ritchie has given his fans a little, or rather, a large treat for the eyes as he poses in just a pair of ‘knickers’ to reveal his sizeable bulge.

The 25-year-old looked toned and tanned in the candid shots, which he revealed were taken before lockdown began.

Celebs Go Dating star Joshua Ritchie showed off his talent by posting a couple of racy snaps in just his pants.

Captioning the shots, the cheeky chap wrote: “Me in some knickers”

His followers and friends immediately inundated the hunk with comments and praise on his appearance.

One fan wrote: “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven ;)”

A second cheekily added: “You know you all zoomed like me”

While another gushed: “Hottest stuff ever”

Further down Joshua replied to a friend’s comment confirming the pics were not recent given the colour of his hair.

Just after lockdown began the reality star revealed a hot new hue for his hair – bleach blonde – and from other posts it looks like he’s still blonde, albeit with some dark roots growing in.

Dye your hair challenge, me and @dannytabs_ nominate.. @jack_charlesf @bigwheatz31 @jackcullen1461 @1jimmybullard @maxmorley77 yous two can do it on your show if you like [email protected] @anton_danyluk

A post shared byJoshua Ritchie (@joshuaritchie1) on

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Tiger king Has been doing his abs today 🐯

A post shared by Joshua Ritchie (@joshuaritchie1) on

Tiger kingHas been doing his abs today 🐯

A post shared byJoshua Ritchie (@joshuaritchie1) on

Back in April, Joshua took to Instagram to slam claims he had been in debt and his ex-Charlotte Crosby bailed him out.

“Let’s just talk about this situation, about me being in debt apparently. I’ve never known for me to be in debt, something new," he told his 971k followers.

"Not only that, I’ve never known of anyone paying for me, I don’t think that is the case and I think we both know that.

"I paid for myself, I paid my own ways and, if anything, you used to do the good trick saying, ‘Oh I’ve left my purse at home, oh I’ve lost my bank card’.

“Just to clarify this apparent debt that this certain somebody is saying that I owe. It’s a bond from a house that we shared together and it’s only £700."

Joshua continued: "I would have taken it halfway down the middle and both gone our separate ways. But this certain somebody feels the need to take it to Instagram and tell everybody, it’s £350, get over it, it’s boring."

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Fake photo shows Kim Jong Un lying in coffin amid death rumors

Rumors of Kim Jong Un’s death have been greatly exaggerated with this viral image that claims to show the North Korean leader lying in a coffin.

The photograph appears to be a doctored version of one that captured his late father Kim Jong Il at his 2011 funeral after his death from a heart attack, The Sun reported.

The image shows the man covered by a red blanket and with his head resting on a pillow.

Many social media posts have attributed the image to both Japanese network JNN and Hong Kong Satellite TV, although its actual origin was unclear, according to the UK outlet.

The Hong Kong outlet’s vice president sparked claims Kim was dead over the weekend, The Sun reported.

But a similar apparently doctored image of the diminutive despot in the coffin was first shared on Twitter in October 2017.

Kim’s recent absence from public view has prompted a wave of speculation about his health and possible demise, but top South Korean officials on Tuesday said their government knows his whereabouts.

During a White House briefing on Monday, President Trump said he knew how Kim is doing, adding that the American people could find out in the “not-too-distant future.”

“I can’t tell you, exactly — yes, I do have a very good idea, but I can’t talk about it now. I just wish him well,” the president said.

Kim hasn’t been seen publicly since April 11 and missed the April 15 commemoration of the 108th birthday of his grandfather, North Korea’s founder Kim Il Sung.

His failure to attend the event sparked conflicting reports that he could be in a vegetative state, dead, or — as South Korea says — is absolutely fine and had been staying “in the Wonsan area” on the North’s eastern coastline.

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Hairdresser shows how to get perfect curls with 10 empty toilet roll tubes

Although you might be enjoying not having to dress up at home, sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of a pamper session.

But your usual trip to the hairdresser or beautician isn’t an option so you need to do what you can at home.

And if you don’t have the tools on hand for a beautiful set of curls, hairdresser Ozzie Rizzo has the solution – toilet roll tubes.

Yes, if you stocked up on loo roll, get saving up those empty tubes for your hair.

The tubes are a perfect shape to wrap your hair around for big bouncy curls instead of velcro rollers.

Ozzie says you need around 10 but it depends on the length and thickness of your hair.

How to curl your hair with toilet roll tubes:

You will need:

  • Hairdryer
  • Around 10 toilet rolls (possibly more or less depending on hair thickness)
  • Bobby pins or sectioning clips
  • Paddle brush
  • Wide-tooth comb or soft brush
  • Hair smoothing cream or oil
  • Hairspray

Start by washing your hair and combing through to remove any knots.

Dry your hair with a flat paddle brush, making sure to move in a downwards motion in order to smooth hair follicles.

Once fried, apply a pea-sized amount of a smoothing balm or nourishing hair oil to tame flyaways and run lightly from roots to tips.

Taking a comb start by sectioning the hair into three to four inch wide sections (depending on hair thickness)

Grab your empty loo rolls and start by taking the front section of the hair first.

Starting from the bottom of the hair section, wrap the ends around the empty loo roll.

Roll in an upward motion and fasten tightly with a sectioning clip or bobby pin once you reach the top.

Continue around the whole head making sure to always roll backwards away from the face.

Once all the rolls are in place, set hair with a generous amount of hairspray.

Taking your hairdryer again, set onto a medium heat and hold over each roll for no more than 10 seconds.

Once cooled, gently unclip the rolls and slowly unravel, making sure not to pull hair too quickly.

After the rolls have been removed, take a wide tooth comb or soft bristle brush and gently run through curls to create a soft and smooth wave.

Finish off with a mist of hairspray to hold and it’s complete.

Ozzie Rizzo, CEO of Ozzie Rizzo says: ‘We know how frustrated our clients are that they can’t maintain their luscious locks. 

‘And, while we are unable to get ready and go out to meet people, getting up in the mornings and getting dressed will help us to maintain a positive state of mind, and will ensure we’re ready for any video calls and meetings.  Plus a little TLC for your hair at home is a great way to pass some time, and learn a new self-pampering skill.

‘We are getting lots of requests for tips and advice on how to create an easy to create style at home, so we thought we’d help you all out with a step by step guide to create one of our most popular looks from your own home without the need to invest in rollers.’

The hairdresser is also encouraging people to post their results and tag them with #tolietrolltwistchallenge.

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