Woman reveals the right way to use a bath plug and people can’t believe they never realised

A WOMAN has shared a photo of the correct way to store a bath plug – and it is blowing people’s minds online. 

While many people loop a plug chain over the tap to keep it out of the way, in the photos, the black rubber plug attaches perfectly to the drain in the bath. 

The picture was shared in the Facebook group Cleaning Tips & Tricks, and the caption says: “25 years of living on this earth and its taken me this long to realise the structure of a plug.”

She wasn’t the only person to be baffled at the tidying hack. 

One person wrote: “I didn't either and I'm 67.”

Another added: “Never knew this just tried it shocked it works.”

Meanwhile, someone commented: “Learn something new every day.”

The post has racked up hundreds of likes, and people said they were going to try it out for themselves. 

One wrote: “Running upstairs now to try this.”

And one Facebook user tried it out for themselves and confirmed that the plug fitted in place. 

They shared a snap of their bath, and wrote: “It works!!!!!! Life changing.”

However, some people pointed out that it doesn’t actually work for every bath. 

Meanwhile, DIY fan have shared a handy tip to make pouring paint easier and it won’t cost you anything.

We also shared the cheap DIY hacks which add thousands to your home – and why ditching wallpaper and picking the right paint is key.

And woman who couldn’t find a paintbrush during lockdown uses old sock to transform wooden door & the results are amazing.

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Yes Way Rose Cofounders Share Memorial Day 2020 Must-Haves

Memorial Day and National Wine Day both fall on Monday, May 25, so if there’s one thing you need to celebrate both, it’s a good bottle of rosé.

Luckily for Us, Yes Way Rosé cofounders Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal, known for creating chic wine bottles and accessories, told Us Weekly the necessities we need to have an epic celebration at home in quarantine.

Cardi B, Jessie James Decker and More Stars Show Off Their Memorial Day Eats

For starters, Blumenthal recommends adding elements of normalcy into your party when it comes to food choices, cocktails and outfits. 

“I’ll be grilling a backyard bbq-style dinner indoors and making sure the fridge is stocked with rosé,” she says. “I’ll also be putting on a whole beach look including a swimsuit, sunscreen, cover-up and walking around the house with a can of our rosé pretending I’m doing the real thing.”

Huganir suggests amping up the holiday by DIY-ing your own frozen treat. “Fill an ice cube tray with Yes Way Rosé and let it freeze so it becomes a slushy like consistency. And whenever you need to cool down a glass throw in a rosé ice cube and it does the trick,” she spills.

Memorial Day Weekend Must-Reads

Whether you’re quarantined with your friends, family, roommates or simply planning to have a Zoom or FaceTime party, a fun dress code or group activity is key. 

Blumenthal’s pick: “A game of Cards Against Humanity is bound to make everyone laugh!”

As for Huganir, her attire will include Hawaiian style shirts this year. “Creating a theme helps to make a virtual party extra fun. Everyone can dress the part, play some music, and sip an on-theme cocktail like mango coconut frosés,” she explains.

If you’re looking for an effortless approach, Blumenthal thinks drinking straight out of a can will set the mood.

Celebrity Foodies

“To get that feeling of being out with friends I like to drink straight out of a chilled down can. The experience is totally transportive to a day at the beach, being at a baseball game, or concert with friends,” she says. 

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Netflix Party: The Easiest Way To Watch Movies With Friends Online

Currently, many people around the world have to stay home and practice social distancing in response to COVID-19, or the coronavirus. We all want to hang out with our friends, but we can’t, but we can do things like use Animal Crossing to connect to each other. We may want to watch a movie or two with friends, but the legality of streaming movies via Discord and Zoom is iffy. Luckily, with the new Chrome extension Netflix Party, you can watch Netflix movies with your buds from the safety of your own home, which is exactly what you need right now.

How To Set Up Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a simple-to-use extension, not affiliated with Netflix, that lets you watch TV and movies from Netflix with your friends, at the same time. You can catch up on what’s happening in your lives in the handy chatroom that it adds in the sidebar or riff on a movie together à la Mystery Science Theater 3000. Even if you don’t use the text chat and opt for a video or voice call using an app of your choosing, what makes Netflix Party particularly useful is the way it syncs up what you’re watching for everyone with a link. If you’ve ever tried to coordinate a virtual watch party, sometimes counting down and pressing play at the same time just doesn’t cut it.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through exactly how to setup Netflix Party so you can start watching stuff with friends. In order to test out it out ourselves, we needed to pick out a movie to watch, and what better movie than Horse Girl, which has a very bizarre trailer. Considering “horsie movies” is already a weird inside joke with the entertainment team, why not watch this movie together? If you want something better to try it out with, check out our list of what’s new to Netflix in April.

Step 1 – Install Netflix Party

Head to the official Netflix Party website to find a link to the Chrome extension. Yes, you’ll need to be using Google Chrome to access this extension. Install it by hitting “Add to Chrome” in the Chrome Web Store.

Step 2 – Select Movie/TV Show

After Netflix Party is installed, head to Netflix and select the movie or TV show you want to play, then click the “NP” button in your browser, to the right of the address bar. From there, you can start the party and generate a specific Netflix Party URL to copy and paste to friends. You can also select whether you have exclusive access to playing, pausing, and tweaking options in the movie, or if other viewers can too. Remember, Netflix Party syncs up the movie for everyone, so if you pause the movie and you’re hosting the party, it will pause for all your friends too.

Step 3 – Enjoy!

As you can see, a chat box pops up on the right side. You can customize your chatroom name and pick from a few avatars. It is very basic, but it brings back the very nostalgic feeling of hanging out in an AOL chatroom–why didn’t any of us write “A/S/L?”

A few things to note: the person controlling the party is streaming their Netflix account to the others in the group, so there is a tiny bit of a delay, but that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things since it’s a chatroom. The only other issue with Netflix Party was finding out how to exit. There’s no button in the chat section to do this. Very quickly, we learned you just exit the movie, and that’s all you need to do. The most obvious answer is the correct one.

Netflix Party is available now, so you can add it to Chrome and all watch horsie movies together.

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