Historian who grew up Ghislaine Maxwell says she was 'threatening'

Historian Ben Macintyre who grew up with Ghislaine Maxwell says she was a ‘beautiful’ but ‘threatening’ girl whose tycoon father made her take part in literacy contests at the family mansion despite her being a ‘slow reader’ Author Ben Macintyre, 56, and his sister grew up with Ghislaine Maxwell, 58 The columnist shared his childhood memories of Maxwell in a new article  […]

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Elsa McAlonan's Beauty Upgrades: How to master mask-proof lipsticks!

Elsa McAlonan’s Beauty Upgrades: How to master mask-proof lipsticks! Elsa McAlonan reveals the best long-lasting lipsticks that don’t stick to masks She also shares the beauty tool Jessica Alba uses to lift and curl lashes  British beauty expert rounds up the best posh eye creams to use at each age WHAT’S NOW & HOW TO DO IT: MASK-PROOF LIPSTICKS British beauty […]

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ATV demand revvs up as families look for great outdoors adventures

Coronavirus increases demand for Polaris sports vehicles from first-time customers Polaris CEO Scott Wine discusses his sports utility company and says coronavirus lockdowns have prompted more Americans to explore their own backyard and try off-road vehicles. As people remain hesitant to fly to take a vacation due to the threat of coronavirus, one recreational activity is seeing a burst of […]

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